Town Guide, Santa Cruz

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* This page is Royce Barber's personal notes and research, and not professional advice. I studied Sana Cruz to figure out if it's a place I'd like to move too, and so far so good! 

* YOU are needed! Please help make a vastly better place by reporting errors to Royce Barber on Facebook (stranger messages are read carefully; and are immensely appreciated):





Ways to Visit, Where to Stay
* The DreamIn and the SeaAndSandIn are the only two places to stay on the main beach. 




Annual Events of Santa Cruz




Glorious Tourist Traps



Things to Avoid!



Local Beaches




All About the Wharf
* Length:_____. First built for____. Build date____. Renovations____. Shop names:_____. Concerns_____. 



My Route to Santa Cruz
* 3 hours. Starting in Coarsegold California, driving through Madera, through Los Bantos, down and around Hollister, passed the old mission san juan batista, misc, then finally park at your hotel.



All about the Theme Park on the Beach
* There are numerous 1980's rides and games, mostly kept up.
* Ride list as of Spring 2017 is: 
* Shop/Vendor list as of Spring 2017 is: 
* Rides and most shops shut down during the cold season. 



History of Sana Cruze, and Future City Plans
* Sana Cruze started as a safe docking area for trade ships.



City Laws at Santa Cruz



Natural Sights, Famous Geography, National Parks



Demographics, Population, Statistics, Imports/Exports, Schools



Shopping in the Sana Cruz Area



Map of Santa Cruz



Santa Cruz Tours for Purchase





Continued Research

* Search for Santa Cruz at Google, Bing, Google Maps, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon, other search sites, Encyclopedias, and your local library. Call Santa Cruz informoation center. Call a business at the Santa Cruiz wharf and ask their experiences. Travel to Santa Cruz and log the pros and cons, and a list of things you did there. 




Internet Links

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