Sunday School Tips

Submitted by reb on Mon, 03/21/2016 - 15:58

Sunday School Tips

* Magnets help kids learn how unseen forces can pull or push away. 

* Safe arts and crafts are a growing and bonding experience. Water colors, clay, Lego (tm), glued noodles, crayon, chalk, etc.

* Puppets are a memorable mode of visual storytelling.

* Boyscouts of America have a handbook full of group activities. 

* Kids have individual needs and disabilities. Some kids may scream non-stop. The teacher must have multiple phone numbers for the parent/guardian, an alergy list, and emergency medical kit. 

* Candy (in small doses) and stickers are positive reinforcement. 

* Physical activity such as games, running in place, stretches, treadmill, frisbee. Really help calm a group and tire them out.