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Notice: I no longer use DroidX2. I upgraded to AT&T's Prepaid Samsung Galaxy Note II in December 2013. 

This page is still a good resource for DroidX2 users. The most important thing you need to know, is to put Eclipse ROM onto your DroidX2. Use the ROM made for your specific phone. 




* This article is about the Motorola Droid X2 Android Smartphone for Verizon. Simply called the Droid X2. 

* This article discusses the pro's and con's of the phone, rather than my experiences with tech support.

* This article also discusses Walmart's Straight Talk mobile phone carrier in detail. 

* This article may become outdated as new firmware is released.

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Royces's notes and error log on his Droid X2

(Admin note, account related lists like this belong in a Manual Folder. Minimal account login details belong in Evernote. Useful public info will stay here).




Droid X2 Technical Specifications

* Screen size, pixels, type: Capactive 4.3inch multi-touch Samsung PenTile display. 540x960p. 240dpi. 

* Processors & Speed & RAM: 1GHz NVIDIA Tegra2 AP20H Duel Core. 512MB RAM. 

* Storage & SD Card: MicroSD slot up to 32GB. 6GB Non-Removable. 

* Physical Materials: Plastic shell. Cor GorillaGlass1? High quality build. 

* Connectivity & Wireless: THIS IS NOT 4G LTE. CDMA 800/1900 voice bands. EVDO Rev A data bearera. wifi 802.11a/b/g/n. bluetooth class2 v2.1 + EDR. Bluetooth profiles A2DP, AVRCP DLNA, GAP, GAVDP, GOEP, HFP, HID, HSP, MAP, OPP, PAN, PBAP, SPP. Assisted a-GPS. Digital E-Compas. Standalone satilite GPS w/ internal antenna. 

* Bells and Whistles: Adobe Flash (Version?). HDMI audio/video out 1.4. Accelerometer. Magnetometer (compas). Proximity Sensor. Ambient Light Sensor. Tri-Color Notification LED. Vibration. 

* Camera: rear 8megapixels. 3264x2448. auto focus. dual LED flash. 4x Digital Zoom. format jpg EXIF2.2. anti-banding. no front camera. 1/1000 mechanical shutter. 720p barely-HD video recording.

* File Formats: Camera JPG. MPEG-4 Encoder. WMA 10 decoder. WMV 10 decoder. camcorder 1280x720p, 26-30fps, 1080p hd 1920x1080p video playback. 26-30 playback fps. 

* Audio: Mono Loudspeaker. 3.5 mm TRRS headphone jack. Works well. 

* Additional API's: HDMI Dual Screen ("Mirror mode" HDMI). HDMI Status. 

* Keyboard: Touch-screen only. No physical keyboard. 

* Device Emulator Image: SDK add-on. 

* Ports: Micro HDMI Type D. Micro USB 2.0. 

* Battery: 3.7v. Requires bh5x or bh6x. It uses a droid x and droid x2 battery. Does NOT use a Droid II battery. Can not use a bp6x.



Droid X2 Cons and Problems (to be picky)

Not HD screen. 

Not 4G internet.

Not able to use latest Android OS. This happens eventually with all phones.

When using stock ROM (operating system): Interface feels randomly sluggish at times. Slightly buggy. Phone interface stutters. 

No front camera. 

No gyroscope or barometer or moisture or temperature sensors. 

Not vanilla Android, has NinjaBlur UI. 

Display ghosting with slightly slow refresh rate. 

300kb audio mp3 files are a bit choppy at times.

Not very good viewing angles. (A friend viewing it from the side.)

The Droid RAZR was 4G and had twice the RAM of Droid X2, released six months later became the next flagship model of the Motorola Droid lineup. 

No Optical Zoom.

Sometimes the wifi takes a second to kick on.

* I thought I was stuck in Home profile, but Motorola Mobility told me to press the Settings key then Profiles, to get back to my normal profile.





Droid X2 Tips, Tricks, Eastereggs

* Testing menu can be accessed by dialing the 12-character string *#*#4636#*#* (or *#*#INFO#*#*) from the dialer application. Five options are accessible from within this menu: phone information, battery information, battery history, use statistics, and Wi-Fi information.




