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Software, SewArt converts a Photo to Embroidery
If you use the SewArt app, I made this very basic guide to the steps involved. To print this… Select this text and then copy it, then open Notepad and paste it, then File and Print.

* This one-page guide explains using the SewArt app for Windows and Apple. SewArt is a pay app which converts a photograph into Sewing Format. The 30 day trial is limited to 3 colors.
* First step…
Get cartoony clipart anywhere, like GoogleImages. Thick lines are best. Example search: Cat Clipart. Save it to your computer, maybe a Patterns folder, and remember what it's name is.
* Optionally:
Open WindowsPaint to simplify any rough parts of your image. Resize it to be very small dimensions. You only want the image large enough to clearly see what it is. Large images slow down the sewing machine. Save it (preferably as a PNG because).
* Open SewArt and then the image.
* Pick one or the other, they reduce colors: MergeColors, or ImageWizzard (Most Popular).
* Click the SewingMachineIcon called “Stitch Image”. Click the big button titled “Auto-Sew Image”. It'll ask you to mark the background as transparent, so click on the background. Click File and Save. When it asks to save an Image, click Cancel. Now it will ask to save as a SewingMachineFormat (PES), so save anywhere (some people save to a Patterns folder). Now it will think for a minute. Large images may be just too difficult for your computer.
* You're Done. Open the file with your Sewing App. Likely SingerFuture app.
* Tips…
No specialty thread, it unravvles, it's thick, it catches on the fabric. No thick “dense” fabrics, they catch the needle. Thin fabric must sit on a firm stabilizer so it doesn't bounce. Fabric must be tight in the hoop, or it bounces. Some people sew onto firm water-dissolving fabric, then glue the sewn art to a hat or shirt or anything. The SewArt website has a 70 page manual, which is too many pages to print, but good to read from a computer. If fabric puckers, thread tension may be too high. Thin fabric wobbles/bounces nomatter what and takes a slower speed. Your sewing machine manual should have a table of exactly what needle is 100% required for different fabrics. If your machine fails at a medium speed, something needs adjusted.


Contact “Royce Edward Barber” on Facebook if you don't have SewArt and he may have time to convert a photo for your Embroidery machine.


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