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Poetry by Royce Edward Barber, from over the years. You may find my book, “Book of a Silly Poem” here:
Artsy Poem: “Agency”, an original poem by Royce Barber. Tip; this poem is about mystery and secret agents. 2002.
The pen gathered up to the horizon, remembering the fresh exchange.
Mysterious code dangled in miscalculation.
The frustrating problem awoke.
Eternity threw the switch like a grand opera – suspended with the negotiator.
Monochrome colors thrilled her.
International communism lodged through the keyhole.
Leaky faucets snapped.
Special agents wriggled up to the horizon.
Motion elevated grumpily.
The aliens jiggled in limbo.
Some liquid covered machines gathered by the laser.
The ultimate fuzzy vision contracted – through the ruby head.
The practical jet stream pounced.
Alienation settled erratically, freeing the astonished beings.
Lonesome animals spoke in tongues.
The lost cause throbbed and swelled with fright.
Large creatures irked her blending slightly.
Permanently scarring the liquid invisibility.
Mysterious code perished.
The frustrating problem slept once again.
Artsy Poem: “Future after War”, an original poem by Royce Barber. Tip; This poem is about near-extinction of life. 2002.
An ancient city eroded under the reckless sunset.
Windswept tanks creaked ahead of their ceased tracks.
Wastelands fizzed, whispering sweet nothings over the cracked soil.
The barbed wire fence began to heat.
Gloom uncurled, setting fire to the bodies.
Burned leafs grabbed him.
Artifacts fermented, melting minerals fizzled.
The final rose withered.
Rocks sang with age.
Heat sneered under the bleak valley.
Lava congregated through the rivers.
Little by little, a small child fractured the bulky bricks.
A pattern met him.
A strange magnetic force pushed up.
Automated robots wheezed like flowers.
The sonic boom queried with bits of plastic.
Empty vessels died.
The harsh realm flew with age.
Steaming concrete cooled.
Memories boiled over.
Nature gestured through a tube.
Skyline baked, delicately balanced.
Deep is the world gasping for life.
Artsy Poem: “Remembrance”, an original poem by Royce Barber. Tip; This poem is about a person finding Heaven. 2002.
The construction site shook.
Bad vibes hit him like a dental extraction.
Rusty pipelines tumbled down like an addiction.
Industrial machinery met him.
Buried alive, he clattered like a telescope.
Industrial machinery transmitted.
Repeatedly, he quit itching and scratching.
Lifting the whimsical detonation, death winked wan.
Phantoms elevated like an addiction, reminding him of faded light.
The dazzling spirits touched him, breathing his last breath.
Death seeped.
Eternity circumnavigated.
The night hillside glistened.
The soul masticated, bliss sighed humorously.
Bright laughter met him.
The superior fermented with the fringe on top.
Artsy Poem: “Enlightenment Misplaced”, an original poem by Royce Barber. Tip; This poem is about a man finding brief wisdom. 2002.
Air tumbled down.
The mind boggled and moved him.
Existence of life thickened.
Bliss seeped lifelessly.
Inquiries burst.
Eternity lodged.
Adventure boiled and departed.
Knowledge smiled, intermittently.
Wisdom hit him, enigmatically.
Life cooled as if by magic.
The brain masticated, bliss sighed humorously.
The ground beneath tugged in sync, cluttering the sun-drenched peace.
Sunrise toppled.
The principle of shivering wriggled.
Knowledge jumped towards the wreckage.
Wisdom dissipated.
Air tumbled up.
Rough Draft Concept. An Original Poem by Royce Barber. 2004.
I’ve been seeking you.
Infrequently I know where the map is stored.
You’re seeking detailed solutions to the quandaries.
I don’t always remember how to read the map you hide.
Integrated cybernetic formulas, complex mechanical optics, minimal safe systems, self building plans, structure.
Nothing has to make sense any more, the information floods out into the streets, alienating the man of sound mind.
Wondrous things humans have learned to use, development making good and bad use of cybernetics.
