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Use this humor for sermons, License Plate Borders, T-Shirts, Essay Titles, Journal Titles, Poster Typography, Graphics, Mailing List or Group Names, Personal Motto's, etc!
Some of these are funny, while some are simply cheesy.
These are all in good humor, please use the contact page to contribute more.

I made some of these, while others I greatly shortened or modified. - Royce E. Barber



The Big List of Faith Bumper Stickers

* Physics was discovered to explain God's forces.

* Honk if ya love Jesus. Text if ya wana meet him.

* Do you follow Jesus this close?!

* iPray, available in crimson or snow.


* In Event of Rapture, This Vehicle is Unmanned.

* God is not Democrat, Republican, Independent, Tea Party, Pirate Party, etc.

* Elect Christ Jesus as your savior.

* Jesus would have used TURN SIGNALS.

* Body Piercings Saved My Life.

* My boss is a Jewish carpenter.

* Scientists with faith, cherish the creation they study.

* Kindness is difficult to give away, because it keeps coming back!

* B.I.B.L.E. stands for Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth.

* Humans try to fix problems with duct tape. God did it with nails.

* Have you made God smile today?

* Too blessed to be stressed.

* How many atheists does it take to screw in a light bulb?– None. Atheists don't see THE light.

* Be blessed, not stressed.

* Jesus: Everything else will fade.

* Science: The Study of God's Creation.

* Consider: Amateurs Built The Ark; Professionals Built The Titanic!

* Warning: Exposure to the Son may prevent burning.

* Don’t give God instructions – just report for duty.

* The Ten Commandments are not multiple choice.

* Nuns preach hell as if they were born and raised there.

* Pick one for your school: Murder, or the Bible.

* Life is a box of chocolate. What flavor will you get? Simply READ the back of the box.

* Jesus loves ya, and I'm trying!

* Beauty is an act of God.

* Don't “Just Do It”, Pray First!

* “Dear God, why do you let bad things happen in schools?” God replied “ Dear Son, I'm not allowed in schools.”

* Our Sundays are better than an ice cream shop.

* Aspire to inspire before you expire.

* Under same management for 2,000 years.

* Practice what HE preached.

* Virtuous Reality is User Friendly.

* Heck is for people who don't believe in Gosh. (Thanks to Vince Prince for wanting to make a t-shirt out of this.)

* Too Blessed To Be Stressed.

* Jesus paid a debt He didn't owe because we owed a debt we couldn't pay.

* You can no more outgrow your need for God than you can outgrow your need for oxygen.

* God: so personal that in comparison we are cold as stones.

* Famous last words: I did it my way.

* Don’t miss life’s best. Find God.

* Only with Jesus can you reach your full potential.

* Jesus is so far ahead of his time, no one can catch up.

* God is larger than any church building.

* No one can ignore Jesus forever.

* It will work out perfectly – if you let Jesus take control.

* Awesome: you don’t know the meaning of the word until you meet Jesus.

* How impersonal God seems is a measure of the distance you have put between yourself and God.

* Life: the time God gives you to determine how you spend eternity.

* God’s art: Half completed art looks odd. Wait till you see it through.

* Jesus: add a whole new dimension to your life.

* This side of eternity we see only a fraction of the picture.

* Jesus put the amazing in grace.

* Wise men still seek him.

* God cares.

* Take a friend to heaven.

* One Planet Under God.

* Enlighten Up.

* Real Women Love Jesus.

* Real Men Love Jesus.

* Real Governments Love Jesus.

* Grace met grace so gracefully!

* You think life is full of surprises? Wait till you die!

* Better to face the truth now, than after death.

* Guess who created pleasure. He might just know a thing or two . . .

* Turn the despair of being alone into the wonder of being alone with God.

* People ignore God and then blame him for the chaos that results.

* Coincidence is when God chooses to remain anonymous.

* The Bible: More up-to-date than tomorrow’s newspaper.

* Life has many choices. Eternity has two. What’s yours?

* In an ever-changing world, Jesus is the certainty.

* Man’s way leads to a hopeless end. God’s way leads to an endless hope.

* Find God. You were born to appreciate perfection.

* Clear conscience makes a soft pillow.

* Give God what’s right, not what’s left.

* We don’t change the message, the message changes us.

* Don’t say ‘Our Father’ on Sundays and spend the rest of the week acting like an orphan.

* Sin would be less attractive if the wages were paid immediately.

* Kneel before Jesus and you can stand before anyone.

* Big Bang: God said bang.

* 7 days without God, makes one Weak.

* 1 Cross + 3 nails = 4 given.

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