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This page shall list books in production by author Royce E. Barber. Not including co-author books.


Admin note, see for links to books in progress. Ensure those books are listed on main page under Tech or another headline.


Track my books on this page. I've not officially published any completed books under my own name. I've heavily contributed to a few published books and numerous community wikis. This page won't list my co-authored books.


* Silly Poem. 30% done. Link: silly_poetry
* DIY Maker Tools. 20% done. Link.
* Finding Happiness. 20% done. Link.
* Finding a Career and Hobby. 2% done. Link.
* Clever Advertising. 4% done. Link.
* 500 Self Questions. 8% done. [No page yet].
* 100 Future Inventions. 30% done. Link: my_book_100_future_inventions .
* Fusion 360 Recipes. 0% done. [No page yet].
* Electron microscope photos for your coffee table. 0% done. No page yet, very long term project.
* Ten Sci-Fi Short Stories. 70% done. Link.
* Greatly Simplified, Bible Outline. 2% done. Link.
* Greatly Simplified, Stock Investing Explained Several Ways. 2% done. [No page yet, this is an immense project].
* Greatly Simplified, How 40 High Tech Things Work. 3% done. [Electron Microscope], [Electricity].


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