Smart Phones vs Non-Smart Phones

* Smart phones have vastly superior web browsing, text copying and editing, pinch and zoom, Java web browsing, great memory for loading big web pages and apps, fast processor, 3D chip for 3D apps, and lots of apps. Non-smart-phones often have only a few apps such as a low quality calculator or calendar.

* Popular smart phone Operating Systems are Google Android, Apple iOS, Microsoft Windows Phone. Secondary OS choices are Ubuntu Linux and Blackberry10. Verizon offers a not-smart OS on low end phones. 

* The latest Android and iOS operating systems have the vast majority of apps, ranging in the thousands of apps.

* Some smart phones have a MicroSD memory card and some don't. 

* High end smart phones often have a fast duel-core or quad-core processor, large extra-bright screen, large screen resolution and Pixels Per Inch, anti-glare screen, multi-touch screen, space satellite GPS, cellular tower a-GPS, digital compass, sometimes a FM radio, thin physical profile, 4G internet speed, accelerometer (measures speed), and numerous other features such as reading Microsoft Office documents. 



Misc Text

* Bypass Activation Alternate Method. At activation screen, take out battery. Put battery back in, and the second you see the green robot logo, touch it firmly. Activation will be bypassed.

* Call Motorola Mobility if you have unsolvable questions. Their Tier2 are amazing people.



Make a DIY Fastboot Cable

* This is an optional cable for when you brick your phone. To be typed here...



Root the Droid X2 with Droid X2_Root_2012.exe

* DroidX2_Root_2012.exe (12.0MB) is Windows software from here: http://theunlockr.com/2012/09/20/how-to-root-the-droid-x2-on-android-2-3-5/

* It's also listed here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1818758

* Video posted about it: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sHVCOkFMYAE&feature=youtube_gdata_player

* Original Download Location; http://www.mediafire.com/download/i3vxqcu4d6f4x4p/DroidX2_Root_2012.exe

* How to root...

ensure motorola's droix x2 driver is installed and then pc rebooted. search google for Droid X2 Motorola Driver.

turn phone on.

phone- enable usb debugging (menu/system settings/apps/developer options).

connect phone to pc .

phone- change usb mode to charge only or pc mode (pull down from top notification bar).

pc- start program, (click on DroidX2_Root_2012.exe). 

phone will reboot to fastboot, but all you will see on phone is red moto boot logo dualcore screen. press enter on pc.

two files will be flashed to phone. phone will reboot.

when it has completed reboot, click enter on pc.

phone will reboot again, when phone has completed reboot, click enter on pc.

files will be pushed to phone with adb, phone will reboot.

* error messages in the dos prompt are fine.

* now phone will reboot to android recovery. press both volume buttons when you see ! in a triangle with android andy mascott. First wipe cache using volume buttons to scroll, select with power button. Then select the Reboot option. Optionally use a Root checking app to ensure you're good. 

* Now being rooted, you can install Titanium Backup if you wish to remove verizon's bloatware.



Root: SuperOneClick Software to Root Old Versions of Android

* I don't remember what version of Android is too new...but my stock Droid X2 can not use SuperOneClick unless I downgrade the Android version. I tried for hours and a forum said SuperOneClick is just too old. 

* SuperOneClick rooted my Android Gingerbread 2.3.4.

* I like to check Install Unknown Sources in the phone settings, and USB Debugging just to be safe.

* Install a PC Driver for your specific phone, usually listed on a manufacturer site. Reboot the PC to make sure the driver is installed. Put phone in ChargeOnly mode. 

* Another way to get the phone driver is to turn off Debugging Mode, then connect phone to your PC, enable Media File Sync USB Mode, allow permissions, install any drivers, then unplug the phone and turn Debugging to ON, then put the phone in ChargeONLY mode.

* On your phone, enable USB Debugging Mode, under Settings>Applications>Development.

* Install SuperOneClick on your PC. Plug in your phone to your PC via a USB charging cable. Click the root button in SuperOneClick. If it asks to install busybox, click yes. If the root doesn't work, restart the phone and do it again.