Falling apart at the sight of the bigger picture, we all tumble.
The stunned soul remaining, not numb, just there, just finding a way.
The soul that feels lost at times, no time line, no eyes, no lack of anything, whole but not.
The body is the problem.. This mind. This idea. This day. This sun. This room. This person., is there.
When one knows too much about the garment, yet never feels the texture.
The soul is made of itself. Of light? Awareness?
There are similar souls; it’s hard to get their bodies to trust.
Dear God my bleeding heart is in your hands.
Open my eyes to the many reasons to live.
Make me feel the love of others.
Use me as a tool to help you, to be your humble servant.
Thank you for intelligence, please give me knowledge.
Your bright glow in my soul keeps me alive,
Yet I still seek a partner on this earth,
Someone to protect me and I shall protect them.
I take a leap every day into an unknown place.
Allow me this moment to rest my human body.
I never asked to be alive, but I trust it was for a good reason.
As I open my eyes in the darkness, screams flood my mind…HELP ME!
I’m falling, flying, being thrown around, breaking myself, soaking in tears.
I have no d r e a m s today.
All around me, singing metal tunnels.
I watch my body slam against a frosty metal gate.
The impact brings me back inside my shell.
The loud noise sounds like a cracking bell.
Rivets wound my arm.
Blood smears as I feel for a handle on this arctic metal plane.
The warmth of the blood lets off steam on the ice.
Anything in this existence to hold onto, let me find it.
Any chance of staying in one place, as I slide around, drifting.
Gravity begins to press me up against the metallic plane, the pressure unbearable.
Still breathing slowly, nothing shocks me anymore.
I can still hear you crying in the forest as a child.
The gravitational pressure has left for now, so shall I drift away.
I know I’ll see you again one day.
When can I return to your world?
You’ll be sorry and I’ll comfort you.
Some day you will love me, you won’t send me back here.
I hear a low groan in the distance.
Then a glimmer of light, it makes me remember to breath.
I think I hear an engine starting up, creaks and low industrial tones.
Could there be life ahead, a beautiful soul to be with.
I have to keep hope or I’ll fade away.
This day won’t end for years.
This cage has no walls, just metal melting around me.
I just float, watch, fall through reality, phase in and out.
Through phantom-doors and moaning plastic tunnels.
It never ends. Not until my heart sleeps.
There is nothing for me in space.
I’ll find a loving soul to be with soon, it’s always soon.
My mind shatters into shards of light pulling me in numerous directions.
How long can a boy survive in nowhere?
Reality Distortion, an Original Poem by Royce Barber. 2002.
Sometimes when people are alone, they start to imagine their environment being torn apart, people laughing from the air vents, the windows and doors leading to giant dream lands. It doesn’t seem to matter if the person is really alone or just feeling lonely, even if there are friends around. Sometimes fear overcomes the mind and distorts reality to the point of nothing making sense anymore. Every sound you’ve ever heard plays back at once, pulsing, absorbing the air. Time itself changes; a minute can take an hour. The future, past, and present get tangled up in a mess of wires wrapped around your body. The sun darts all over the sky, normality melts into bare existence, no time, and no traffic. Humans are looked at as programmed computers, playing back video’s of what once were friends. Memories fade in and out. Big becomes small, dull objects become sharp and multiply. Windows appear on the floor, rooms seem like a maze, water drips from your fingers. Life seems so small; the Earth is just a flash of static noise, reflected off a dust particle floating into an empty infinity filled with transparent screaming anxiety.
Ending Days, an Original Poem by Royce Barber. 2002.
Wet leaves slapping me in the face, the humid air making my vision fade in and out, thorns gashing my legs. The heavens swirl with colors, spotted with lightning. The storm is moving in faster than I can walk to the caverns. My heart beating faster than it ever has, causing me to slip in the boiling mud. The ground gives out to earthquakes, war drums play in the distance, birds screeching as they fly into trees. A blast of shivering air shoots through me, momentarily freezing my blood. A crack of thunder blackens the filthy air. Here I give up, as mist lifts me towards the heavens, this is the last breath, my body so distant. May everyone under me see the light in this dark storm.
