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 +DeviantArt Pros, Cons, Features, Resources, and Limitations to Free Accouonts\\
 +This page will list features of DeviantArt, which is the Internet'​s largest Art Community. I used to subscribe, but the free features are all I personally need. This page needs to be updated, but lists the basics. \\
 +Here are some of the basics they offer; (I'm sure I missed some),\\
 +* Hosting of your art in a digital photo gallery, in such a manor that it will receive a lot of attention and possibly comments if people like your art. All images are public. \\
 +* Chat with fellow artists in one of the many chat rooms. \\
 +* Read up on art news, vote on your favorite news, and write your own news. \\
 +* Write in your art blog. \\
 +* Share your art gallery / image gallery with friends. \\
 +* Search for art/images submitted by fellow artists. There is a massive archive of art sorted by category. \\
 +* Buy prints of the art you like. (And sell art, if you buy a subscription which has a lot of perks). \\
 +* Categorize your friends groups. \\
 +* Send and receive messages with other users, privately and or publicly. \\
 +* Meet fellow artists in your area. \\
 +* Participate in clubs, not just art related clubs. \\
 +* Download themes for your computer.\\
 +* Take part in contests with big prizes. \\
 +* Popular forums to talk about art and life in general.
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