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Gator Man. An origional screenplay by Royce Edward Barber in September 2017.


Character list so far…

* Trevor aka Gator Man.


The genre of Anime/Action/Comedy.

* Summary: A morally upright man named Trevor, has an accident involving training baby aligators to dance upright, and awakes in his normal bed on a normal day, thinking everything is okay. But finds out, he is a disabled human locked in his own attic, trapped in a virtual reality helmet, seeing through the eyes of an alegator. The alegator has a hologram of that person projected onto it. So the person looks like themself, but when you touch them, you are touching the alegator. Sometimes the alegator takes over and eats small animals. The alegator can ballance because of metal weights which allow it to look forward and walk somewhat like a human. The person and alegator are similar height. Only his best friends get to see his disabled body up in the attic. The body can't move, and is attached to a bunch of machines and a Virtual Reality helmet. So why the aligator body, why not a human or monkey? Only that specific alegator was compatible with the remote control system, and a grant to buy a robot body hasn't been approved because remote-use of robot look-alikes is illegal. So the guy in the aligator body yet looks like his human self, gets to like a woman, and tells her he's in an aligator body, and that freaks her out so it takes her a long time to get to love his real self. Eventually, his real body can be used for a few hours a week, but is very weak, so the woman takes care of him and puts him to bed. She falls madly in love with him, and recruits scientists to get his real body working via cybernetic implants such as a propane torch so he can cook food, melt metal, melt pipes, and protect his loved ones.


Living through an alligator body, Trevor has great strength and can swim quickly. He can endure many climates. But his arms are very short. But the world around him only sees a normal male human. His footprints are of course aligator feet, and his skin to the touch is very lizard-like armor.


Trevors enemies call him Gator Man, while his friends call him dearest Trevor.


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