* If your phone asks for permissions, grant them.

* Optionally install Root Checker from GooglePlay store, to test if root was successful.

* TIPS: Note, if the wrong (generic) drivers were loaded previously, you may need to use a program like USBDeView to remove the bad entries in the usb table. Sometimes, using a different PC may allow SuperOneClick to work. Sometimes, rooting while in Recovery Mode has less problems.



Activity Log: Downgrade to Android 2.3.4 Gingerbread, Upgrade to Jellybean (Didn't work for me)

* The reason for this process, is that the CM10 Jellybean mod requires 2.3.4 to be installed before you can flash the ROM to Jellybean. HAS TO BE 2.3.4 EXACTLY!

* In advance, you need the PC phone drivers to be installed and your phone to be root, and accepting unknown software and USBDebuggingMode.

* Download LATEST RSD LITE to your PC. In my case, 5.7 because 5.6 won't detect my DroidX2 phone.

* Boot up phone with Power and Volume Down. Use down button to scroll to RSD Mode. Press Volume Up to select it.

* Open RSDLite on PC. RSDLite will show Connected.

* Select the ROM Zip file you wish to load. I loaded Gingerbread 2.3.4 which is 333MB in Zip form.

* Several reboots of phone. Monitor the progress of RSD Lite.

* Back up the phone with Bootstrap loader, in case a future problem bricks it. Might have to be rooted..?

* Root the phone before attempting to flash the ROM to Jellybean. SuperOneClick worked easily. Done.

* So you want to flash to Jellybean now? Install System Recovery Bootloader (MOTODX2_Bootstrap_signed.apk) app you put on your SD card. Open it, Install Recovery.

* Reboot holding PWR and VolumeDown, scroll with VolumeDown to back up the 4.3.2 phone. Go into Backup & Restore (may need to be on wall charger). Save to External SD. 

From here on out...I had LOTS of problems.

* Clear the big three: Factory reset, clear cache, and advanced>clear the Dalvik Cache.

* Install CM10 (Jellybean) from External Card (not the internal), then install an OLDER version of GoogleApps GAAPS (gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip) otherwise as you'll read I had a scary keyboard boot-loop error.

* Reboot phone. Booting for first time will take an extended amount of time, as the cache is populated. 

* In my case, Jellybean Keyboard kept crashing and rebooting the phone. Jellybean's GAAPS (GoogleApps) keyboard kept crashing. I found out my Jellybean Android was too new for the GoogleAppsGAAPS, and that I should have installed the previous version of GoogleAppsGAAPS for some reason and then update it. So I did a factory reset and cache clearing on phone, which was a mistake. So phone went into a boot loop. Someone says Titanium Backup Pro can clear the data for the 2 apps, if I could get Jellybean to load and a keyboard working. I opened RSDLite on my PC and selected Gingerbread 2.3.4 ROM.

* To bypass activation, I clicked the four black corners, on the edge of the black. Top left, top right, bottom right, bottom left. Rooted phone with SuperOneClick. 

* Installed Jellybean and the previous GoogleApps. Jellybean loaded, pressed next, Android glitched and rebooted. What if I don't install GoogleApps at all, would I have the PlayStore? I might not be using exactly the GoogleApps version mentioned in the forums which is (gapps-jb-20120726-signed.zip). Clicked next again, phone went into boot loop again. I flashed the phone back to Gingerbread using RSDLite, which caused a Droid logo loop. I removed battery, replaced battery, powered on holding DownlVolume, android recovery, cleared cache, booted up and same logo loop.

* Online Tip: To prevent keyboard issues, go into menu/system/apps and find android keyboard asop and CLEAR DATA Then do the same for Dictionary Provider and CLEAR DATA. When you go setting/apps, make sure you swipe to the right so it says ALL at the top, not just downloaded. 

