Travel Packing Guide

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* This article covers the basics of men planning for a short vacation. This article is not season specific. You obviously will need more or less of the items discussed here.

* All items discussed here are intended to be super compact form factor, intelligently organized for rapid use, with no messes/spills.

* This article does not cover emergency meds, allergies, traveling with a baby, children toys, female accessories, airplane container limitations, camping gear, etc.







* 1-outlet Surge Suppressor. Cellphone, car/wall chargers, headset, headphone adapter. AA Battery cellphone power source. MP3 Player/Batteries. NetBook or Laptop, foam carrying case, car/wall chargers. Audio cable splitter. USB Thumb Drive. 300GB USB Backup drive. Memory cards, size adapter, reader. Car power-port splitter. Updated TomTom GPS/charger. LED keychain light.






Misc Supplies

*Literature to read. Phone card. Ear sound plugs. Razor. Nail clipper/file. Toothbrush. Wallet/keys. 4 Ziploc gallon bags. 2 Trash bags for dirty laundry. Camera TriPod. Paper pad/pens. Bandaid. Sharpie marker. Highlighter. 5 rubber bands for tying cables. Mini scissors. Fabric Glue. Electrical tape.






Sleep Help

* Sheet. Inflatable Pillow. Eye cover. Ear sound plugs. Sleeping pills.






On Your Body

* Wallet, Fanny Pack, Moneybelt.

* In wallet: Drivers license. Business cards. Cell phone. Camera.

* If on foot a lot: A light backpack with water bottle pockets.







*Swim Trunks. Flip-flops. T-Shirts. Sun hat. Winter neck sleeve. Underwear. Short or long socks. Short or long slacks. Business shirts. Slip-on shoes. Ski jacket. Sweater. Thin gloves. Shoes & Gel Pads. 







* Three large water bottles per day. Baby face wipes. Germ hand spray/gel. Toothpaste. SPF Lotion. Anti-mosquito spray. Mini Deodorant. Mini Shampoo & Conditioner. Body Soap. 







* Large or mini ice chest with ice. Frozen Health Power Bars. Cereal. Trail mix. Peanuts. Peanut butter & jelly sandwiches. Sugar free gum & altoids mints. Tums. Gas-X. Anxiety meds. IbProfin. Vitamins/fiber. Dramamine motion pills. Sleeping pills. Straws. Gatorade powder. 4 plastic forks.






Pre-Trip Planning

* Tickets 2 months in advance, Pack, Check Weather, Internet Coupons, Print Maps, Set GPS, Charge Phone.




Trip Social/Video/Journalism Goals

* Make 20 Facebook Friends.
* Take 20 one-minute HD videos.
* Keep cellphone and video camera charged.
* Place 20 photos on Facebook, screen-shots taken from my videos.
* Combine all video into one YouTube HD video. 
* Keep a private preformatted daily journal of all events.



Quick Evangelism Tools

* Compact Bible.

 * Printed prayer for new Christians who desire to be prayed over.





The Bible Says About Travel






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