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Advertising & Fund Raising Book by Royce Edward Barber. Introduction…
* This is not professional advice. These are my personal notes.
* This article focuses primarily on raising funds, and advertising of events.
* This article is just a stub.
Example Fund Raisers
Kick Starter Website. GoFundMe. Crowd funding sites. Patrion site.
Comic Artists: “If I get in donations this month, I'll submit the end of this comic book.”
Sunday Congregation Tithing
Annual Donation Commitment
Car Wash
Sale: Bake, Flowers, Arts n' Crafts, Paintings
Jamba Juice Donations
Your Church finance committee may know more about fundraisers.
Search Google for “Fund Raisers” and or “Fundraisers”.
Sponsor a radio station contest.
Fundraiser Check List

Some events… Block Party. Summer Movie Nights. Trunk or Treat Festival. Outreach ideas, specifically for Fresno California.
Volunteers Signed Up and Informed
Facility: Church Locked
Outside Bathrooms: Either facility outside bathroom unlocked, or portable bathrooms.
Tables/Chairs Placed
Third Party Exhibits Joined and Set Up, such as Fresno Zoo, City, Fresno County, Book Mobile, Fire Engine, Sheriff, etc.
Water & Punch Canisters cleaned, filled, set onto snack area.
Prizes: Raffle Tickets Printed.
Signs: “Church Name” banner placed on a tent. Church front sign listing event. All event areas clearly marked with large signs.
Three tents put up: Band Tent, Raffle Tent, and Church Info Tent.
Children Events signed up and set up, such as Bounce House, Horse Shoes, Face Painting, etc.
* Unscrew the four courtyard flood lights with a rag, so the projector image can be seen.
* Bring technical equipment: 2 orange extension cords, DVD Player, PC Speakers, Sample DVD, Flash Light.
* Five blankets to be placed upfront for children.
* Each volunteer shall bring necessary personal food and medications.
* Recommended that volunteers wear name tags, but NOT required.
* Getting bored? Recommended that volunteers bring paper/pen/clipboard.
* If convenient, have digital copy of movie on a flash drive or memory card.
* 100 general 'thank you for coming' 1/4th sheet postcards with Sunday service listed.
* Head count during mid-movie. First movie night, Wall-E, had 40 people.
* Seating: Front row of 15 chairs, touching back edge of blankets. Five feet back, another row, one foot to the left, the next back to normal. Thus, chairs not blocking each other.
* Poster size sign listing bathrooms.
* Have movie DVD ready, letterbox or square, to fit the movie screen.
* Buy popcorn premixed with oil, and have PopCorn machine moved near event, yet out of reach of public.
* Outer Bathrooms Unlocked.
* Advertise: Schedule 6 weeks in advance to have radio stations announce event.
* Advertise: Schedule to have event listed in free section of Fresno Bee.
* Advertise: Place 100 fliers of event on key Fresno cork boards.
* Advertise: Place event on Craigslist & GoogleBase
* Event put on church calendar well in advance.
* Schedule to have Solarium Movie screen placed on courtyard hooks.
* Facility: Sprinklers disabled.
* Facility: Access to 40 church chairs to place on lawn IF its dry.
* Facility: Church building locked so wandering visitors do not get lost. Elder or staff with building key need be present for volunteers to access building.
* Elder should be present to welcome visitors and speak about the Church. One to two minute presentation.
* Facility: Reserve two orange juice canisters for water and punch. Cups/Napkins.
* Elder should be present to welcome visitors and speak about the Church. Two minute presentation.
* Ask pastor two speak about event two Sundays in advance, and to have each congregation member seriously invite 10 people who do not attend a church.
* Volunteer sign-up one 20 days in advance. Four days in advance, remind all volunteers via phone to report to event.
* Have movie night posted to main Church sign.
Outreach Committee Participation.
Charting (Flow Chart) Structure of ———.
3D Facility Map.
Youth Activity Brochure and Possibly Book
Fliers Designed: Easter, DonationCard, Movie Night Concept & Final, Movie Night “Thank You For Coming”, Bee TriFlier, PraiseNight, Haggard Poster,
Activity Listing.
Christian Youth Activities Book, globally available.
Photographers and Video Crew ready.
Band, instruments, and sound recording ready.
The Bee Newspaper: Online Calendar, Paper Calendar, Newspaper Ad.
The Bee's Free Religious Event Listing.
Radio Public Service Announcements.
20 Popular Community Cork boards.
20 Popular Online Calendars.
Local TV Commercials.
Sheet Banner on Side of Church.
Banner Above Road.
Fliers In Mail Boxes.
Under Vehicle Windshield Wipers.
What advertising methods do Fresno communities, businesses, and newspapers actually use? What works in Fresno and what doesn't? Ask the pro's.
A few of the many great places to spread the Word of God are; Blogs, Forums, Photo Sharing Sites, GroupBoards (Drawing Chat), Video sites like YouTube/GodTube/Hulu, YouTube video testimonials, Chat Rooms/IRC, Question/Answering sites such as YahooAnswers and Yedda, MySpace/FaceBook, and Digg.


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