Alphabet Shapes

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Alphabet Shapes


* What real world objects look very similar to alphabet characters? Using recognizable objects only.

* For use in graphic design. 

Visual Example in my devArt gallery. 




Uppercase Alphabet

A: Pizza slice. Math Compass. Also see uppercase D (a round A tipped on it's side). 

B: Camel humps. Bikini top.

CSee lower case n

D: Math protractor. u-bolt with plate. 

E: See uppercase W.

F: Skeleton key.


H: I-Beam. 

I: see uppercase H (rotated 90'). 

J: Also see uppercase L. 


L: Farm scythe or sickle. Candycane. Gun. Power-drill. Boot for coyboy/skying/rollerblade/motorcycle. Human bent over. Human sat on floor, legs outward. 

M: see uppercase W.

NSee uppercase Z.

O: Crown of thorns. Cookie/Donut/Bagel. Car tire. Sewer lid. Holiday wreath. Beer cap. Gear. Candy of M&M/Skittles/Peppermint swirl. Frisbee. DVD. Vinyl Record. Earth. Coin. Beachball. Baseball. Basketball. Soccerball. Marble. Orange/Apple. 

P: See lowercase d.


R: Skeleton key.

SSee uppercase Z.

T: Shaving Razor. Hammerhead Shark. Sledgehammer. Wine opener. Construction T. Park light.

USee lowercase n.

V: bird. pizza slice. Math Compass. Also see lowercase n.

W: bird. 

X: Human stand, arms/legs spread. 

Y: Wishbone. Human hand-stand, legs spread. Human stand straight, arms spread upward.

Z: snake. worm. 




Lowercase Alphabet


bsee lowercase b.

c: see lowercase n.

dsee lowercase b.



gsee lowercase b.

h: chair. Rotate 90' for uppercase J.

i: lit candle. spark plug. lizard. 

j: Broken candy-cane.

k: see uppercase K.

l: Pen/Pencil/Marker. Butter knife, steak knife. Dagger. Remote control.

m: see uppercase M.

n: horseshoe. wooden clamp. pottery calipers. bicycle break caliper. mac n cheese noodle. u bolt. Human bent in arch. unfolded sunglasses. studio headphones. earmuffs. 

o: see uppercase O.

psee lowercase b.

q: sometimes see lowercase g.

r: see upper case L (flipped vertically and horizontally).

s: see uppercase Z.

t: Cross. sword. dagger. 

u: see lowercase n.

v: Also see lowercase n.

w: see uppercase W.

x: see uppercase X.

y: (Sometimes see uppercase Y).

z: see uppercase Z.





1: vertical lizard looking left. Also see lowercase l.

2: see uppercase Z.

3: See uppercase E (Flipped Horizontally).

4: Also see uppercase or lowercase Y.

5: see uppercase Z.

6: see lowercase b.

7: see upper case L. 

9: see lowercase b.

0: see upper case O.




*: Starfish. 


< >

{ }




Heart Shape: 

Universal No Sign: 




Using Flexible Objects to Form Letters is Not Recommended Unless They Are Instantly Recognizable 

* String/Ribbon.

* Building Blocks, Lego's.

* Shaped Fire.

* Sticks or Formed Tree Branches or Rose Bush Vine.

* Using non-recognizable shapes, like rarely-seen car parts. 

* PVC, Metal Pipe, Garden Hose.

* Electric eel.

* Animals or Reptiles bent into unnatural shapes.

* Blown Glass, Neon Signs, Shaped Clouds.

* Carvings or Sculptures: Wood, rock, ice.




Find More Shapes

Paste these keywords into a Google Image Search or any photo site. Let me know what you find!

* Looks like the letter A

* Letter Shapes

* Alphabet Shapes

* Human Letter Shapes




Misc Notes

* "Reverse Image Search" is a helpful extension for Internet Browsers, mainly Google Chrome. Clicking an image will perform a Google Search on that image, allowing you to find a larger image or similar images, or the source of an image. There are numerous similar extensions. 




Using Similar Letters "See lowercase n"

* Notice some letters say "See lowercase n". When rotated or flipped, n looks like other letters. A horseshoe can represent numerous letters including n.

* Similar letter groups include: CcnUuVv. Ss5Zz. 7L. bdgp69. HI. 0Oo. 1l. AV (Sometimes). 




Internet Resources

* Popular Image Search websites: Google Images. deviantArt. Flickr. Tumblr. Stock photo sites.




Cited Sources

* None needed.




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