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DiamondCore. Short story by Royce E. Barber. Protected by Creative Commons.
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DiamondCore; Story as a History Time Line
* 2007: Plot starts with civilization fairly advanced, yet chaotic, with information overload.
* War breaks out between scientific communities about what is located at the center of the earth. Drills start to probe the earth, causing holes in the tectonic plates, thus underground volcanic eruptions and harsh earthquakes.
* Government has no control over who’s drilling, as large corporations start to drill to use the earth’s magma as a power source.
* A university called eLearn makes the breakthrough to the center of the earth; finding one solitary diamond the size of a baseball.
* eLearn finds out that this diamond is very complex and reflects light differently every time you flash light through it.
* eLearn discovers ways to flash images into the diamond at different angles and use the diamond as a primitive computer, blending images.
* Meanwhile, eruptions on the earth’s surface increase and society is getting worried.
* eLearn discovers the diamond consists of many natural reflectors (like mirrors) that can reflect countless images at various angles. They learn to use the diamond as a super computer.
* Science institutions of the world input a vast amount of information into the diamond. The entire information collection of the Internet.
* The world dares not turn off the light source to the diamond, as the reflecting images inside would disappear. Light is carefully monitored.
* Optical cables are placed on the diamond to carry light images from the diamond to households worldwide. A long parascope, if you will.
* Diamond is named DiamondCore. It becomes the supercomputer that organizes society. Fast as the speed of light, which makes it operate. Blending images put into it, it inspires people to care and think.
* Society becomes very dependent on DiamondCore as the solution to every problem, concern, legal battle, etc.
* Floating cities are created in the sky, to eliminate the problem of earthquakes. Drilling into the earth becomes illegal.
* DiamondCore helps create a beautiful free Utopia of artistic values and rich culture. Diseases are solved, etc. An floating Atlantis of sorts.
* DiamondCore is installed in a hole to keep it safe, in a solid region free of earthquakes. The hole's roof is crystal which glows at night and is charged by daylight.
* DiamondCore is used for a thousand years as society’s only computer.
* The crystal cieling which illuminate DiamondCore starts to decompose and no one is sure how to build a replacement.
* Poor light makes DiamondCore have lapses and errors. The crystal roof which shines into it’s reflecting images, is old and degraded. Images vital to society are blurring.
* DiamondCore’s less dependable status causes extreme panic across the world.
* Society creates new improved crystal roof to illuminate DiamondCore, but the images are still blurry.
* Society tries to use optical cables to extract (copy) all the information in DiamondCore to paper pictographs. Only bits of information are retrieved, compared to vast amount of data. Translation to paper proves difficult.
* Society tries to create a new diamond called CompuCore to replace the errorous DiamondCore.
* CompuCore starts out as simple mirrors reflecting and layering images back and forth. No one thinks CompuCore will succeed.
* CompuCore starts to be made from man made diamonds, rather than mirrors. Images start to layer better. Progress is made.
* Thousands of CompuCore prototypes are created, but none are as advanced as the natural ancient DiamondCore.
* Another dig to the center of the earth occurs, but no diamonds are found.
* Society begins to have issues with their governmental system, as DiamondCore becomes harder to interact with. It’s images are blurred, due to the previous
* CompuCore begins to be a very powerful diamond for reflecting images as DiamondCore did, but CompuCore just isn’t good at layering images. Thus it’s not as interactive.
* CompuCore begins to be a worry because it’s a challenge to interact with the images. CompuCore cant layer images like DiamondCore could.
*Giving up on DiamondCore's guidence, Nomad tribes form worldwide, taking up the values of Christian living and ancient Amish tool making.
* CompuCore and the values of historical cultures begin to get organized and society starts to rebuild, as political views are on the verge of war.
* Society still somewhat dependent on DiamondCore, gives up the impossible task of extracting information from DiamondCore. They cut the light source. Vast culture is lost as DiamondCore’s swirling images dim to nothing.
* Society immediately lights up DiamondCore now that the old images are completely lost. With steady lighting systems, DiamondCore once again becomes society’s number one problem solver. CompuCore diamonds are used as a backup method to store society’s information and law structure.
* Society takes one step further and creates very small diamonds, smaller than dust, called NanoCore.
