Video Capture for Dummies

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* This page lists an overview of information to get video into your Windows computer. 
* What this page is NOT about: ScreenCasting, and Watching/pausing digital TV shows on your computer.
* Similar pages on this website: Video Cables. 
* At the moment I'm focusing on Windows7, but I have a feeling Ubuntu Linux would be better suited for this process.
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Tools People Use To Capture Video

* Common video sources to record from: DVD Player, BluRay Player, VHS Player, Camcorder, Security Camera, Web Cam, PS3 Eye Web Cam, Cable TV, Satellite TV. 
* Security Camera Capture Card.
* Internal TV Tuner Card.
* External TV Tuner Card.
* Information Transfer Accessories: Memory Card such as MicroSD, USB2 ThumbDrive.
* Common cables: DVI, HDMI, USB2, Firewire, Composite, Component, S-Video.



* FPS: Frames Per Second. Video is made of lots of still images, called frames. Like ancient projectors. 
* GB & MB: GB is Gigabyte. It's a size standard. A new computer holds about 200GB to 500GB. A movie DVD is about 4 to 8 GB. An MP3 song, is about 2MB which means 2 Megabytes. There are about 1000 Megabytes in a Gigabyte. So 2GB = 2000MB. 500MB = 1000GB.
* MP: MP is MegaPixel. A good digital camera photo ranges from 7 to 12 megapixels. A cell phone camera is often half a megapixel. Video recordings are often far lower quality than camera photos.
* The "i" and "p" in 1080i or 1080p: 
* 16:9: "Sixteen by Nine" means the image is very wide, as in WideScreen tv's.
* SD/SDHC: SD is a memory card. SDHC means it stores far more information.
* HDMI/AV: HDMI is a high quality video cable. AV means AudioVideo, referring to low quality cables.


Free Video Capture Software

* Thanks to for this listing: Virtualdub, VirtualVCR, CaptureFlux, Debut Video Capture Software, Broadcaster StudioPRO, Video Caster, Video DVD Maker, Exsate DV Capture Live, and quite possibly more. 
* WinDV (simple tiny capture tool).


Cautions, Problems and Error Messages



My Personal Frustrations

* "The current video capture format is not compatible with avi files." - VirtualDub 1.9.8
* My ATI video card came with Video-In, but the video-in drivers seem quite unstable. My next card will not be ATI.
* All your devices are detected as PAL instead of NTSC. This is my current problem. Turned out that my Hauppauge USB Gadget was not meant to be used with Skype.


Internet Resources

(To view the site address, hover your mouse over the link, and look at your browser's status bar.)
* graciously lists free video capture software.
* lists free video editing software.
* Wikipedia on Video Capture.
* Codec Downloads & Forum.
* Unrelated, Microsoft talks about watching live tv on your pc.
* Wikipedia List of Video Playing Software aka Media Players.
* Wikipedia List of Video Codecs!


Manufacturers of Video Capture Devices



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