Taser, Stun Gun, Personal Security

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* This article is my notes on selecting and using a taser for personal protection. 
* Warning: This article is not professional nor medical advice. These are simply my notes. Follow all legal proceedings for your state and county.
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Purpose of Tasers

Kinds of Tasers, Form Factors

Taser VS Stun Gun


Taser and Stun Gun VS Hand Gun


Taser VS Martial Arts in Self Defense


What I May Purchase

How Tasers Work

History of Tasers

List of Various Kinds of Personal Defense 
* Pepper Spray or Wasp Spray
* Taser or Stun Gun
* Martial Arts
* Hand Gun

Home Security Measures (Adjust for your area crime level).
This is a list I just made of the diverse array of home security measures for numerous kinds of neighborhoods. Some of these items are a bit extreme.
* Neighborhood Watch Program. Taking photos of suspicious vehicles, and not deleting them for five months. 
* Keeping windows and doors firmly locked at all times, night and day.
* Spare key not easy to find or anywhere near doors or reaching access.
* DeadBolts on outside doors. 
* Wood dowels in window and slider-door jams. 
* Butterfly wing window locks. 
* Curtains or blinds on windows. 
* Real or fake cameras. Including Dome Style. 
* Security stickers in windows. 
* Signs on property entrances: No Trespassing. Do Not Enter. Keep Out. Security Video. No Solicitations. Guard Dog on Premises. 
* Simple or extensive home security system with alarm. 
* Audio Driveway Bell: A cable across your driveway, activates an auditory "Ding" when compressed by a vehicle driving over it. 
* Doors: Steel front door. Steel security door, allows breeze in. 
* Steel bars over windows. 
* Fence in good repair. Tall chain-link fence. Optional barb wire spools on top. 
* Extra expensive electronics not within view of windows.
* One way viewing glass.
* Viewing port on front door.
* Community mailbox with lock, rather than a driveway mailbox.
* Not writing your home address on your key-chain. 
* Not leaving trash cans at curb, or any sign of not being home.
* Taser or Stun Gun locked up in your closet. 
* Internet: Not posting photos of your home or expensive electronics. Not giving out passwords. Using complex passwords with NO dictionary words or repeating letters. 2 Step Authentication. Not giving credit card or SSN to unknown websites. Not giving SSN over the phone. 

Legal Proceedings
* Tasers likely require a concealed weapons permit. 
* Injuring a trespasser may put you in jail.

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