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* This article strictly focuses on unmodified/stock, recent (2004-2010) Jeeps of the Wrangler style.
* This article is written using quick, blunt bulleted lists, covering major facts rather than lengthy essays.
* This article is just a stub, and is awaiting completion. Send in your suggestions. I'm NOT a Jeep pro, thus I'm writing this article to educate myself and others.
* I might add an in-depth spreadsheet to this page, including year/features/accessories/price/pros&cons/recalls/ratings/photo. My website host (GoogleSites) doesn't yet allow for complex spreadsheets.
* Related Articles: Vehicle Toyota Tacoma. 
* The accuracy of this article is limited to the websites I compared the information from. Your Jeep dealer would have the latest corrections.


Fun Jeep Facts

* Owner: Chrysler Group LLC. Previously Owned By: Willys-Overland (1941–1953); Kaiser-Jeep calling themselves "Willys Motors" (1953–1963); Kaiser-Jeep (1963–1970); AMC (1970–1987); Chrysler (1987–1998); DaimlerChrysler AG (1998–2007); Chrysler LLC 2007–2009; Chrysler Group LLC (2009–present).
* Headquarters: Auburn Hills, Michigan, United States. Michael Manley is CEO of Jeep division.
* Serves Worldwide.
* Internet Page:
* Produces 6 SUV's: Wrangler, Wrangler long wheelbase 4-door, Grand Cherokee, Commander (7 passengers), Liberty (small SUV which replaced Cherokee), Compass, Patriot.
* Founded 1941.
* The name Jeep most likely originated from the cartoon Popeye, with a small jungle pet named "Eugene the Jeep".
* Money Jeep Makes:
* Employees in Jeep:




* Unlimited: 4-door, wide wheel base. Quieter ride. Much more cargo space. Far more towing capability than standard Jeep Wrangler. Most parts/accessories made for 1997-2005 Jeep Wrangler also fit 2004-2005 Jeep Wrangler Unlimited.
* SoftTop:
* HardTop:
* uConnect Screen: Multimedia, Serius Satellite Radio, iPod Connector, Voice Command, GPS Navigation, Hands Free phone, 3G Mobile Web.
* Trim Level: Jeep Wrangler JK trim levels are X, Sahara, Rubicon, Rocky Mountain, Islander, and X-S. Trim Levels are a non-functional appearance package, affecting little more than upholstery (cloth or leather, for example) and standard equipment. Often having additional badges/letterings to announce the trim level. Some manufacturers prefer names rather than initials for trim levels. The highest trim level is sometimes seen as slightly removed from the rest of the range. Trim Levels may differ by the year.
* Wrangler: "The Jeep". Jeep's compact 4x4 SUV. Started in 1987, revised in 1997 and 2007. Versions include the YJ (1987-1996); TJ (1997-2006); and JK (2007-Present).



What Will Royce's Next Vehicle Be?

* My Usage: Gentle town driving, sometimes dirt roads. Will NOT be getting it muddy nor four wheeling.
* Required: Jeep Wrangler, 2007. Automatic. 4x4. Fairly stock (small as possible, meaning NOT lifted). Low miles (10k?), perfect condition (including the paint). Clean title. AC/Heat/Cruise. Reasonable price.
* Not Acceptable: Manual Transmission. Lifted chassis. Badly scratched/yellow windows.
* Cars I've owned: 1986 Ford Bronco II Eddie Bouer Edition. 1988 AMC Eagle wagon. 1994 Mazda MPV 4x4. 1999 Mazda Miata.
* Other Car Choices: Toyota Tacoma's are brilliant compact trucks, have great reviews, but are too big/long for me. I like SMALL.



My Experience Driving Jeeps

* First test drive: In 2010 I drove an automatic 2007 Jeep Wrangler at CarMax Fresno. It was fun and easy to drive. I had no issues with it. Easy to see out of. I noticed the Jeep Compass looked nicer and cost less, but is a bit bigger (five inches longer, I guess, I'm not sure), and Compass is not good for four wheeling.
* Numerous residents of Oakhurst California drive Jeeps.



