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This article is Royce's personal study on Biblical events and World History. This timelines integrates Bible History, Church History, World History, Western History, and others. I've acquired and compiled this data from MANY different history timelines. I plan to add a whole lot more to this page. Mainly Biblical events, which I want to be sure are accurate.
* Caution: Different organizations view history differently, thus some dates are hard to pin down. Not all of this data is accurately fit for Literature; beware of typos and possibly faulty source data. There may be some errors in here, as I'm no historian.
* Related Articles on this site: Royce's Personal Timeline. California Event Calendar.
* Sources: Mostly Wikipedia and Wikichristian. Various sites around the web, some of which may have errors.
* Article Goals: Switching website hosting from GoogleSites to Drupal.Org, thus enabling advanced TimeLines using layers and toggle databases on/off.
What is a Timeline?
* A timeline is:
* There are numerious kinds of timelines. Some of the TimeLine standards you know and love are the Chronology Timeline, Living Graph, Logarithmic Timeline, Detailed Logarithmic Timeline, and Synchronoptic View.
* Historically, a timeline used a linear scale, drawn on flat paper, as best an artist could visualise the data. Today, computer databases have simplified the process, enabling layers and cross refrencing.
* Examples for timelines are historical events, biographies, culture movements, invention dates, natural sciences, crime scene events, tv guide show times, corporate goal milestones, live stock market activities, etc.
Internet Resources
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Humanity Time Line. This timeline is just a stub, to have more dates added.
4000 BC: First Day of Creation.
3000 BC: Stonehenge built. Circle of great stones in England.
2500 BC: The giant Pyramids of Egypt Built. (Lesser Pyramids built from 664 BC to 2670 BC).
2000 BC: Bronze Age. Eastern metalworkers learn to mix tin and copper, marking the end of the stone age. Bronze quickly spreads through the world.
2000 - 1500 BC: Hsia people are possibly the first rulers of China. Overthrown by The Shang people in 1600 BC - 1030 BC. The Shang construct organized walled towns.
1100 BC: The Iron Age. Iron is far stronger than bronze, so iron weapons quickly replaced bronze weapons. Rapid iron trading starts in Europe.
500 BC: Buddhism founded; in India.
479-338 BC: Great Age of Athens. Athens rebuilt & is the most powerful city in Greece. Also the classical music age of Greece.
221 BC - 9 AD: China's first empires.
221 BC - 1644 AD: The Great Wall of China. World’s largest military structure, built over hundreds of years. Defense from Northern raids. Final, best, and longest section constructed in 1368AD-1644AD. Some mountain areas literally 70 degree inclines. Every one foot of the wall took one life.
105 BC: First paper. China used vegetable fibers to make paper.
80 BC: First use of cement and concrete. Used to build Roman Colosseum and other multi-storied buildings of Rome.
30 BC: Death of Cleopatra.
28 BC: Rise of the Roman Empire.
4 BC: Birth of Jesus Christ.
* AD Takes Place
1 AD: First Year of the Christian Calendar.
27 AD: Adult ministry of Jesus. In Galilee, Samaria and Judea.
30AD: Death of Jesus by crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus 3 days later.
64 AD: Buddhism Introduced to China.
270 AD: Chinese use the first magnetic compass.
542-594 AD: Europe population cut in half by plague.
645-784 AD: Japanese admire Chinese style and start to copy Chinese buildings, art, and writings.
692 AD: First great Islamic building is completed in Jerusalem, “Dome of the Rock”.
1000 AD: Samurai, a Japanese warrior class, become important and remain center of Japanese life for several centuries. Following code of conduct called bushido. Famed for loyalty.
1100-1400 AD: Monks and Monasteries. Monasteries are popular places for Monks to live and work together. Build many Churches.
1100-1400 AD: Age of Castles. Noblemen all over Europe are using Castles as homes, fortresses, prisons, and centers of local government. 10,000 Castles existed in Germany.
1100 AD: Sinchi Roca is first king of the Incas, a very efficient people who make fine jewelry & sculptures. In 1400 they ruled many huge gold-producing areas of South America.
1100 AD: Troubadours, who tell stories in song, are popular and tell the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.
1100 AD: Great age of Cathedral building. Europe builds the largest cathedrals, called Gothic, biggest of all Christian Churches.
1347 AD: The Black Death, a plague carried out by fleas on rats, starts in the East & arrives in Europe on traders ships, killing one third of the Europe people.
1163 AD: Notre Dame is built, a famous cathedral in Paris.
1174 AD: Italians build the Tower of Pisa, which starts to lean soon afterwards.
1750 AD: First mechanical clock. Invented by Chinese, powered by a waterwheel.
1200 AD: Knights & Noblemen hold organized fighting tournaments to display skill, jousting on horseback, with blunt lances.
1280 AD: Glass mirrors invented.
1350 AD: The legend of Robin Hood begins.
1400 AD: North America now has a population of about one million.
1450 AD: Printing press invented. First set up in America in 1635.
1564 AD: Birth of Shakespeare.
1565 AD: First pencil, composing of graphite led in a wooden cover, designed in Switzerland.
1589 AD: First Toilet, called the “Water Closet”, created in England. Including a flushing cistern and drains into an underground sewage tank.
1590 AD: Dutch spectacle-maker, Zacharias Janssen invents the first microscope.
1603-1868 AD: Shogun Era. Japan. Persecutes Christians. Shogunate military dictatorship lasts until 1868.
