Windows 10 Setup, Not Repair

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Windows 10 Setup; and Hardware in Royce's Computers

* This page will inform you about how Royce Barber sets up his Windows computers. 
* Related Page(s): PC Repair. Royce's Outdated Ubuntu Setup. 


1. You'll need to ensure your password book is up to date and does not ever leave your house. I tie mine to the inside of my file cabinet with a long steel cable.  
2. You'll need to backup photos and favorite websites, to a 128GB USB3 Flash Drive. 32GB is fine for smaller files. 
3. You'll need to connect your wireless internet and wireless printer. To connect a printer, click START, SETTINGS, DEVICES, ADD A PRINTER. 

1. Open Chrome internet app. 
2. Go to your email website. Usually this means or You'll need your email address and password. 

Open CCleaner and click run. It'll take a minute or so to clean out cob webs.
Don't ever let liquids touch your computer.
Don't shake a computer with a old-style spinning hard drive. Freely shake a computer with a "SSD Hard Drive" because it has no moving parts. (Shake, meaning a car ride). 
Computers get hot, they need COLD AIR, so don't cover their vents with your shag rug. 
Computers are complex and fragile, so chill out and ask questions. Repairs are expensive, so don't let anything install. Don't ever install a toolbar or shady weather program. 
Windows10 has it's own anti-virus, so DON'T install a third party antivirus unless you know exactly how to fix a computer. 
Take a serious Microsoft Office class once every few years, to keep your skills funtional. 
Just like cars, problems may happen, and computer repair businesses aren't all on your side. 
Carefully read and take a screenshot of errors. Don't blank out, read and understand messages.
Don't believe anything you see in a web browser. Most of it is garbage. Don't EVER EVER EVER EVER accpet anything free from the internet. If you get a virus, YOU CAN FIX IT YOURSELF. 

1. Microsoft Office contains Word, Excel spreadsheets, and Powerpoint slideshows. Usually you want WORD.

Hop over to and spell it perfectly. Download whatever you like. They are one of the few safe places to get software. They'll install automatically. Outside of Ninite, don't EVER install anything unless you know how to fix a computer. 

Before Installing Windows

* Backup the personal folders, desktop files, gamesaves, taxes, photo archives, music, itunes, filesharing, Family Tree files, My Documents, internet bookmarks. Backup Steam games for fast reinstall. Launch Steam, and click Steam > Backup and Restore. Backup any Program Files game directories. Otherwise find the respective game save locations.* Screenshot your Add/Remove Programs, so you know what to reinstall later.
* Deactivate any software with limited activations. 
* Screenshot Browser Extensions.
* Developers, optionally Export your Windows Firewall. Start>wf.msc>Export. 
* LAST step Before formatting, deactivate Windows7 and all your paid software keys so you can activate it again later. For me this is Office2010, mIRC, and Windows. 
* Completely format hard drive so nothing is reused. Windows 7 "Upgrade Edition" is cheaper but requires you first install/activate an older Windows such as XP. 
* Ensure Internet is working to install latest OS. 
* DEACTIVATE YOUR WINDOWS KEY so you can use it again. 
* Install 64bit Windows if possible. 
* Disconnect all external devices/drives/hubs/etc from the PC. 
* Reboot, press the Bios key (usually Del), and ensure Windows can boot to the new setup media (DVD, flashdrive, etc). 

After Installing Windows10
* Set up Wifi internet. 
* All Windows updates, check multiple times. 
* Folder options: Turn on file extensions. Example: ""boat.jpg" or "myvoice.mp3".
* Use website to install a great deal of software. Install your favorite software. Use your Installers folder. When installing software requiring a Serial Number, I disconnect the Internet, then override the software with the latest version. 
* Photoshop advises I alter my Samsung SyncMaster 2343bwx monitor profile. Samsung website steps: RightClick> Personalize> Display> AdvancedSettings> ChangeDisplaySettings> Advanced Settings> ColorManagement Tab> Color Management> All Profiles> (Click your SAMSUNG profile listed in the devices page)> Click Remove> Click Continue> REBOOT. Now photoshop will be happier and images won't show as yellow.
* Import your Family Tree Maker file. 
* Hauppauge Tuner (if can't get it working, try these old steps): Install the WinTV7 without the bundled driver. For my HD Satellite DirectTV, add a new channel as Manual, on Antenna, on Ch.60.  Also hook up any composite connection, such as your DVD player or camcorder. No special settings needed. Note that there is a 2 second buffering delay. Use VirtualDub for viewing (not recording) Composite input without delay, simply click File>Capture Composite AVI. 
* Blacklist Adobe servers from spying. As you install software which dials home, also put a new block in your windows firewall to keep your privacy safe.
* If 2 screens, place Taskbar on preferred screen. On netbooks, I have taskbar hide and on left side of screen.
* Install Steam, and click Steam>Backup and Restore to restore your games. Update all your games, adding mods/levels. Especially UT3. Then restore all your Game Saves.
* Set the shortcut keys for your Drawing Tablet. In the tablet software, click HotCells to program the buttons, then click PRINT to print a template to stick in the tablet.
* Optionally delete all fonts after installing any software that came with fonts. (Perhaps this is last step).
* FIREWALL: Any time, IMPORT your Windows Firewall. Start>wf.msc>IMPORT. This will keep software from calling home.
* Duel-screen wallpaper. My Samsung 2494HM 24" screens are each 1920x1080, but together they are 3840x1080. The image must be exactly that size. The goal is to use 1 image on 2 screens. Right clicking to set as wallpaper, doesn't work for duel screen. You must RightClickDesktop>Personalise>Browse. Select "Tile Image".
* AutoPlay: Set Control Panel > AutoPlay to "Take no Action" on ALL tasks. Uncheck "Use AutoPlay".
* Uninstall Windows Gadget Platform via Add/Remove>Components. I don't use GoogleCalendar or CPU Meter due to using "Core Temp 0.99.8".
* Stardock Fences may crash Windows Explorer. The fix is to click Start, type Fences, right click it and click properties. Set to run as Administrator. Do the same for Impulse and WindowBlinds and Steam. 
* When installing software, never allow ANY shell integration into Windows Explorer. 
* Intel XMP must be enabled in BIOS to detect proper RAM timings. Also enable normal-loudness smart fans.
* Ensure hard drives are max speed: My Computer > Right-Click any drive > Hardware tab > select a internal drive > Properties > Policies > Enable Better Performance, and enable Write-Caching Policy. Include "Turn off windows write-cache buffer" IF you use an external battery. Set up all INTERNAL drives like this. Only if you have a great external battery. 
* Install any Cloud software like DropBox or GoogleDrive. This could take days to download.

