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Short Story: Mobile Reality
My name is Mark Trent, well until the planet shifts again. One day I was a normal guy drinking an unhealthy Diet Pepsi, the next day I was given a gift. I saw the Pepsi for what it really was: An addiction, if in a slight form. I realized that slight forms are extremely similar to larger forms. I realized people are addicted to addictions. They are nervous wrecks who love to pick at their fingernails and cross their arms. I asked the Lord to help me see the world for what it really was. I wanted to know why people are they way they are, perhaps I could improve myself in the meanwhile. Normally you’d think a life-changing miracle would take a few days to get here in the mail, but not this one. No, this was immediate. It was pretty shocking, too. Like choking on soda and sneezing and falling down a flight of stairs; all at the same time. Well in fact that’s just what happened, minus the flight of stairs, it was more like stumbling on the sidewalk. I got the insight I asked for, and so much more than I could ever understand. I had just been given the gift of vision, it’s a lovely gift, although sometimes it really frightens me. I can see the world the way God designed it long ago, and I can also see the truth in humans actions. I can see through modern day society, literally, to what was there at the beginning of time. Sometimes I walk through to the gardens of past years, but I get pulled away and my town turns to chaos, I guess to distract me from happiness. I know that 99% of what people see in today’s world is simply an illusion. A forced delusion, a mirage. I don’t always see the illusion all that well, but I easily see through it. I know what’s really going on, well visually anyway. I see paradise through cracks in walls, tears in the fabric of reality. I see objects moving that others don’t see. I've witnessed entire roads shift through towns, families being reprogrammed and not knowing it, shopping malls disappearing. Can you imagine how hard it is to tell someone they were someone else a moment ago. What I see is real, I can see through the illusions and deceit of worldly living. The devil tricks the world into thinking their lives are stable, he paints their world so they will fall into a trap. I can see those traps, and it's painful to watch people fall. I've seen horrible things that the world doesn’t want to know about. Most importantly, I've seen beautiful gardens that existed long before humanity. I've trained a few to see things the way I do, as I train to become a preacher… But the majority of the world goes against my actions, as their world is painted to conflict with reality. More and more, the Lord blesses me with this beautiful but painful gift of sight. Not to long ago, I thought I was insane to see such impossible sights. I've fallen through the ground and realized there was no ground there in the first place, just a thinly painted disguise over a pit of confusion. The world see's one thing, I see another, and there I have my ability to teach of what I see. I have not found another such as I, who can plainly see the truth, but I can teach it slowly to the few who are exceptionally pure at heart. Some of my students are saved, some are confused, some have stopped seeing the truth altogether. I hold out my hand, for whoever will take it, but it's up to them to keep up with me, for there is much to do… Tearing down what illusions we can, to expose the evil for what it is. Shining light through the holes of modern societies masks. This is my story… Where I began, where I am now, and where I'm headed… I am a soldier of God's army. I can hear cell phone conversations, television waves traveling through the air, radiation pouring down from the sun. It's a lot to think about, but I have much support from the father.
I woke up this morning, to another earth altogether. No surprise, things change so fast around here. I got out of bed and realized I’m no longer black, I’m some shade of green today. Yesterday I was pale white. I don’t know for sure what color my skin really is, that isn’t really the focal point of my gift. I see what others look like, mostly. Some supermodels are truly beautiful women, but others have such an ugly heart they appear to be a cloud of smoke rather than a human. Knowing the difference between real smoke, illusionary smoke, and super models…that’s pretty tough. I think you’ve had enough of my examples, I’ll just tell you about my day. So I left my room, which was a fun experience in itself: The door changed so many times as I got nearer to it. It was a house door, a window, a brick wall, a mist of water leading to a rain forest, a wine cellar entrance, a bank vault, etc. I just walked through, not caring what others saw it as. Others don’t really know anyway.


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