Emotional Turnaround. An Original Poem by Royce Barber. 2002.
I live where the reality of this world tastes harsh and sour. I illuminate the rotten caverns of the world, exposing the moral sickness and death covering our flesh. My spirit broken, I move on, as a soldier should. Tempted by illusions called cultural rituals and immediate gratification, I shake it off and move on. I hope to open the eyes of the living damned, yet knowing most of them are too far gone for salvation. Praying on my worn knees, my back in pain, my cell phone on mute… I patiently wait in silence, listening for clarity, listening for eternity to speak. Whispers within my mind act up, teasing and playing games, my imagination nervously clouding my meditation. Anxiety screams like an army of angry demons. A fog of darkness moves in, prepared to flood my heart with ten sins, and I rebuke it multiple times. The crust of worldly complications start to break apart, falling away from me. My eyes tightly shut, I see light, I see stone walls crumbling, revealing a soothing sight. I see a beautiful fire all around me, the flames all the colors of the rainbow, with no smoke. A voice in the fire puts me to rest, telling me I’m safe. My nerves calm, the fire a soft embrace around me. Life simplifies, my mind being healed from daily pressures. The fire tells me to move forward, to cause excitement, to spread the word of God. As my wet eyelids open, shards of light flood in. I see tree’s through the window, decorating their branches with flower blossoms. I hear birds swirling around the neighbors feeders. I stretch out on the floor and smile. I’m a soldier in the army of God, but that doesn’t mean I have to suffer my life away.
Sailing Condensation. An Original Poem by Royce Barber. Poem Written 5am. Sept 28, 2006. 23 years old.
Waters burning out the sun's reflection, steam choking me.
Your ship beyond the horizon, still tied to mine.
Groaning depths of ocean currents.
We have gone where the rusty sharks flee.
Salty fog between our once together hands.
Weathered rope.
Harpoon sinking down, down.
Murky black hole.
Seagulls falling on torn sails.
You, my anchor, have dissolved beyond sight.
No turning back, least I evaporate.
Is there an earth down beneath the waves.
My world flooded.
Liquid glass pull me under.
Dripping wet fingers twitch.
Does your ship float at the reverse end of our deteriorating rope.
Does it matter at this stage.
Who led me way out here?
Do I matter to you… In your swaying little boat.
Am I in your thoughts, your once lively smile.
Swimming with you was ecstasy.
These are not those brighter days, there is no sun here.
Angels swirl under the waves, watching from a distance.
Trying my abilities, testing my heart.
Magnificent ocean so turbulent, have mercy…
Does not the ocean have enough tears.
Belt of joyous stars ridicule my deathly sky.
Ice cold mist of tribulation, stabbing my weeping existence.
On this wary voyage, I'm forgotten even to the mindless fish.
Engines with no spark, heart soon to follow.
Absent from myself, I seek your moving warmth.
Bits of burning passion crumble and float around.
My rescuer… Are you well…
I struggle to not pity us.
Will not you look back at me. One glance?
Did you mean to lead me here, to protect me..or you.
Are these unforgiving waters not more harsh.
Drifting timbers of sunken cities.
Monstrous towers twisted and frail.
Are you back there… In the same waves as I…
Slippery soaked rope shall I sever you.
I would fight the sea for you.
Do you hold me back.
Love? What is love?
Do you…love.
Hold me.
Lightning dances through the layers of thick storm.
Chin dripping, fist clenched tight.
Cruel winds of the atmosphere.
Flashes of your bubbly mind give me a strand of hope.
Together we separate.
Ready to face forever, straight ahead.
Iceberg to pierce me any moment.
Grateful for the love I have felt… Still I pity you.
A storm of bursting water stings my thin flesh.
Pressure building above, take what remains of me.
Ice mountain draws near, frost satellites cracking the hull.
Senseless torment I allow myself.
Anxiety toys with my attempts.
The stars of my eyes are melting over my face.
