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Day2. A short story by Royce Barber.
From The Author
This story is a pre-rough draft I wrote after Church during the spring of 2010, as I browsed through my Bible notes.
San Dwich. Main Character.
Oscar Myer: Freelance handyman.
Bur Ger:
Mi Ata: Car fanatic. Designs vehicles for a living. Dislikes nature. Wants a world of simplistic concrete.
Kit Kat: Professional singer.
Termi Nator: Scrawny pale comic book writer.
Story Feel
The story will be dead-pan serious; dry, but the names/actions/situations will be hilarious. Family safe.
Sam goes through some hilarious yet painful troubles in life, prays for clarity and to make sense of creation, and in return gets what he thinks is the opposite of what he prayed for, as more trouble falls on him. The next day a light bulb goes on in his mind as he is given the ability to see the world for what it really is. He see's the spiritual battle going on beyond what normal people can sense. Sam see's connections between people, when they are lying, where they should go instead of where they went, and possible outcomes of their decisions, all by streams of light beaming out of the people as far as the eye can see. Ribbons of information, going every which way. He sees images in the light, and their connection to Jesus. He sees angels and demons, and creatures he isn't sure about. He finds out that most of what he knows is the opposite of God's truth, and knowing the truth can set you free, as well as alienate you from a comfortable life of sin. Sam isn't the most intelligent, nor is he a saint, he's just an everyday Christian. When Sam makes a moral decision, he enters in a battle which can be hard to win, but when he makes a bad decision, time is sped up and something controls him to make the right decision. Sam takes these new powers quite well, as well as the information overload, until he realizes he no longer has any friends or family. Upon becoming an outcast, he reads deeply into the Bible and discovers passages he didn't think about before. He discovers how horrible a person he used to be, even though at the time he felt as though he was a respectable citizen. As he learns each lesson, he see's one fewer ribbon streaming out of people. One step closer to being normal again. When Sam thinks he's about half through solving moral mysteries of creation and why things aren't how he would have designed them, he starts to witness other dimensions around him, windows in everyday objects to strange places, and terrifying angels who he finds out are there to help him, but normally he see's them in a more soothing form. These windows try to pull him in, as through gravity were turned sideways, and a few times he falls in, and his mentality opens up, as though he were a whole different being, of great power, as he see's his soul, but knows he's not in the right place and finds his way back to reality. On day three, Sam is back to normal, and much of the wisdom he had learned starts to fade away. His friends are furious with him, but then on day four they start to forget, and by day five they have no idea Sam ever acted strangely. Sam writes a novel explaining his journey.
* Articulate story detail/disambiguation/imagery to be added. Hopefully ending in 200 pages, with illustrations every 10 pages.


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