1605 AD: Cervantes, a spaniard, writes Don Quixote, the first proper novel.
1606 AD: Australia discovered by Dutch explorer Willem Janszoon.
1607 AD: First forks. Used in Italy. Knives and Spoons are much older.
1611 AD: King James version of Bible published. “James I’s Authorized English”. Still heavily used today.
1612: Biggest Christian church in the world is completed, the “Basilica of St Peter’s”, in Rome.
1624 AD: First working submarine is built. First military use in 1863, for the American Civil War.
1626 AD: Madagascar, the huge island off the East Coast of Africa, is discovered and settled on by French.
1632-1653 AD: 20,000 men labor for twenty years in India to build the beautiful “Taj Mahal”, a tomb for Shah Jahan’s favorite wife.
1642 AD: Galileo Galilei, Italian mathematician & astronomer & physicist, discovers how a pendulum works. Discovers Jupiter’s satellites. Is persecuted by Catholic Church for finding that Galileo was correct that the Earth circles the Sun.
1642 AD: Isaac Newton modifies the telescope to make the reflecting telescope & shows white light is a mix of colors. Also develops law of gravitation.
1643 AD: Italian, Evangelista Torricelli, invents the barometer.
1661-1708 AD: 30,000 workers build Louis XIV’s magnificent “Palace of Versailles”, one of the most extravagant buildings in the world. French nobility live discontent lives there, leading to French Revolution a century later.
1666 AD: The Great Fire of London burns most of London, England to the ground. St Paul’s Cathedral destroyed, & rebuilt in 1675-1710 AD.
1670 AD: Minute hands are put on watches.
1698 AD: Thomas Savery, an English inventor, produces the first Steam Engine.
1750-1850: Industrial Revolution. Britain starts using steam power to do the worlds factory work and grow entire towns.
1776 AD: Declaration of Independence drawn up by Thomas Jefferson. Signed on July 4th by American Congress in Philadelphia, representing the thirteen colonies.
1776-1781 AD: American Revolution.
1783 AD: First hot-air balloon flight. Flown by French Montgolfier brothers.
1787 AD: United States Constitution, Completed.
1789-1799 AD: French Revolution.
1789 AD: First American president. War hero George Washington becomes the first president of the United States of America.
1794 AD: First telegraph line installed. Between Paris and Lille, France.
1800's AD: Railways. First successful steam trains. In 1825 the first railway opens in England. By 1900 there are railways across the USA, Russia, India, Europe, and China.
1800 AD: Boom in amount of people who can read, due to certain authors becoming popular.
1800 AD: Exploration of Africa, by Europeans.
1800 AD: First electric battery.
1812-1859 AD: Australian settlement. Britain uses Australia as a place to send criminals in 1788 to 1868 in Sydney. In 1812, free people sail to Australia for farming and gold, taking over native hunting ground of Aborigines. White population grows from a few thousand to one million.
1830-1900 AD: Growth of USA. Millions of settlers arrive from Europe. Pioneers move west looking for land and hunting. Takes over American Indian land.
1847-1931 AD: Thomas Edison, American scientist, patents over 1,000 inventions, including the record player, microphone, and electric light bulb.
1848 AD: California Gold Rush.
1860 AD: Abraham Lincoln elected president. 1865 he was assassinated.
1873 AD: Remington Co. in America mass-produces first modern typewriter.
1876 AD: Alexander Graham Bell, a Scotsman, makes the first telephone line.
1882 AD: Refrigerated Cargo. Ships could now carry New Zealand meat from around the world.
1885 AD: Benz of Germany build the first Gasoline-Driven car, but only the rich can afford them.
1885 AD: First sky-scrapers are built in Chicago.
1888 AD: Kodak begins selling first small box cameras to the general public.
1889 AD: Eiffel Tower is completed for the Paris Exhibition. 984 feet tall. Was the world’s tallest building for forty years.
1895 AD: Lumiere brothers develop motion pictures. Hold the first public film show, in Paris.
1900-1954 AD: Life of Albert Einstein. His work lead to Atomic Bomb in 1945 and first Nuclear Power Station in 1954.
1908 AD: Henry Ford makes the first Model T car.
1912 AD: The Titanic, being the largest ship in the world, sinks on its first trip to New York, drowning 1,513 people.
1914 AD: The first ever traffic lights, red and green, put up in USA.
1920 AD: Radio broadcasting starts in America. People begin to listen to celebrities in their homes.
1923 AD: Tokyo earthquake kills over 130,000 Japanese.
1928 AD: First Electric razor, appears in USA.
1903-1939 AD: First successful airplane in 1903 by American Wright brothers. Biplane flies 850 feet. In 1919 Briton makes first non-stop flight across Atlantic ocean.
1937 AD: German blimp airship “Hindenburg” destroyed by fire in New Jersey, USA.
1939-1945 AD: World War II; Nazi holocaust murders Jews & other minorities.
1940-1945 AD: World War II; Japan conquers many countries so America drops nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 80,000 Japanese killed; Japan surrenders.
1953 AD: Color television broadcasts begin in the USA, causing far fewer people to go to the cinema movie theaters.
1960 AD: Sydney Australia’s Opera House Built. Complex engineering techniques required.
1969 AD: America lands two men on the moon. Aldrin & Armstrong.
1980-1990 AD: The Internet. Computers connected in Universities become available as Internet to public.
1991 AD: End of Communist Rule in Russia.
2001 AD: A faithful Christian, George W. Bush elected President of the United States.


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