This ship against the waves.
I gaze silent, twisted debate!
Pluck me from this snow downpour.
Engines spark one last time, before I let go of you.
Admire my pain at a distance, respectfully witness this!
I await you, when I learn to fly with these sails.
I will not be a fallen messenger… I will thrive!
The sun will live again, piercing the pale darkness.
My boat is sinking, your boat out of sight.
Memories come and go as I stand and perceive.…friendly faces.
Will they remember me if I fade away.
This is my time to live, as I face the ice.
Collide into me, I will hold you!
Right in our hands, we had one another…an age ago.
My heart can take this, eventually, I will ascend.
Tropical birds sing out past the rain.
As this blue world floods out into space.
Shall my tears be of joy or sorrow, I cannot decide.
Moving forward into the sunrise, a smile breaks out.
Sun… What more could I desire.
Metallic Universe. An Original Poem by Royce Barber.
Awaking, alone in the depths of a scar in the universe.
Tranquil stillness.
Everywhere leads to more empty everywhere.
Distant ringing of motion.
Stars pulse in and out, always moving so fast.
I want…to be a star.
I try to make my way to a group of lasting stars.
Senses form, air seeps into my mouth.
Blue skies fly in from distant universes.
Overwhelming new experiences.
What is this, what am I…
Your image sharpening from a blur in the light.
Explain this new world to me.
Textures of the sand, slippery wet grass.
Unyielding rock formations.
Bright, blinding orb to engulf it all.
Are you the owner of the Sun.
Tell me the secret of your Sun
I see the Sun in your skin
Sing until my eyes open to yours
Take me with you when you fly
Help me to grow in the friendly sun
I feel the sun on my neck
The sun is in my squinting eyes
Shine, sweet morning light
I now see mountains in the sky
You should have seen the sunrise
Blackness dissolves the atmosphere
Stars explode into lightning scratching the muddy skies
In this mist, I hope to see the same sun you do
Get me back to the place you held me
They say it’s over but we’re still living
It’s no longer invisible to me
Keep your eyes on me
You’ve gone much farther, too far
It does not mean a thing to you
As I cry all alone
I believe in the faith as it grows
The sea in the sky rips open
It does not mean a thing to me
You are here go to sleep in the silent breeze
Sleep blowing wind of the hills and valleys
Until the darkness drifts away
Burn bridges that led to negativity
Skies painted colors of the spring cliche
No escape from my visions of the world
Every one hears every little echo of rock falls
Around the world
You seem to understand
All the things you hold so dear are made of fog
Laugh hard it’s a long ways up the mountain.
Poem: Radio Songs, Lyrics Remixed by Royce Barber
This is the one poem that I do not feel I completely own. An abstract blend of popular music from all genre's. I mixed in my own lyrics, too.
The eventual goal is to create software that generates music as it communicates an educational message for school students. One class, containing all subjects as one, using all the human senses at once. Part of a fully immerse virtual reality all-senses experience. Thus far that's simply a distant hope. Bits and pieces copyright to respective lyric writers. Enjoy the remix!
