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* This article is: Simple introduction to getting into the video game Guild Wars 2. 
* This article is not: It's not frequently updated. It's not about Guild Wars 2. 
* Similar Articles Here on RoyceBarber.Com: Guild Wars 2.

What is Guild Wars 2

* It is: 
* It's not: 
* It does: No subscription fee. Won't run well on old laptops or slow computers. Attractive graphics. Well tested. Automatic updates. Jumping/swimming. 
* It doesn't do: 
* First Released: Will be released late 2011 or early 2012.
* Hard Drive Usage: 
* Expansions: 
* Races: 
* Professions: 
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Royce's Current Goals

* Buy Guild Wars 2 at a decent price on Steam. Then set character class/armor/skills/weapon goals.
* Print revealed maps of Guild Wars 2.

Guild Wars 2 Games & Expansions

* Heart of Thorns is the only expansion as of 2015. Released in the fall of 2015. At release, the core GuildWars2 game became entirely cost free. Heart of Thorns starts at about $50.00. Introduces new races, locations, gliding from trees, and storyline.

Beginning Tips

* Doubbletap back or sidestep to jump out of the way. 
* Always avoid the red circles of enemy influence. Leap out of them at all times. 
* Attack while running in a circle around your enemy, so they can't easily lock onto you. 
* Sometimes you can attack powerfully from a safe cliff, but usually it won't do much. 
* Crafting is optional, although a great way to get rid of rare items you'll otherwise have to disassemble or delete.
* Deposit materials before selling off junk at a merchant. 
* You have two weapon profiles, one for short range (like swords) and one for long range projectiles (like guns). 
* Join the most intimate, lively guild you can, to ask what their advice is. Be nice to them. 

Advanced Tips

Common Mistakes

* Do not use Cheats, Hacks, Mods which effect other players, etc. Your account will quickly be banned. Mods which effect your experience only, and don't change gameplay at all for others, are allowed. 

Battle System

Leveling & Experience System


MiniPets & Dedication


Misc Notes

Keyboard Controls


* Level: 
* Armor: 
* Weapon:
* Henchmen:
* Hero Menu: 
* Inventory Menu:
* Skills Menu: 
* Hero Menu:
* Quest Log:
* Party Search:
* Travel Map vs the small Mission Map: 
* Compass: 
* Faction Menu:
* Titles Menu: 

Internet Resources

* Official Website:
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