Central California Yearly Events

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YEARLY EVENTS for Central California. Mainly Fresno California Area, including Clovis, Oakhurst, Coarsegold, Madera and Others. by Royce Barber.

* Please note; This is a simplified listing, not complete or up-to-date. These are huge events you can expect to see every year for decades. 

* I hope to add a map of California with numbers to indicate where events are held. The following is a blank starter map, I'll fill in when I can.

california map








~~~~~~~The Big List of Fresno-area Yearly Events~~~~~~~
FresnoChaffeeZoo.org Zoolights in December.
Clovis BigHatDay

Clovis Rodeo
Fresno CherryAuction
Fresno BigFresnoFair and Fresno Home Show
Fresno Job Fairs.
Woodward Park "Shakesspear in the Park".
Water park season opening and closing. 
Fresno Circus. 
Madera TuneInAndTuneUp $500.00 Smog Repair Day. In December. 
Fireworks in Madera Municipal Golfcourse. July 4. Or Bass Lake near Oakhurst. 
Wine Trail.
Fresno Downtown Ice Skating Rink.
Fresno Comic/Cosplay Conventions.
Fresno Medeval Festival.
Fresno Halloween Destinations. 
Holiday Botique at Fresno(?) Tennis Club. December. 
Holiday Boqique at Yosemite Lakes Park (Coarsegold). December.
Christmas Eve Candlelight Services.
Various New Years ball events.
Fresno "Christmas Lane" Walk. December. 
* Shakespear in the Park. A local Fresno tradition. (at Woodward Park, June-Sept). 
* Birthdays of my friends and family. 
* Ringling Circus. And Circus Olay. 
* Personally I like the Lewis Creek Trail above Oakhurst; they have two falls. Yosemite National Park also. 

* Clovisfest/Hot Air Balloon Rally–“The Valley’s Music Festival”. 2017 43rd Annual. Saturday, Oct. 28th 8am-5pm. & Sunday, Oct. 29th 8am-5pm.  http://www.clovischamber.com/events/clovis_fest


~~~~Popular Venue Locations, and Categories~~~~
Concerts at local casinos. Stadiums. Concert halls. Mega Church buildings. Mega library events. Sports events. Running charity events, Color run. Major Car Shows, Boat Shows.


~~~~Global Mega-Events to Watch on TV~~~~
* Oscars Academy Awards.
* Golden Globes Awards for movies and TV shows. 
Summer/Winter/Special Olympics. 
* Tournament of Roses Parade in Pasadena California. Yearly on New Years Day. 
* Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade is Christmas Themed. 


~~~~Fresno California area, Event Websites~~~~
* Facebook Profiles for events.
* http://fresnobee.eventsabout.com
* http://downtownfresno.org/events/
* http://www.yourcentralvalley.com/calendar#/
Local Events for 2017. In Fresno/Clovis/Madera/Coarsegold/Oakhurst.