If we never make it ever, then it’s going to be ok with me, because if it’s not ok to fall sometimes, it’s not ok to be. If I get up I might fall down again, I have dared to climb, so let’s get up even if it’s the thirtieth time. It’s not about success; life is not a test. You don’t pass or fail; you just do your best to see the view from wings of courage, to push on through when we’re discouraged. It’s all about the try, all about the ride, learning how you were meant to touch the sky. Shine, make them wonder what you have, make them wish that they were not on the outside looking in. If they don’t want us, it doesn’t have to bring me down. Let them say we’re not stars; it’s not what we’re about. This is not your floor; you’re going higher than before. This my brand new day in the light coming over me, troubles rising up on the left and the right, I keep my eyes fixed on where I want to go, the rest will follow. This is my prayer without ceasing, the negative releasing, and as I rise above my burden is easing. You bring the pure flow like water all around; the rocks of life won’t pull me down. I let go of the things that weight me down and rob me of the beauty that’s to be found in life all around. My soul is at ease and I am free, this is my day, drinking from the river of life. I'm thinking about forever, feeling simple and clean. You see the trust in my eyes as the sky is falling. Have a party on a cloud of care, come and fly with me to my galaxy, take a trip to the sun, the super styling music beats are strong so lets have some fun. You help me remember how to smile, to make this all worthwhile. Life may end up a bit too heavy, things will turn out ok, don’t worry we’ll all float on anyway. Turning the negatives into positives. We are going to have to act if we want to live in a different world. Spirit and mind, live from innocence and sweetness, relieved to see the softer side. I'm a little bit of everything all rolled into one. Let me escape to your visions of the Sun. I will sing to you, the echo expanding the room. Tell me the talent of the Sun. It’s in you, not in me, but it does not mean a thing to me. I’m lost in my ways, deep in an awesome story. Take me back to proper ways. It’s so easy to find if you could remind me. We’re too close to the rain, let it go out further. Beings of the same universe, propelled out beyond vision. Don’t change the rules on me. You always were sweet, you’ll always be. There’s always something wholesome in you. Everything moves at just the right pace, at your home in the future. Won’t you come in, have a seat and let’s begin, sit back, relax. You think you saw, you did not see. As the screen of reality dissolves to fantasies, tuning out the false ideas. He is our first, last, and only line of defense. Flutes in the distance, always on the other side of the mountains. When I start to make you nervous, when I'm going to extremes, give me five minutes for normality to return. Rise and amplify it, a natural sound of the groove armada. If i could operate my world by remote control it wouldn’t have to be like this, I could have a hundred thousand things to do at my fingertips. Do you see in infrared, audio video in my head. Sitting on the edge of the bed, digital images in my head, I wish my dream was real instead. So many things to see, when are you going to message me, when are you going to be connected again, all your friends are waiting, you have to get online. The secret of the sun is in you, it’s not in me. I can hear you when you whisper, but you can’t even hear me screaming. In my field of paper flowers and candy clouds, I lye inside myself for hours, and watch my purple sky fly over me. You captivate me by your resonating mind. I walk alone to find myself, lost in shadows all my own. Don’t close your eyes, who knows what lye’s behind them. You may not remember dreaming, but the dreams remember you. Regardless of warnings, the future doesn't scare me at all. Promise you’ll refrain from throwing yourself at the mercy of a train. Lord you do the thinking; I’ll just bite my time. A fourteen year old sitting in an electric chair. I will hold my head high; lift my hands up to the sky, rise above all trying to bring me down. Whatever they may throw at me, I will turn into a song for you. Now I know what it means to live for someone else, to give up yourself. Whatever’s good in me, is because you showed me how. I’ve got a golden ticket, a golden twinkle in my eye. I never dreamed that I would climb over the moon in ecstasy, but nevertheless its there that I’m shortly about to be. A Lion rose in the darkness, only he holds the key, a light to free me from my burden and grant me life eternally. I cry out to God seeking only his decision. Open your heart and push the limits. i bring the pure flow. this is my brand new day. My soul at ease. this is my prayer without ceasing. have i crossed the line. walk deep into the rain. taken into the heavens. To see through existence. Water all around. all the things she said. running through my head. captivate me by your resonating mind. more than just a fantasy. my heart skips a beat. glorify the lord. i’ll let you in. dance into the glowing mist. sparkling aqua-scape cavern. it’s in my praise. warming makes a humming sound. melted pathway cools into frosted glass. simple and clean is the way that you’re making me feel. whatever lies beyond this morning is a little later on. i like you the way you are. we have the gates of eternity