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* Notice: These are my study notes, not advice.
* This article is my personal notes as I learn Adobe Illustrator. Worded in simple terminology for others getting started. This isn't professional advice. 
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What is Photoshop?

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Who Uses Photoshop?

Pro's (Photoshop is Great For)


Con's (Photoshop is Lousy For)


Advice from Others

* Photoshop is only one tool in the 2D artists toolbox. 

Terminology / Lingo

Internet Images: Screenshots, Charts

Basic Usage Modes

Basic Tools & Brushes

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Usage Example 3


Royce's Photoshop Recipes

* Using Photoshop to supplement a 3D software: Make a quick sloppy 3D piece, take a quick screenshot, and Photoshop some simple textures onto it.

* Make a sky blue. Paint a pure light-blue image, then layer it onto your photo which has a sky too white. Have it cover just the sky. Select Darken, and lower the opacity a bit if you like. Then use Erasor Tool to remove any areas which should stay white. If you like, play with a gradiant of purple to blue to simulate sunset.

* Insert photo of a 3D animal or statue, ie a cat: The cat should be a similar angle, pixel size, lighting, grain, and sharpness. Sometimes you can get a fairly realistic animal rendering out of a 3D posing program. 3D programs create believable stone sculptures and structures. If lighting is fixed, mirror the image, or use a tree/bush/rock to make the lighting seem intended. If you only have half a cat photo, position it behind an object. Often Flickr, deviantArt, or GoogleImages has an acceptable angle to use. Cut out the animal, save as transparent PNG, preferably stored on deviantArt so you can just download it as needed, and others can use it too. 

Keyboard Shortcuts

Internet Resources

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* Resource, Photoshop Club at deviantArt: 
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Cited Sources (Those Tiny Superscript Numbers)

[1]: Wikipedia. 

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