Child Raising

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Child Raising

Child Raising: Tips on Raising and Taking Care of Children
This is NOT professional advice. Simple bulleted List of Raising Young Children, by Royce Barber. This list may also apply to disabled persons, and some teenagers. This list is still very much in concept stages!

Habits/Learning/Education; Spirituality; Social; Health; Acting Out; Expenses; Parental Involvement; Safety. 

What the Bible says about Children;
* We are all God's children. This list will be added soon.

Habits, Learning, Education;
* Read quality Christian books on parenting. 
* Kids learn by hands-on doing. There will be messes. 
* Kids do what you do, far more than what you say. Long lasting habits are based on your actions. 
* A good kid will respect and honor their parents. 
* Kids must have fun, make noise, get bruises, and be allowed to be kids. 
* Kids need discipline, rules, boundaries; yet even more hugs, fun, silliness, and play time. 
* A bright future starts with the parent paying close attention to the kid and their education. 
* Encourage educational software and computer skills. Kids can enjoy learning. 

* Kids are given an adult dosage of the Holy Spirit. 
* Kids go to kid Church. Teens go to teen Church. Adults go to adult Church. 
* Pray with your kids. Worship Jesus with your kids. Take the time to do it right. 
* Having Jesus in your humble heart, and your well-used Bible in your hand, will make you a far greater parent, beacuse God is the ultimate parent.

* Put your kids in Sunday school, a youth group, and scouts. Boys in boyscouts, girls in girlscouts. 

* Food Pyramid. Kids NEVER need sweets and soda. They DO need healthy meals, healthy snacks, vitamins, and water. 
* Kids can take on a great deal of sports, but that doesn't mean they should. 
* Bring your kids to sports games and activities, equally inside and outside of the home. 

Acting Out;
* Kids may cry and be unreasonable from time to time. This is because they are kids. You already knew this, so learn rather than fight when they act out. 
* Kids do not get over divorce. 


Parent Involvement;
* Never argue or fight in front of kids. 
* Put high-quality adult filter software on all your computers. Teach your children the birds/bees when they are teens, rather than the internet teaching them the wrong thing. 
* Tuck your kids in at night, read with them, cuddle with them, be there for them. 

* Teach your kids the basic dangers of life. Not eating candy from the ground, Not taking candy from strangers, using walking buddies, not talking to strangers, staying away from strangers, keeping out of strangers cars, not giving private info online, etc. Give them an emergency cell phone. Your kids should be exceptionally aware of security and safety. 

* Raise your child as though they can achieve anything.