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* This page lists out ways to help you make a decision of any kind, from a sturdy Christian mentality of traditional moral values.
* Related pages on this website: Marriage (one of the biggest decisions!).
* Article goals:

What is a decision?
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* What steps do you use to make decisions? Sure quick decisions are fine, but when it comes to bigger things, you need to know you have the basics covered. Here are some of the questions to observe for major decision making.
* What would Jesus do?
* What is the most morally mature?
* Are you passionate about it?
* Should you delegate the task to someone else?
* What are the pressures for and against change?
* Have you set solid boundaries and limits beforehand?
* Have you consulted with experienced peers?
* Are you being compassionate?
* Is this legally, ethically, and morally safe?
* Is the schedule appropriate?
* Are you wise enough to take a stand and responsibility your actions?
* Will it make all parties happy?
* Is it fair to you and all parties, and are you willing to sacrifice?
* What would your role models and leaders do?
* Do you have required resources to make it happen?
* Ergonomics (is it safe and comfortable longterm)
* Common Sense (in simple terms does it make sense)
* Logic with plenty of Room for Error (is it mathematically sound)
* Previous Experience of Multiple Parties (historical data)
* What was the outcome of others in that situation? (historical data)
* Will it enhance your life long-term (future outlook)
* Are all parties on the same page (error proofing)
* Is this more than a desire for Immediate Gratification? Impatience?
* Will the human race benefit in some way because of this?
* What are the basic pro's and con's?
* Would you in the past, present, and future; do the same thing?
* How will the outside world look at you?
* Is this consistent with your character and personality?
* Are you doing this with a completely unbiased mental state?
* Are you considering all possible scenarios and factors?
* Is there a risk factor, and is it a safe one?
* What would an Actuary (risk assessment) say?
* What are the repercussions, recoils, and impacts?
* Is it your job to perform this task?
* Indecisive? For quick decisions.. Sometimes I just ask myself what comes first in the alphabet.
Internet Resources
* Decision Techniques from MindTools.Com:


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