Case for God

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Introduction... This article is my case for God's existence and love. Also about his son our savior Jesus, and God's Holy Spirit. God doesn't need me or anyone to defend him, yet I pray this article helps people to understand God loves them. Wisdom and philosophy are interesting, but salvation simply requires faith in Jesus. Faith in Jesus results in turning away from your sin, and gives you the promise of residence in Heaven some day, with God. Basically, Jesus died so that your sins are paid for. This article may help you to digest bits of information you had not previously known about, so that you may one day be a citizen of Heaven.

Author Royce Edward Barber. Last updated Feb 26, 2017.

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* Would it physically hurt you to ask Jesus into your heart? Would it hurt anything at all, other than your pride.
* If you know the universe better than it knows itself, shouldn't you know about God? 
* Why not. No scientist can prove or disprove anything about God. Because science is the study of God's creation. 
* If someone calls "religious" people nuts, they are insulting billions of people, going back thousands of years. 
* People who have a strong dislike of religion, ARE religious.
* Countless millions (billions?) of scientists today and through the ages, have loved Jesus. With world class education, riches, anything they want, yet they love Jesus with all their heart.
* Some people have entire careers and lives based on promoting or demoting an idea or movement, it's strange because some movements have gone on for for thousands of years. Going around calling names has zero impact on the timeline of humanity, perhaps other than causing a mild anxiety. 
* Scientifically speaking, the universe can't exist, yet it does. It's impossible for it to exist, because something had to create it. What created whatever created that? How can it have a size with nothing outside of that size, and nothing outside of that? Something can exist in nothing? It can't be, but it is. Why is earth such a perfect specimen for life and beauty, it just is. The universe itself existing, is an engine of motion, more complex than a automobile popping into existence just for the heck of it. Time being subjective.
* With meteorite showers racing near the earth now and then, there's a good chance humanity will never know what's going on much beyond Earth. We may just get wiped out like any other dominant species. So why go about being grouchy about other faiths, if in the long run the earth will just be a paradise again. 
* So science loves the notion of time travel, worm hole travel, wild mega-explosion-from-nothing theories about creation, and alien life, lots of alien life, but somehow not anything "religious". 

* Think your fierce Internet debate will change anything? TV debate? School debate? Some people spend a lifetime debating, for or against any sort of faith. They are hands-down more qualified to debate than most of us, but it's still just an infinite looping debate. What if they spent that time complimenting people, building neighborhoods, finding solutions? 

* Who builds neighborhoods in 3rd world countries? Christians. Who builds shelters, feeds the poor, donates to incredible causes second of the year? Christians. Because we could not live any other way. We give cheerfully. 

* America's presidents pray, they go to prayer meetings, they get counsel from pastors, many of them go to Church. The most powerful nation on Earth, even places "In God We Trust" on it's money. Because we are Christian. Government, public, and private land is filled with reminders and landmarks that we are a nation of God.

* Human laws of physics apply very differently, and often do not apply, at the sub-atomic scale. Using an electron microscope, or particle accelerator (aka a light collider). There's always more to learn, and the scale is infinite. There is no theoretical maximum resolution of a microscope, it just continues smaller forever. This is of course a theory, there's no way to know a limit. Thus one human, has no size, they are infinite in scale (height, weight). Why. Why exist at all, with such intricate detail, for no particular reason, unless there is a creator whom is also intricate and places great care into creation. 

* Many things fit with a human. Much of the fruit and edible food, fits well within the human hand. An apple, corn, a banana, a grape is throat size, even a watermelon is handheld. A horse/donkey/camel/cattle/etc is perfect for riding. A tree branch for gripping. Most things are incredibly convenient for the size and shape of a human. The natural world is formed to humans, and edible to humans. 

* Recurring (repeating) shapes of the universe. A crack in dry sand, a crack in glass, a lightning bolt, a tree root, a blood vein, a river, frayed yarn or hair, underground waterways or lava passages, are all the same shape. The shape of going fourth and multiplying. 

* Bear with me... Every historian easily agrees "Jesus of the town of Nazareth" lived, but what they disagree on his if he had supernatural power. There is zero question that he lived and was incredibly famous. He's written about in numerous publications from his time period. Both religious and not-specifically-religious. He was known globally for being a savior, which caused quite the stir. His life and travels are solid fact. As for his miracles, they require faith because we don't have video footage.

* The Christian Bible is the best selling book of all time. Publication date about 1500 BC to 100 AD. 40 authors over 1600 years. An average of 1 author every 40 years. Some were kings, some in prison, many other kinds of people. The Bible is one of the longest books ever written, but not the longest. Over 100 million Bibles are sold yearly. 98% of the world population has access to entire or parts of the Bible. The amount of Bibles ever printed, is over 6 billion, which is roughly how many humans are alive right now (roughly 7 billion). This is all scientific fact. Source for this paragraph is mostly: (which also cites more sources).

* Billions of humans, have either believed in God or wondered something like, "what is out there, why is anything out there in the stars, what does it all mean, and what's my purpose".

* Math is the code of nature, the language of nature. Mathematics are an incredibly convenient tool and shortcut to figuring out the universe. Humans have successfully predicted particles and functions of the universe far before physically interacting with them, all thanks to math. Peter Higgs predicted a particle that took millions of hours, over 30 years, and millions of dollars to prove. Math is an incredibly a happy coincidence, perhaps an impossible coincidence.

* The very creation of Earth is fine tuned via the language of mathematics, for abundant life, and is either rare or unique in all of creation. Any large variance in the universe, would highly-likely result in Earth not sustaining any life because it would not have formed and or been incredibly cold or hot or have no atmosphere. The Earth has no physical necessity to exist, unless someone needed it to. The laws of nature don't usually function anywhere near the perfect situation to have an Earth. The odds of all the constants and quantities’ randomly falling into the incomprehensibly narrow life-permitting range are just so infinitesimal that they cannot be reasonably accepted...then we add Humanity on top of that. Source for this paragraph:

* The philosophy that if God exists in any place, then God exists in every place, because he has no start and no end, he has no size and no weight, he is all that is. Noting that God has somehow created a place where he is not, and called this sin, which is a place humans have the free will to fall into if they choose to disobey. Giving humans the power of free will to do as they please, being the ultimate show of love and freedom. To allow humans a free mind and body to do whatever they want with. 

* How old is Earth? No one can prove the Earth wasn't created five minutes ago with the built-in look of age and food in our stomachs and fossils in the ground. If it is just one minute old, it would have to have a built-in look of age. If it's one day old, or one millions years old, same idea. Our "old" memories would be brand new. Thus we don't base our faith on philosophy alone, because philosophy can lead to anything. We are structured by the love of God and his word the Bible living in our lives. Without the structure of God, existence is random math formulas which have no reason to keep their eternal clockwork moving and fueled. "How old is Earth" applies to "How old is the universe", it was created at some point, to function as if it were always there, in how there were elements and chemicals already existing to bond together.


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