Wrangler Pro's & Con's

* Pro: Commonly known as the best vehicle in the world for climbing off-road.
* Pro: Around since 1941.
* Pro: "Solid axle vehicle", meaning cheap/easy to apply aftermarket lift suspension, allowing for large tires which raise vehicle ground clearance.
* Pro: Fits in small places.
* Pro: Standardized Jeep design is timeless.
* Pro: Good resale value.
* Pro, Awards: Kelley Blue Book rated Jeep the Top Domestic brand in Resale Value. Four Wheeler magazine editors named Jeep Wrangler Rubicon JK the best 4x4 Vehicle of the Decade. named 2010 Jeep Wrangler the "Best New Car for Off-Roaders". Popular Mechanics gives "Automotive Excellence Award", saying 2008 Wrangler Rubicon is the "gold standard of four-wheel drive". US Government gave Wrangler 5-stars (highest) for frontal impact crash tests.
* Pro: 2010 Wrangler allows you to hose out your floors, via "Wash-Out Interior with Drain Plugs". (Forums say to not spray the dash, although they have without any problems.)
* Pro: Surprisingly comfortable, fun to drive, turns well, has modern creature comforts, easy to see out of, can tow a heavy trailer/boat/etc.
* Con: Jeep and SUV's in general are known for very poor gas millage.
* Con: I hear the mechanical quality isn't nearly as good as a Mazda Miata, but what vehicle is.
* Con: I hear there is no "Scan" feature on the radio.
* Con: Jeeps are often raised, or have large tires, meaning it takes an effort to climb into.
* Con: I've heard there is no anti-lock braking system (ABS) available on Jeep Unlimited's (the long Jeeps), which may impair stopping on wet roads.
* Con: I've heard that newer Jeeps make the doors challenging to remove, while the earlier Jeeps (1990) had easily removable doors.
* Con: Vinal/plastic windows suck: Not carefully cleaning the vinal rear window, can result in permanent scratches upon being rolled up. In time, vinyl (plastic) Jeep Wrangler windows tend to haze/fog, yellow, crack, oxidization.
* Con: Jeeps are not luxury cars, so the ride is bumpier.
* Con: When using a soft top (roof), you must hand-wash it. No automated car washes. This is true with all convertible vehicles. Brushless car washes might be okay. Also, soft top roofs weather and in time must be replaced.



Jeep Wrangler Versions

Version, Years Produced, Features, Differences.
* 1990.
* 1991.
* 1992.
* 1993.
* 1994.
* 1995.
* 1996. YJ's last year. YJ (1987–1996) engines were 2.5 L AMC 150 I4; 4.2 L AMC 258 I6; 4.0 L AMC 242 I6. Trim levels are..?
* 1997. TJ released. Engines are 2.5 L AMC 150 I4; 2.4 L PowerTech I4; and 4.0 L AMC 242 I6. Trim levels are..?
* 1998.
* 1999.
* 2000.
* 2001.
* 2002.
* 2003.
* 2004.
* 2005.
* 2006. TJ's last year.
* 2007. JK & JK-Unlimited released, engine is 3.8 L EGH V6. JK trim levels are X, X-S, Sahara, Rubicon, Rocky Mountain, and Islander.
* 2008.
* 2009.
* 2010. Minor Facelift to soft top, standard uConnect multimedia, more useful sun visors, vanity mirrors.
* 2011. To be determined.
* 2012. To be determined.
* 2013. To be determined.
* 2014. To be determined.



Similar "Wrangler Look" Vehicles

* Compact trucks, such as Toyota Tacoma/Chevy S10/Ford Ranger.
* Small Crossover SUV's. A crossover is a SUV which handles like a car.
* Suzuki Jimny, a very small SUV. See on Wikipedia.
* Chevrolet Tracker. See on Wikipedia.



To Learn More

* Call/visit/email Local Dealers.
* Talk to Jeep owners while waiting at the gas pump.
* Google Search.
* Image search on Google Image, Flickr, DeviantArt.
* Ask questions on forums.
* Jeep.Com Website.
* Take a test drive with an official dealer.
* See the "Internet Resources" heading on the Table of Contents at the top of this page.



Internet Resources; Article Source

* Google
* Wikipedia on Jeep (must-read):
* Wikipedia on Jeep Wrangler:
* Craigslist
* Misc Forums
* A Fun Jeep Wrangler review:



Photo Collage

* Image yet to be created. The goal of the "Jeep Collage" will be crisp photos of every body style (type of Jeep) ever created for the USA's public consumer (non-military) market. I plan to label each Jeep with the Model/Year it originated in. For now, you may wish to search "Jeep" on Google Image search, DeviantArt, Flickr, or any other photo search website.