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* This article shall contain the basics of the Nissan Juke. Every year, every major feature, with comparisons of trim levels and reviews. Mainly, United States oriented. 

* This article shall not be long winded. 

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What's the Nissan Juke?

* Named after a "juke box" music playing machine. The Nissan Juke is a popular compact SUV crossover (sports utility vehicle). 



General Pro's

* Personality. Styled like a juke box. 

* Some are All Wheel Drive. 

* Lots of tech features. 

* Some versions come with great horsepower.


General Con's
* Juke's aren't for off roading or towing much weight. AllWheelDrive version can handle snow, but not deep snow at all. They won't drive through a very muddy river. 


Neutral Misc Information
* In 2014, the Sunderland factory made 132,000 Jukes. 




Do Tall People Fit? Yep! Quotes from the big and TALL. 
"Im 6'1. My headroom is ok. My legs are long, but fit if I pull the seat back. It would have been nice if there was and adjustable telescopic steering, so I don't have to reach for the steering wheel." -Yakuza77. 

"I'm 6'4" and a large person. In the front or passenger seat there's ample room for me to sit an extended period of time. The back however is cramped but doable. Mine is a Juke SV." -SleepDep247. 

"My hubby at 6'2" with 34" inseam and broad shoulders does fine with it." -TortoiseGirl. 

"My adult mountain bike barely fits in the back, without removing any wheels. Wasn't hard to stuff the bike in, it did require moving the front passenger seat fairly forward; driver's seat, too. I couldn't recline the seatback quite as far as I would've liked, because of the bike's rear wheel. Remove the front wheel and it's an easy fit for two bicycles." 

"6'2 185 34inseam I fit fine with the drivers seat all the way back on the tracks and leaned back slightly for comfort since I have long arms." -zna03. 

"I fit ok in my juke, but if I could put the seat back 2 or 3 more inches it would be perfection". JayDawge. 

"I think the base model "S" has a slightly more head room because there is no moonroof. The higher trim levels "SV" & "SL" come with a moonroof." - East Bay J. 

"I'm 6'2" and fit. With the seat all the way back I am pretty comfortable. I usually get 32" inseams for my jeans. My torso is tall, so I have an inch or two of room above my head. I drive a Juke SL." - JRS3RD

"I drive a Juke SL AWD. I'm 6ft 3in. 254 lbs. 36 in-seam pants. No problems what-so-ever fitting." - Stealth-91. 




* First year made. Same chassis used by the Nissan Versa and Cube. 

* Nissan Juke received Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) Top Safety Pick in 2011.


* Very little change. Very little change from 2011.


* Very little change. 

* In August 2013, Nissan launched a commercial for the Juke, featuring Stormtroopers from the Star Wars series.


* Very little change. 

* Nissan Juke Nismo 2014, 2014 Car of the Year in Latvia.

* JUKE SV adds the new I-Con smart control system which monitors many sensors such as automatic air conditioning, push button start, satellite radio. The cheaper Juke S has no I-Con system. 

* For myself... The goal year for my first Juke, hopefully AWD and red interior accents. Ideally something higher than a Juke S, so I'll have a backup camera. 


* Current Year. 

* 2015 Trim Levels from cheap to expensive: S, SV, SL, Nismo, Nismo RS. 


* 2016 Juke to be a new platform. Confirmed to be built on Nissan-Renault’s so-called CMF-B platform. The new Juke will continue to be built in Sunderland. 



* Completely new, using multi-purpose chassis. 


2014 Juke Configurations. All are 5-Door Wagon. FWD means Front Wheel Drive. AWD means All Wheel Drive. 2016 year model is very similar. Nismo means racing edition. 

* CVT FWD S. 27mpg city. 32mpg hwy. $18,480 $19,170

* CVT AWD SL. 25mpg city. 30mpg hwy. $25,073 $26,170

* CVT FWD SV. 27mpg city. 32mpg hwy. $21,296 $22,220

* Manual FWD SV. 25mpg city. 31mpg hwy. $20,120 $20,990

* CVT FWD SL. 27mpg city. 32mpg hwy. $23,448 $24,470

* CVT AWD SV. 25mpg city. 30mpg hwy. $22,922 $23,920

* CVT AWD S. 25mpg city. 30mpg hwy. $20,402. $21,170.

* Manual FWD NISMO. 25mpg city. 31mpg hwy. $22,205. $23,170

* Manual FWD NISMO RS. ?mpg city. ?mpg hwy. $25,026. $26,120

* CVT AWD NISMO 25mpg city. 30mpg hwy. $24,404. $25,470.

* CVT AWD NISMO RS. ?mpg city. ?mpg hwy. $26,938. $28,120.


Competes With
* Any small AllWheelDrive crossover wagon. Smaller than an SUV. Taller than a sedan. Not a mountain climbing vehicle. 


Royce's Personal Experience

* First time test driven: 

* Notes: Looks stylish. Modern interior. Costs on par with competition. AWD. Automatic. Sadly not very high off ground. Sadly can't sleep in the back. Has back seat. Tow hitch/limit? Height off ground? 

* Other vehicles I like: Mazda3, Mazda CX7, Ford Escape. 

* Off Road driving notes: 


Rumor Mill (Generally Unconfirmed Urban Legends)

* Sept 2015: Nissan has released the first teaser image of a new crossover concept that will debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. No Juke bubbles, this is more edgey. 

* Below, a concept photo of the Nissan Gripz, in an official concept video from Nissan Europe. Giving the Juke a more stealth-fighter edgey racecar look, with less bubbly odd-ball-cartoon.  Release year unknown. This concept will be built on Nissan's new multi-purpose platform with a number of other Nissan cars using the same platform. Soon the "Nissan Z" will be revealed, which may be a different crossover with fairly similar styling and a round Z badge. 

* Oct2015: Current news, is the 2018 Juke will be a complete remake. Using a multi-purpose chassis other Nissans will use. Gripz was likely just a concept name. 




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