* Booted to stock Android Recovery, wiped Cache and Factory Reset. Somehow it got the boot loop to stop. So I put older GoogleAppsGAAPS file onto external SD card. Rooted phone. Installed Bootloader. Plugged in Wall Charger. Installed Jellybean and it's older keyboard (GoogleAppsGAAPS). Waited for the long first boot. Pressed Next on Jellybean, got same boot loop error. Fine, I won't install the GoogleApps at all next time, I might not be installing the appropriate version. Booted to stock Android Recovery, factory reset and wiped cache. Boot loop. Pulled battery, booted to RSD, installed Gingerbread, usb debug and accept unknown software, rooted, installed bootstrap app, installed CM10 Jellybean without GoogleAppsGAAPS. Waited through the long first boot. Was able to get to system menu before it crashed and rebooted. I was able to clear keyboard data and it crashed and rebooted into Android for four seconds and crashed/rebooted into a logo screen boot loop twice then loaded Android again and got to desktop. Ran eight seconds on desktop and crashed/rebooted. It rebooted four times before I pulled battery. Rebooted to AndroidRecovery & wiped cache. Same boot loop 8 times before booting to Jellybean and system menu but before I could find Dictionary Provider it crashed and boot looped. Pulled battery, removed SD card. Boot looped five times before I AndroidStockRecoveryClearedCache. 


If I mess with it enough and let it boot enough it should get back into Android at some point, where I'll have time to clear Dictionary. If that doesn't fix it, I'm out of ideas. CM9 ROM would be next. 


Factory reset? didn't help

factory reset and cleared cache? didn't help

pull batt on cm10 loading screen? didn't help

Remove SD Card? didn't help

WHEN BOOTED, Would airplane mode help? 


If can't get to dictionary to clear it, give up and put gingerbread on and update it the best you can. Phone still seems to need antenna. 






Install ClockworkMod, to be able to Flash the ROM




Load a Custom ROM




Fixing Random Reboot




Activity Log: I was Trying to Install Android Jelly Bean on Droid X2 (DON'T DO IT. USE ECLIPSE ROM INSTEAD).

* How to install CM10 Alpha 3 Jelly Bean on the Droid X2. PERSONALLY IM GOING TO WAIT FOR ALPHA2. I'LL KEEP CHECKING THE OFFICIAL FORUM'S ORIGINAL-POST HERE: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1912280

* And a video from Tomsgt123: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=HJdvyufvYp0


Necessary Parts (Ensure these are also listed under Lingo): 

* CyanogenMod10 (98MB) is the Android Jellybean ROM. It's the OS. 

* OLDER GoogleApps(GAAPS) file, because of a keyboard dictionary incompatibility. 

* NOT FOR DROID X2: MilestoneX2 Wifi Patch IF you're coming from something called MilestoneX2 aka MX2. I think it means Droid2 phones, NOT Droid X2.

* SBF (149MB) will bring your phone back to it's original out of the box state. If you brick the phone.

* SuperOneClick PC Software: Roots Gingerbread 2.3.4 and many older Android versions. Does not work with anything new.

* RSD Lite PC Software. Downgrades your device to Gingerbread 2.3.4 when your phone is booted to RSD mode. 


Use TitaniumBackup or another backup app if you wish to save paid apps which you'd otherwise lose the key.

Download the links provided on the forum link above and put it on the MicroSD.

Power + Volume Up. Install the BSR (patched if on an AOSP based ROM, unpatched if on BLUR). So for me is unpatched.

* DON'T flash over a hacked ROM. ONLY Flash from the original ROM. If a flash breaks, put the original rom (BSR) on it.

Deep sleep works beautifully but you need to flash the patch on the initial flash. After flashing the ROM, before leaving do the Deep Sleep patch. Out of the box this ROM does NOT include it. But...CM10 deep sleep patch doesn't seem to work, so ignore it.

Reboot into the BSR. 


Install the CM10 zip from the SD Card

Then Install the older GoogleApps(GAPPS) from the SD Card

MILESTONE X2 USERS ONLY: Install the WiFi patch from the SD Card. Droid X2 users, DON'T patch wifi.

Wipe both DATA and CACHE (no need to wipe Dalvik if you wipe both of these).


Activate Phone

Activate Straight Talk Service


If everything is great in three months, tip the developer five bucks. Alpha2 will deliver many enhancements.


Known Issues: 

* No camcorder. No Google Chrome Browser. 

