Car Detailing

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* This article is: My non-professional notes. For learning about detailing your car, but focusing on the car paint, detailing your car paint, and possibly doing it yourself. Easy ideas.

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What is Auto Detailing?








Areas to Focus On

* Interior Parts

* Exterior Car Body

* Trim

* Areas Generally Not Seen

* More to be added...

* Areas vulnerable to rust. 






When to Attempt Doing It Yourself

* Where a fully-functioning vehicle only needs its appearance improved.

* You have prior experience in detailing, have worked with a detailer, taken a class on detailing, or are adventurous and have experience with paint and chemicals. 

* If your car is looking scruffy, and it's not so new that mistakes will devalue it. 

* You take pride in how you and others view your vehicle. 

* When you sell the vehicle, you'll make more money than you spent restoring it. 








* Extend the life of the paint.

* Increase the appearance of the car.

* Increase the sale value of the car.

* Prevent rust and corrosion from entering the scratches. 







* Detailing or restoring a vehicle may not be worth it, and may cost more than the cars sale value. For a junker car (often used for four wheeling), sometimes it's quicker to just buy a few cans of spray paint and carefully paint over the car, taping off non-paint areas. Using a car rated spray paint. 

* Lathering or scrubbing on a vehicle may do more damage than good. Be gentle about it. 






Experts Say

* Cleaning vehicle interiors: Warm water and mild soap, gently lathering (agitating) with a bristled brush. Wiping off with a microfiber rag. Wipe off the later before drying, so the dirt doesn't stick into the material pores again. Clean one small area at a time, so dirt doesn't have time to settle back down. 








Misc Notes






General Car Paint Maintenance

* Keep the automobile covered. 

* Enemy of automotive paint: Sun. Debris in the wind. Tree sap. Rain through a tree, coating the car in tree debris. Cat claws. Driving too close to bushes, branches. Leaning on your car. Pedestrians walking by your car. 







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