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Ave34, let's make healthy family traditions.



What's a tradition? The dictionary says it's a transmission of customs or beliefs from generation to generation. From parents to kids. An artistic or literary method or style established by an artist, writer, or movement, and subsequently followed by others. The New Testament in the Bible, has many traditions followed for thousands of years. A tradition can be widespread, like wearing shoes, or per family like a special fishing spot. The best traditions bring people together in health and joyful love for your neighbor, following God's commandments.


What times and events can we start a tradition? Any time, here are some examples…

* Birthdays, births, graduations, certifications, anniversaries, marriages, funerals, goals, and more.
* The major five to ten holidays.
* The first day of each month.
* The first day of Spring, summer, fall, winter.


Some traditions for holidays, feel free to do it in your own way!

* For Saint Patrick’s Day, _. With a note about Saint Patrick bringing faith to Ireland and used the 3-leaf clover to illustrate how God works.

* For Easter, place simple baskets of healthy unopened non-perishable snacks on the doorsteps of shut-ins and struggling neighbors. Perhaps grain bars, gummy vitamins, quinoa grain, coloring crayons with paper, but not sugary food. With a note about the Bible meaning of Easter, how Jesus paid for our sins.

* On Fall Festival, go to a library and locate morally-corrupt books, and place tiny notes in them about not falling for the corruption and tricks of the world.

* For Christmas, give out poinsettia plants to loved ones. Give blankets to children’s shelters. With a note about the Bible meaning in Christmas, how Jesus was born. And how Saint Nick “Santa” brought faith to villages.

ave34-small2-for-web.jpg Backstory… These are traditions anyone can take part in, no matter their gender, heritage, race, income, or faith. But we are a faith organization, so you'll notice a lot of love and Jesus-oriented references. There have been countless forms of evangelism through the centuries. Billy Graham was a major success story, but not everyone has his gifts to be a crusade leader. We want to unbend the world, purify it by example. To start a healing process by living a healed life. Not by force or nagging. We want the world to see Jesus in us, and to desire that for everyone. The world will only change if they want to, not if we want them to.


This page may eventually become a large interactive wiki and a book of interviews of many traditions. The goal is to become a nonprofit who gives grants to healthy traditions, and to support the moral fabric of America and the international communities who desire to be friends with us.


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