in our eyes. i know exactly where i stand. the kisses of the sun were sweet. you elevate my soul. i was a key that could use a little turning. seems like i should be getting somewhere. can you help me remember how to smile. how on earth did i get so jaded. i know what no one else can know. whats another night all alone. the world is having more fun than me. i'll try to think about the last time i had a good time. nobody wants to be alone in the world. can we forget about the things i said. i didn't mean to call you that. i swear i knew it all along. i gave her all i had. my mind is set on overdrive. the clock is laughing in my face. fake a smile, avert disaster just in time. she makes me feel like its raining outside. lost the words, lost the nerve, lost the girl. a short story of a lonely guy who fell behind. hope still lingers on. could i should i apologize for sleeping on the couch that night. all i ever think about is this, all the tiring time between. i gave her all that i had to give, she still wouldn't take it no no. are we listening. have we eyes to see. love is gathering. to see my world i know. you think you won, and then its all gone. its not so bad, you think about it, i should have drove all night, would of run all the lights, i was misunderstood. she gathers rain. i wont waste myself on you. whatever you do, don't tell anyone. you're the one. have to laugh at myself, while the tears roll down, cause its the world i know. you knew your lies would divide us but you lied anyway. Tomorrow she'll be a whore, nobody ever told her its the wrong way. if i could just rewind. if i could turn back time you'd still be mine. i'll take everything from the inside and throw it all away cause i swear for the last time i wont trust myself with you, tension is building inside steadily. a secret i cannot say. shall we gather at the river of forgiveness, the waters' fine, flowin' like a fountain from the mercy giver. we've been hypnotized by the world, listening to the demons crawling up the stairs. welcome to the fallout, you passed the tryout, its time to cry out, shout the truth to the world. fire falling from the sky. im thankful for every clean breath i take. i'll take it as it comes. take me under your wing. will you accept my apology. nobody blinks at anything i do until i claim the resurrection is true. i wana shine so bright, but i cant walk straight in broad daylight. i wont back down, im yours forever, i know you love me jesus, i know you listen to my cry. could i disappear. she cries out to god in heaven since she was 11, for someone to let her laugh a little, she's so broken apart and wants to feel alright, if i took a little time to talk she could run but lets teach her how to walk. could i rest in the shadow of your face, would i live long, would you find me here. right now the world needs a hero, maybe thats me but i have voices in my head. this mirror gets clearer, its a tangled web. i need to be broken. we could change history, if only you and me. let your light shine through. will i wake up, stop floating in my dreams. stand up, do something with your life. We’re all scared, gotta wonder whats out there. stand up and be counted. take my soul lord. be the corner stone, be the foundation, my fortress walls. everyone wants to play, but they cant play the game, they fight when they form a line, they wana play now like they never played before. they don't wana life, they just wana put up a fight. they'll learn, if they have to lose again and again. forward motion is harder than it sounds, when i get my sight level i have to turn myself around. i was just a face in the crowd, losing touch, on my own, but then you went out of your way to give me love. i met the son of god today, he said i forgive you for my pain. take my life, take my might, take my soul, take my will, 'cause i am giving it all to you. all i was trying to do was save my own skin, so were you, we were so far away from glory. dreaming of Zion, sleeping away, a zombie in the day, not sure what to say. when you come to, I’ll read you, we'll disappear from the fear, where do we go from here. what will people think when they find out i'm a Jesus freak, i don't really care. people say I'm strange, does it make me a stranger, my best friend was born in a manger. my only reason is good as gold. I'll teach your head to speak salvation to the nation. our gifts don't mean nothin' unless you know the code, that code is Jesus. up with Jesus, down with sin. the word is clear, easy to see, only Christ can set you free. slam the devil on his back. I love Jesus, how about you. alpha and omega, being and the end, Yahweh is the everlasting light. yesterday is a wrinkle on your forehead. this is your life and today is all you have now. don't close your eyes, today is all you'll ever have. yesterday is a kid in the corner, yesterday is dead and over. this is your life, are you who you want to be, is it everything you dreamed it would be, when the world was younger and you had everything to lose. where do we go from here. my fears become my stepping stones, Jesus hold me, i'm broken down, I’m crying for your help. the fires blaze cannot touch me, for i know you'll save me, when i cry to you lord hold me. So you want to change the world, what are you waiting for, it only takes one voice. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Believing is seeing. One day every knee will bow but I choose now.
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