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Taking up The Shield, a movie concept by Royce E. Barber in 2018. Rough concept 001.


The Plot; People of extreme faith are protected by a special kind of angel, who is a thousand-foot shield. An organic-like metal. It hovers above the one it's protecting. Evil tries to attack it from overhead and always fails. When the human's faith waivers, the shield hunkers down for battle and buildings around the shield fly apart as a hurricane touches down. The shield causes the winds to become a hurricane, and the person in the center is saved from the carnage and helps rescue others from it also. The shield pulls the one it protects, literally by force at times, to situations where that person can protect others, and so the shield can protect the others. So the shield is a super power. It's a giant monolith hovering above the user, creaking and loud groans as it moves along, sometimes carving its base deep into the earth as it rests. It's a mighty angel, but still takes time to commune with God and get wisdom and instructions. The angel has a network of other angels like itself, and humanoid angels who help anchor it when it requires rest. The outside world mainly can't see the angel, but see the damage in its path, usually helpful damage like a new pond dug out or an enemy building destroyed. The angel has many wings and can move slightly but mainly thinks about the endless Heavens above it, and how to bring humans to be able to see that Jesus died to save people from their sins. Some people indecisive in their faith, catch glimpses of the angel monolith and it vastly changes their mentality, giving them a glimpse of something with intense meaning and design.


A group of scientist meteorologists (weather forecasters) start to see the footprint of some of the angel monoliths, and people say they are making it up. The moment the scientists start to believe in God, five different government swat agencies knock down their doors and raid their equipment, destroying the life research of a man and his wife, and accidentally killing one of their dear cousins who was put on a terror watch for things he didn’t do involving natural disasters. One of the swat members had a grudge against the person so all the swat members shot up the meteorology facility, thinking there was a battle going on. So the couple tried turning themselves in and weren't able to because no one could understand them. Their language had been spiritually altered and so they eventually met up with one of the oldest angel monoliths who guided them to the main character who was on his journey to bring peace to a group of islands and cease the hurricanes in that area.


Another one of the angel monoliths, is the sword protecting the Garden of Eden.


[a few of my other short stories may be integrated into this movie script and or a possible full length novel]


Thank you for your consideration in this movie script,

– Royce Edward Barber



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