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 +Time Platform\\
 +by Royce Barber\\
 +October 2010\\
 +Horribly Incomplete Concept Draft\\
 +(Cover art made in Google Sketchup)\\
 +My birth name is Leon Gorty. No middle name. Call me LeGo, or Lego. I like legos. I like to make space ship sounds with my legos. This is my first ever journal entry. I'm writing this journal entry on some kind of solar laptop I took from a dying man dressed as a squirrel. My life is unique. Why is that so, you say? Sit down and I'll tell you, I say. Time moves very fast for me. I watch civilizations come and go. Cultures awaken and fade into nothing. Planets be born and die. Universes pop in and out of existence. Reality wobbling about like a balloon in the wind, creaking and groaning as it chugs forward. None of this happens in such a way you would call natural. The planets forming around me don't evolve, they just appear and move forward in time. The people aren't born, they too fade in and out. Sometimes time slows down, so that I can properly get a glimpse of the humans and their culture. Every time it's different, but there are trends. Humans are made in the image of God, and I certainly see this in the similarities between people of different versions of Earth. Similar emotions, eyes, ears, trends, reactions, even plants grow in similar ways. Squirrels may be furry or they may breathe fire, but they are all similar. I don't think this life is real, it's like it's just being randomly generated and then it starts over every ten minutes to a half hour.\\
 +I'm standing on a very little platform, about the size of a shoe box. Been standing/​sitting/​laying here for years. This platform is one I can't jump off of, because it always appears beneath my feet. This platform is always somehow integrated into the society that forms around me. No one sees me, unless someone is walking by and I grab them onto the platform. Usually if they have ice cream and or fun toys. They are amazed to see what I see, but they only last a few days before they start fading away into energy, being pulled back into the never ending cycle. I've had some great communication with various kinds of humans, some with scales, some quite tall. None of them speak English, but I've become good at body language. I've even kept a few items on my little platform, such as some clothes to change into. Sometimes I appear in a clothing store, so I swipe some clothes. I don't think they are real anyway. I've seen people notice I'm taking them, but they don't look at me, just the clothes. They don't seem to be able to see me unless they are on my platform. \\
 +Some days my platform is the top of a cathedral. Sometimes it's the bottom of a cold dark cave. Sometimes I find myself in a forest, or even in the middle of a highway, but cars come close and never hit me. Something is keeping me safe from harm. I don't dare test that theory. \\
 +I had a normal childhood in a nice calm neighborhood in Topsham Maine. When I turned 27, this time issue started happening. The reason, is that I was praying one night, and prayed for my life to be over. To progress to the point of not having to bother with it all. I believed it. And...everyone elses life was over instead. Everyone around me, faded into clouds. My own town, falling to pieces. I saw it happen. Like nothing stuck together anymore, or repelling magnets. The buildings fell apart and the people simply got hazy and faded away. I'm 34 now, and just not sure when this ride will stop. I don't eat, and don't need to, so I believe I'm here for a reason. I should need to eat, but I don't, not for many years. I don't even think about it anymore. I think about my old friends back home, I miss them. I think I'm here to get a larger perspective on life. To know that I'm only one tiny particle in much larger picture. \\
 +I remember one time everyone could see me. It was a good feeling. My platform was undergoing turbulence, started to wobble a little, and time slowed down to what you would call normal time. To what I grew up with. I thought my journey was over, until I heard the screams. Various buildings and trees started to glow, heat up and disappear, just as when I was 27. As if a giant shard of glass exploded and erased everything it touched. Slowly, about a week into this happening to these poor people, buildings were half there and people were homeless. Cars were just piles of jagged parts, seemingly cut into bits by giant friggen'​ '​lasers. People were fading, pulsing in and out. Living creatures always fade away like they are behind etched glass. They often know they are fading away, and are alarmed and confused. I've never got used to that. So the world finally disappeared completely, with bits of buildings floating around. I saw a nice Batman cup and snagged it. Great crowds of people wandering around in space, but not really floating. Standing on an invisible ground. Even space broke apart and faded away. They noticed I'm not fading and they are. Their language, was almost a distant relative of English, but I've become wise through the years, and so I told my story as everyone stood about me, until the last person collapsed to their knees in tears, and vanished into a glimmer of light. The world was over for them. The end of existence for them..? Do they go to Heaven? I imagine they do, if they were real. I was alone in a jumble of fog for a good five hours, and then time started to speed back up, to what was normal for me. Planets building and crumbling. I closed my eyes and sat on my platform, trying to remember all those friends I had made earlier. I loved them, I didn't want to see them leave me. I wanted to have an Invader Zim marathon with them. \\
 +So today, not a whole lot happened. A sun burnt out. A race of duck people were invaded by Chinese duck people. A moose fell into the ocean and I noticed it could breath under water. A mellow day, overall. \\
 +I haven'​t showered since I was 27. I don't smell bad. Who brushes my teeth when I'm not looking?!\\
 +Today I started having visions. Quite abstract, nice contrast, but the content needed more imagery. I don't understand the visions, so I draw them in my journal like a comic book...of art...which makes no sense.\\
 +Story is pretty awesomesauce but it will be finished at a later date.\\
 +THE INCOMPLETE END!!!!! Credits role and catch fire.\\
 +Be sure to check out my numerous other short stories. The link is at the top of the page.
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