* Billions of NanoCore computers are released into the atmosphere, creating a rainbow effect on the sky. People cheer at this new advancement.
* The NanoCore rainbow effect on the sky is used as a computer screen. Everyone sees a different image, as they are at a different angle. Such as an image-changing baseball card in a crackerjack box.
* The NanoCore rainbow sky screen becomes the new source for information, and DiamondCore and CompuCore are no longer used.
* Reacting to NanoCore, animals begin to have robotic movements.
* The NanoCore rainbow effect starts to kill off plant life, an unknown side effect. Also, personal information starts getting mixed up. Human individuality becomes blurred.
* Society has to light up DiamondCore and shut down the atmosphere full of NanoCore. They cannot do this. The Earth starts to rapidly die off.
* The heavens open up, melting away NanoCore, revealing a fresh atmosphere. Jesus descends from heaven like a lion and destroys demons. Mankind no longer needs computers.
* Heaven is displayed, far greater than the temporary Utopia implemented by DiamondCore.
* Heaven rejoicing, as thousands of years fly by and distant universes form and dissolve like paint dripping in water. The last thought of DiamondCore melts away.
* Novel Ends with of Heaven flourishing with rich culture and breathtaking cities. Once enemies now laugh as friends. The once serious now play. Personalities lighten up. The End.
Updates to be Implemented
* Underlying war between all tribes throughout story. Battling for peace.
* When stringed together, the contrasting chapter titles summarize the story. This summary is placed on the back of the book.
* First page of novel shows mysterious pictograph that illustrates the storyline.
* Various technological and social revolutions will be labeled.
* CavernTribe encounters and goes to war with a peaceful culture dwelling deep under the sands of the sea, called the UnderSeaTribe. Broken coral reef art washes ashore. These coral reef art enlighten the world to the UnderSeaTribe's strange aquatic culture. UnderSeaTribe uses CavernTribe's sonic DeepCore diamond to save their culture from all the new cultures they are about to face.
* Prior to the SkyScreen made of NanoCore, people wore eye contacts that acted as binoculars, night vision, UV Rays Protection, Information Screen, and more.
Tribes, Diamonds, Narration
* SurfaceTribe: Wandering Nomad’s.
* SkyTribe: Breathtaking cities in the sky, an elegant culture in the clouds. They operate floating cities made of lightweight Plexiglas mixed with helium. They float very safely but are extremely expensive to build.
* CavernTribe: Visually similar to StarTrek's BORG. A vengeful and volital underground culture who build robotic caverns, utilizing waste machinery and buried technology. Their caverns are large robotic snakes that shift around beneath the earth. This confuses any intruding adventurers or invaders. They have poor leadership and internal political troubles which cause them to react unwisely. Their culture originated as operators of giant robots whose job was to reconstruct cities ruined by earthquakes. The giant robots fell into caverns so the tribe followed and made cities of the robotics and rocks. On their quest for robotics they encounter the UnderSeaTribe.
* UnderSeaTribe: Peaceful culture of humans living as fish, with air filtering gadgets.
* Eternal Paradise Armada Tribe: The story narrator. This armada of monks dwell in the cloaked (invisible) Garden of Peace, are an advanced jungle tribe who keep to themselves and shut off all borders. They watch the world progress from a distance, with mysterious secrets and wisdom. They receive inside information from all cultures of the world due to a guild called GoldenTribe who dwell within all the tribes.
* DiamondCore: Natural Diamond discovered in the center of the earth. Used as a the supercomputer to feed Internet to the planet through optical wires.
* CompuCore: Artifical Diamond designed to replace DiamondCore when it's information became blurry. Created by scientists of the SurfaceTribe.
* NanoCore: Nanoscopic Diamond Sky Screen. Created by SkyTribe.
* DeepCore: A man made diamond which emits dangerous sonic waves due to tiny holes that act as whistles. Not useful as a computer, but it also has intense light-to-laser focusing. Created by CavernTribe to destroy NanoCore (Sky Screen).
* Characters: No main or specific characters. Story is based on events.
* Narration: First person view from monks of the advanced overseer race called the Eternal Paradise Armada.
* Time line: 2007-3007?


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