Sewing 101

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* This sewing article is still a rough draft. It contains my basic notes about learning the culture of sewing, and some of the typical methods and tools. 
* Cautions: Don't hurt yourself. This is not professional advice. You're responsible for your actions and medical bills. 
* Like cooking, sewing takes many forms and there are many ways to go about it.
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Basic Equipment

* Sewing machine with spare thread, manuals, serger machine, sewing pins, needle, seam ripper, pattern, Internet tutorial or video, scissors, cutting board, nimble measuring tape, calculator. 





Lingo, Terminology, Phrases

* Seamstress
* Pattern
* Thread
* Bobbin
* Type of Stitch
* Double Stitched


Common Materials Used

* Fabrics.
* Thin plastics or vinyl. 
* Velcrow.
* Buttons.
* zipper of metal or plastic.
* Magnets instead of buttons.
* Thimble protects the fingers.
* Elastic.
* Leather straps.
* Cotton cushioning.
* Soft clothing lining.
* Scraps of material for patching or experimenting.


What You Can Sew

* Anything! Car Cover, Car Dashboard Cover, Shirt, Skirt, Pant, Sock, Jacket, Underclothes, Backpack, Cutain, Sheet, Quilt, Sofa Cover, Hat, Scarf, Glove, Costumes, Dolls, Repair Patch, Belt, etc. Any thin material unless your manual states otherwise.


Common Mistakes

* Not using a store coupon.
* Pricking your finger.


Advanced or Industrial Projects

* Sewing graphics. 
* Sewing through thick leather.


Related Hobbies

* Knitting
* Crocheting
* DIY Arts & Crafts
* DIY Fabrication


Internet Resources

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