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* This article is: My personal notes on the general topic of military and national security. These are very simple notes. 

* This article is not official, or connected with any organization. Do not teach any of this as fact. 

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What is Military?

* Wikipedia states, "Military is an organisation authorized by its greater society to use lethal force, usually including use of weapons, in defending its country by combating actual or perceived threats."

* Dictionary states: 





US Military Branches

* Air Force:

* Navy:

* Army:

* National Guard:





US Intelligence Agencies & Intelligence Partners

* Department of Defense:


* CIA:

* FBI:


* High Resolution Imagery Satellites: GeoEye. 

* United Nations:


* Department of Justice: 





US Military In Society

* Recruiting in high schools and universities. 





Military Worldwide (Foreign & International)


* KGB.

* Interpol.






Military in History

* (Also see History Timeline article).






Agencies Connected to Military


* Weapons Designers and Makers.

* Private Detective Agencies.

* Police.

* Advanced Sectors of common military branches.

* Intelligence from organizations influencing large groups of people, such as the Catholic Vatican. 







Criticism of US Military






Morality in US Military








Gender in US Military







Rumors about Military





Conspiracy Theories (Wrong Theories) about Military






Common Mistakes about Military






Misc Notes






Internet Resources

* Wikipedia on US Military and Agencies: Military. Department of DefenseDepartment of Justice

* Wikipedia on Foreign Military and Agencies: NATOKGBInterpol

* Official US Government Websites: Department of DefenseDepartment of JusticeCIAFBIDARPAArmyNavyAir ForceNational Guard

* Official Foreign Military and Agencies: NATOInterpol.






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