* No MicroSD Card apps: "it's a problem with ext4 and how our kernel doesn't have support for it. i'm working on forking over the appropriate repos to commit the changes to allow for sdcard apps.", and "SD card fix will be in alpha 2 the next release."

* NO System Recovery.

* Something is broken with BlueTooth going dormant and not comming back.

* DZK updated the framework to force FAT instead of EXT4 and he reports that it works and will be fixed in A2. You can browse the drive because it is mounted to read a FAT partition. 

* Basically until the code for the SMS split gets updated anything over 160 characters will convert into MMS.

* HDMI Video out works but not audio. The audio is sent through the phone so you'll have to wire the audio to your reciever via headphone jack to an audio cable.

* Root Explorer may not install, unless installed via Titanium Backup. ES Explorer will install and it allows for ROOT.

* Broken Data Usage meter.




Misc Notes
* Install apps to SD card to free up space, but know that some should stay on phone memory. When your device is connected to a PC, apps on an SD card will not be accessible. Such as launchers.

* To reclaim the warranty of your rooted device, you need to unroot it before sending it in. DroidX2 is too old to have a OEM warranty anyway.

* General Android Tip: Factory reset doesn't wipe the files on your internal storage. Just sets the system files back to factory settings.

* If you don't see Developer Options on your device, tap "Build Number" ten times quickly or until it says you're now a developer.

* At the blue stock Android Recovery screen, press Volume Up and Volume Down to enter. You can't install a ROM from this screen, but maybe a keyboard file.







* 2.3.4 is Gingerbread Android, it's what is needed to install the Jellybean Android.

* BSR BootStrapRecovery: is the menu you boot to. Installs from an app you put on the SD Card.

* SBF: Means to flash the phone, I think to it's factory version ROM. In my case it's 2.3.4 Gingerbread Android.

* Boot: To turn on the device.

* Reboot: To turn the device off and back on.

* Bootloader aka Bootstrap Loader: A recovery program, allowing you to install other versions of Android.

* CM10 and CM7, aka ClockworkMod, 

* ROM: Install Android from this.

* .Zip: This is a compressed file, making it smaller and portable. You need a Zip app to work with it, and many apps can already handle Zip. 

* X2: Refers to Droid X2 phone.

* MD5 checksum: This is a way to verify a file you downloaded is the right one and free of errors.

* Nandroid: To backup the current state of your phone, usually via a bootloader. The complete phone, so you may restore it later.

* APK: Is a type of app installer. It's a file extension. Windows for example uses EXE and MSI to install apps. 

* FAT32, NTFS, EXT4: These are file systems. Older SD Cards

* SD Card aka Memory card: This is the memory card in your phone. Technically it's a MicroSD because it's the size of your pinky nail.

* External SD is your removable SD Card you can take out of the phone. Internal SD is is the permanent memory you can't remove.

* GAAPS meas GoogleApps, it's a collection of Google software to put on your device. Use an older version or you will have keyboard errors.

* BootLoop means the phone keeps rebooting itself and it needs the battery to be pulled and booted into a different mode.

* Open Garden: Shares Internet with other devices via bluetooth. Also sets up PeerToPeer network. Works on Android, OSX, Windows. Most phone carriers don't allow tethering.




I Used Straight Talk for 3 Months in 2013

* Straight Talk is the cheapest (and buggiest) way to own a smart phone. For many it's their only option. It's walmart's phone service. 

* Support Hell: Activating a phone can take 2 full days. Straight Talk employs shady business practice. They may throttle your data permanently (tied to your phone) without telling you. Their call center is in the Phillipines and their computers are very buggy and slow. Any given agent may give you wrong information, as they have little to no training.

* Use your own phone in many cases, or buy a phone from them. No contracts needed. Using your own phone means you will be using the signal that phone was made for, such as Verizon or AT&T, and StreightTalk works with that. 

* You may NOT stream audio or video, meaning no YouTube or radio. You may NOT tether your phone internet to another device (tablet). 

* You may NOT use a carrier locked phone. In the phone settings, some phones are locked to Verizon or AT&T. Usually only the carrier can unlock it, and they may put up a battle.

