Clothes Drying Line

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Pros - What We Like 
* Clothes smell like the outdoors. Save electricity by not using a dryer. Your home dryer is freed up for others. Hang it and forget it, no rush to do anything. 


Cons - What Sucks! 
* The sun can fade clothes. Wind is dusty. Clothes are heavy. A dirty line could leave marks. Wind blows socks away. Hanging 20 items the clothes takes a good ten minutes at least. You’ll get splashes of freezing water on you (in winter). The outdoors can be HOT or ICE COLD. Not everyone has a clothes line or space for it. Displaying your underwear out in the open can be embarrassing. Wind drying takes many hours. 


Kinds of Clothes Lines 
* Endless! I use a 30ft rope between two sturdy trees, wrapping around a tree takes about 4ft of rope. 


Methods of Washing Clothes 
* Endless! 
* Most popular in America is a separate washer and dryer in a laundry room. Some people use a single unit Washer-Dryer. 
* Wash tubs such as a bath tub, bin, barryl. 
* Steam cleaning. 
* Apartment building or hotel laundry room. 
* Laundry mat of industrial washers/dryers.
* For tents and RV's, there are portable washer/dryer bins which spin by stepping on a peddle. Perfect for camping. 


Methods of Drying Clothes 
* Endless! Rope line. Metal pole. Fence. Drying machine. Peddle-manual drying device. 


* Mesh drying bag, for tiny items in a dryer or clothes line. Fabric softener. Drying ball. Dryer sheets. Ironing board. Fabric repair kit: Thread, needle, fabric glue, seam ripper, pins, spare button, thimble. 


Royce’s Experience and Conclusion 
* I love clothes lines! I wash clothing in my bathtub. I let the clothes dry about 20min, then use a small hand truck to move clothes to my outdoor line. A lot of people I know have had a clothesline at some point. 


General Clothes Care 


Historically Speaking


The Future
* Vibration and sound waves to agitate and dry clothes. Dry water (super ground plastic) instead of real water. 


* I buy bleach at the DollarTree, and follow the directions carefully. Bleached clothes need agitation for the stains to get out, so it's best to use a washing machine instead of a bath tub. Too much bleach, or waiting too long, will make tags bleed horribly into stains you'll have to beach again. Bleach can eat clothes if you forget it's soaking. Set a timer to ensure you don't harm the clothes. Small batches are best, because there's always a risk of a tag bleeding. Older tags in clothes will bleed easier. 


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