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This article will be a list of tips and links about the musical instrument called an ocarina.



* I'm not a musician, I'm not a pro, these are just my student notes. 




What's an Ocarina?

* Musical wind instrument, much like a flute. Very long history. 

* It's similar to a flute. This image is one of the nicest I've seen. High pitch ocarinas are small, some small as a whistle. Low bass ocarinas are larger, some large as a football. But most ocarinas are potato size, or baseball size. 



Common Shapes

* Sweet Potato 

* Pennant 

* DragonTooth 



Number of Holes

* More holes, are harder to play, but are worth learning if you have the patience. Obviously more holes means a higher diversity of notes, pitch, effects. 



Wood vs Ceramic vs Metal vs Plastic

* Many children ocarina toys are junk and sound bad. 

* Don't store a wooden ocarina next to a heater or quickly changing temperatures. 

* Ceramic and metal weighs more than wood. 



Ocarina Sheet Music

* Depends on number of holes. 

* Official music notes aren't always required, if you prefer to learn by ear. 



Misc Tips

* Many wooden ocarina carvers say a humidifier is not necessary for long-term storage, but doesn't harm anything. There isn't much wood to expand and crack. During use, your breath is very moist. 

* A small ocarina, such as golf ball size, will be very high pitch like a whistle. A big ocarina is lower pitch. A basketball size would be extremely low pitch. 



What are the Zelda ocarinas all over eBay?

* Zelda is a video game, popular with teenagers. Many Zelda ocarinas are average to sub-par, but are okay for practicing. 



Ebay Search Examples (The minus means ebay blocks it out)

12 wood ocarina -zelda

12 ocarina -zelda



Similar Instruments

* Flute. Recorder. 



Royce Barber's Ocarina Experience

* I'm a beginner, using a cheap ceramic "Zelda" ocarina, bought from ebay for ten bucks. I practice 30 min per week, because it's therapeutic and feels organic. 



Internet Resources

* Forum:

* For more information: Wikipedia. Local library. Visit some music stores. Buy a beginner ocarina on ebay or amazon. Watch informational videos on YouTube. Search Google. 


Photo of Royce playing ocarina.