* You could lose your phone number if you don't buy a new refill card (through store, phone, or web) before the old card expires. Keep one handy or use auto-pay. 

* Straight Talk's "Free 411" service is low quality. It's a long advertisement and then a automated voice prompt.

* Roaming is okay, you won't be charged extra. 

* Straight Talk service is not 24/7, but they do have a 24/7 Tier2 phone number which when given to you will last 2 weeks.

* You may NOT bring your own 4G phone. Only 3G. 4G phones must be bought from Straight Talk. 

*  Websites: straighttalk.com walmart.com www.straighttalkbyop.com

Call 888-251-8164. Press 1 for English and 1 for Straight Talk. If no one answers after 10 min, wait an hour and call back.

Call Streight Talk, press 1 english, press 1 to transfer phone number to streight talk. you'll need verizon account info.

Mon-Sun 8am-12am Eastern Standard Time.

* Phone Compatibility; ATT or Verizon phones. Some other carrier phones accepted. No old Blackberry phones. Some brand new.

* BYOP (Bring your own phone) means you have to pay 15.00 Network Access Code. Or, buy a sim card if you phone allows them. 

* BYOP means you must always use the 45.00 unlimited refill card or higher. you can't use 30.00 card. the 30 dollar cards are for dumb-phones you bought from StraightTalk. 

* When BYOP, ensure on the Straight Talk site that your phone works. Better yet, call in to ensure 1.) Your phone MEID was not stolen. 2.) The phone is not carrier locked. 3.) That straight talk is okay using that phone hardware. 

* Trying to use a smart phone with a 30.00 refill card, will not work. (Will it secretly work..?)

* Buy a StreightTalk phone from their Straight Talk site or walmart site, or walmart in person. Paying shipping if bought online. Shipped to a store is free.

* Buy a used streighttalk phone (such as ebay or a friend), and you can still use 30.00 refill cards if it's a pre-pay dumbphone, and not a smart phone. If it's a smart phone you must use 45.00 refill cards. Buying a used phone means Walmart can't refund you the phone, but they can still refund the first service card in person. * Straight Talk over the phone does not refund anything at all, but they can extend your prepay card's end date, and they did for me. 

Straight Talk claims to have contracts, but I've not used one. This is different than auto-renew.

Refill Cards

* Straight Talk PrePay cards include: $30.00 1000Minute 1000Text 30MBWeb. $45.00 Unlimited Everything Except International Calls (BUT the actual limit is 2GB but this varies for unknown reasons). And more expensive cards for International calling. Verizon on the other hand has a $50.00/month 1GB UnlimitedText/Talk plan which was better for me than Straight Talk.

* Buy a Straight Talk compatible phone from Walmart, Walmart Online, Straight Talk site, Ebay, Amazon, or an old phone in your closet.

* Smart Phones usually have a large touch screen, real computer web browsing, and can use your home WIFI. Smart phones REQUIRE internet plans, making them more expensive to own. 

* Different cell phone carriers may use different signals. AT&T is best in some areas, Verizon in others, etc. Verizon was best for me when traveling. 

* In the end I switched back to Verizon. I had bought my second DroidX2 and straight talk wouldn't tell me why they can't use it. The ebay seller said the phone is locked into Verizon, and that only they can easily unlock it. I couldn't find a verizon store to unlock it. Verizon told me of their $50.00/month 1GBofData UnlimitedTalk/Text in the US. That's 1 less GB of data than Straight Talk, and $5.00 more in cost, but Verizon service is far easier to work with and more dependable. Straight Talk had worked for me, but it took countless hours on the phone to get phones to work. 




Internet Links

* Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Droid_X2#Droid_X2

* Official Sites: 

* Fan Sites: 

* Bypass Activation: http://www.droidxforums.com/forum/droid-x2-hacks/30800-how-bypass-activation-droid-x2.html

* Bypass Activation Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TRRk3MzGlDY



Internet Links, Droid X2 Forums




* http://www.xda-developers.com/android/cyanogenmod-10-alpha-1-for-droid-x2/

* http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=1912280









Internet Links, General Android Links



End of Article.