Health for Teeth

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Health for Teeth
This guide hopes to cover the basics of: Brushing, Flossing, MouthWash, Notes, and Dental Plan.
What would be a basic morning/noon/night routine?
Keep in Mind:
* Replace your toothbrush, every three months or when bristles become stiff.
* Use a consistent gentle horizontal back-and-fourth brushing stroke, not hard. Vertical strokes push junk into to the teeth.
* Brush horizontally, not vertically. So icky stuff gets scrubbed OUT and not pushed IN.
* Brush entire mouth, and do it mildly. Icky stuff grows everywhere, so get it all. Brush your mouth roof, Outter walls, Gums, Entire Tongue including bottom and far back in throat, all sides and top/bottom of teeth including very back and in back of very front. Your tongue can handle a harder brushing stroke, but not the teeth.
* Floss up and down on both sides of the gap between your teeth. Meaning get all that little space, not just the gums. Bleeding will go away in a week or so or when your gums are healthy. Some people use a disposable floss stick.
* Don't break the bank on a fancy toothbrush unless you heavily read the reviews on an automated one. You'll only have the toothbrush head for a short while and don't need to spend too much on it. For non-automated brushes, spending one dollar is fine.
* Brushing your teeth is a quick process, it doesn't take more than four minutes. But do it thourly or you could end up paying thousands of dollars in an accidental cavity or cyst in the mouth.
* Floss after every meal, either carry some tooth floss around, or carry disposable floss sticks in your pocket/car.
* Drugs and Soda: Drugs will destroy your teeth, teeth roots, gums, and nerves. Soda's and sugar is a quick way to ware down your teeth (think PAINT THINNER!). Make absolutly sure your kids are not destroying their teeth. If you must drink soda, which is impossible, use a straw as to avoid the soda contacting your teeth. A large bag of straws can be purchased at your local DollerStore.
* Do not brush hard! Brushging hard wares down the shielding on your teeth and lets in bad things.
* Always use a fresh tooth brush, within 3 months old. Old toothbrushes are worn and dont get in-between the gaps in teeth, and are hard on gums.
* Make sure you are properly following all instructions and ask your dentist about brushing.
Good dental plans are insurance for your teeth.
Dental plans are non-optional, you have to have one. Even low income families need to have protection against sudden expensive surgeries. Dentists dont cost much if you find the right plan, such as through the county or college students in training. Anyone and everyone should have healthy mouths. Get your teeth cleaned every so often, get x-rays, and a full checkup at least a few times a year or more depending on finances. Ask your doctor what to do, but don't be fooled by money greedy doctors. Know your rights, take your x-rays and records from doc to doc instead of repeated x-rays within the same time. Keep a copy of all records. Here in Central California I recommend "Western Dental", as they are low-cost and very do high quality work. Personally I ask for the best doctor when in surgery.
What resources are out there on teeth care?
* Read up on wikipedia's article on teeth