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ONTU is Fun Lifehacks

ONTU is a factual website providing Jesus-faith lessons, and functional lifehacks. Mainly student notes by Royce E. Barber. Scroll down for my humble research and experiences. ONTU and all related materials are property of Royce Edward Barber, don't use without obvious written permission.

website-spacer-forweb1.jpgFeatured Articles as follows

Quick JokesMy_Portfolio_of_ArtMarriage JokesScience_About_the_Human_BodyFaith Bumper StickersBook of HappinessSilly PoetrySports Rules for DummiesBook of Maker DIY Builder FabricationSoftware DokuWiki.

website-spacer-forweb2_1.jpgBible Study Articles as follows…

Bible CharactersJesus Salvation ExplainedSupport CausesSelf Holiness EvaluationBible Book OutlineBible Characters AlternativeBible Comedy ParaphraseBible FactsBible MisconceptionsBible Tabs PrintoutBible View of MarriageCase for GodChurch Administration RunningMemorize Bible Book NamesSunday School TipsFamily_Traditions .


Jokes as follows…

Quick JokesMarriage JokesFaith Bumper StickersMarriage NicknamesSilly PoetrySilly WordsCute Words .


ontu-carbon-lifehacks-jpg.jpgLifehack Articles as follows…

Advertising n Fund Raising Book
Alphabet Shapes
Book of Finding a Career
Book of Happiness
Book of Maker DIY Builder Fabrication
Brain Training
Building a House
Central California Yearly Events
Child Raising
Clothes Drying Line
Clothing Cost Maintenance Sizing
Cooking Guide
Coupons n Saving Money
Dimensional Fabric Paint
Grammar Tips
History Timeline
Houseboat Notes
How Cities Work
How to Make Amazing Decisions
Logic in Conversation
Maker Kinds of Boards
Music Ocarina
Music Violin
Nonprofits in California

Science about the Human Body
Science about Periodic Table of Elements
Public Speaking and Speeches
Health about Seasonal Weather Safety

Health for Teeth
Social Manners & Etiquette
Solutions n Problems in Todays World
Sports Rules for Dummies
Life Resources
Travel Guide to Santa Cruz
Travel Packing Guide
US Government, Military, Presidents
Vehicle Detailing
Welding Metal for Dummies


Tech Tutorials as follows…

My Book, 100 Future Inventions

3D Model Download Sites
Acquia Drupal 7 Certification
Analytics n Big Data
Android Smartphone Troubleshooting

Backyard Metal Foundry
Science Batteries 101
Vehicle Nissan Juke
Vehicle Jeep Wrangler
DeviantArt Pros and Cons
Digital Photography
Future Technology
Gadget 3D Pen is a 3D Printer in Your Hand
Gadget Da Vinci Junior 1.0 3D Printer
Gadget Panasonic Lumix FZ1000 Camera
Science How Electricity Works
Science about Electron Microscopes
Modern Cable Connectors
Outdated Verizon Droid X2
PC Repair Checklist
PC Video Capture for Dummies
PC Windows 10 Setup, Not Repair
PC Computer Programming Summary
Sewing 101
Smartphone Photography Tips
Software 3D Coat
Software Google Sites Classic-mode Guide
Software Fusion 360
Software Guild Wars 2
Software Mudbox
Software Photoshop
Software SewArt converts Photo to Embroidery
Software Sketchup
Software Skyrim
Software No Mans Sky
Software zBrush Core
Software DokuWiki
Soldering How To

Book of Stock Investing and Simulations — and— Stock Lexicon .
Taser, Stun Gun, Personal Security

website-spacer-forweb2_1.jpgBook Notes, Similar to Spark Notes, as follows…

California Driver Handbook [Work in Progress]— Stock Investing Book Notes to be added.

website-spacer-forweb1.jpg is designed and owned by Royce Edward Barber.Author of;

Royce Edward Barber is into 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D sculpting, logo and web design, photo restoration, occasional house repair, laptop tune-ups, social network tutor, safe stock investing, collects tiny parts from old appliances so he can fix stuff. A tech culture vulture. A red-blooded gratified American, gentle Jesus-faith community activist, and admin of some Christian groups on Facebook. Raised in Washington State, resides near Fresno California USA since 2004. Remember, you can't force a horse to drink, but you can slowly inspire a human to find God. The following articles are about Royce.


My Portfolio of ArtMy Portfolio of ProjectsMy Bucket ListMy Favorite YouTube ChannelsMy Movie & Music PlaylistMy ResumeRoyces AutobiographyPoemsBooks I'm Writing.


Follow Royce online with these links;

website-spacer-forweb2_1.jpgontu-shortstories-1jpg.jpgShort Stories by Royce E. Barber. These are early on, mainly outlines, but are a start to eventual short films.

3EarthsAngels are TerrifyingAwaken in Subterrain City CultureBracelet ComputerDay2Diamond Internet VirusDiamond Tech DiversDiamondCoreEternal Paradise ArmadaGhost BallJuan's Model EarthJungle Cube CultureMia Wao Mio, Miracles at SeaMia3008Mioh Jova Gove Fure DanaMobile RealityOptical PirateOrganicSpaceVehicleOrjo SuperheroPlanetRootPony ThreatShine Shimmer SparkleSubEarthTime PlatformTutorial to Generate Short Stories 1Tutorial to Generate Short Stories 2 Kinds of SocietiesGator Man 2017Taking-Up-The-Shield .


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