SSD (Solid State Drive) Optimization

* Ensure your BIOS is set to ACHI and not IDE. This is important.
* Defrag myth: Some people say to disable defrag in Windows7 and Windows8, but that's for older OS's than 7, 8, 10, etc. The OS knows it's an SSD and will not defrag it. Ensure you have all Windows updates before using an SSD. Don't disable Defrag, but disable anything which uses an old-style mechanical-drive defrag. Windows uses SSD-Trim in their defrag app, which an SSD needs. 
* Limit the amount of useless read/writes to your hard disk. 
* Ensure your Antivirus is safe with SSD's. 
* Windows TRIM can't run through a RAID Controller, so you'll need a garbage collection app if you're actually using two drives as one drive via RAID. 
* Ensure your TRIM software (Like Intel SSD Toolbox) has the tune up scheduled about weekly, and that it's really running. 
* Set Photoshop's Scratch folder to an old spinning drive. This can help your SSD last a bit longer. 

Software Royce Could Install But Wont

* Audacity: I don't edit music enough to use it. If I need, I'll use something complex like Adobe. 
* Foobar2000: Some MP3's played don't work with my surround sound emulation. 
* Firefox/Opera. I use Chrome now, so the Firefox I need is Portable Firefox to store my bookmarks.
* ASUS Motherboard Utilities: They are completely pointless. AI Suite tells you the CPU Heat and Fan speed, and that's all it does. EPU-6 Engine lets you boost your CPU power "frequency" by 5 (safe) to 60mhz (unsafe). TurboV EVO is dangerous overclocking software...perhaps I'll use in the far future. T.Probe is some kind of lame tempature graph which doesn't do anything or explain itself. The ONLY Asus utility I'll install is "PC Probe II" which has system information. 
* MagicJack Internet Phone: Amazing little USB2 gadget for my laptop, but it is fairly buggy, and will NEVER touch my big desktop computer! It screws up my USB ports, so I plug it in only when needed. It prevents rebooting. 
* LiveSwif: SWF Flash maker, but it's old and not forward-looking. 
* IRC programs other than MIRC. Such as X-Chat 2 and Smuxi. MIRC does every basic thing without being buggy. 
* Logitech Webcam Software (It's just tuning/toys, cluddering the PC.)
* iZ3D Anaglyph Driver. It's fun but makes the game harder so I don't use it.
* Games For Windows - Live. I don't use it. 
* Anime Studio Pro 6 is a 2d stick figure animating program, which could be done in Adobe Flash. 
* Adobe Pagemill3 is an old fashioned visual html maker. Good with tables, but not modern at all. I use GoogleSites. 
* Paint Shop Pro 7. Primitive yet useful Photoshop-like painting software. I use Photoshop. 
* The Gimp. Free and slightly-less-useful alternative to Adobe Photoshop. I use Photoshop.
* LibreOffice is a free and amazing replacement to Microsoft Office, but I'm required to use Microsoft Office 2010 at work.
* iTunes. As long as I don't own an Apple iPod, iPhone, or iPad, I have no use at all for iTunes which is a proprietary/annoying music organizer software. 
* RocketDock or any other dock program. I just don't need it, but I do need maximum system stability. 
* Enemy Territory QUAKEWars: Really a boring game. 
* WinRar, Winzip. (I use 7zip which is superior.)
* StarDock Deskscapes. (Unstable, Wasted Resources, No one looks at their desktop anyway).
* PLUG-INS: DivX (I use Xvid instead). Adobe Reader (I use GoogleDocs). 
* Frostwire is optional, I don't use it.
* Ubuntu on SunVirtualBox. (Super easy to use, but I don't use it).
* Blender (Too complicated to bother with.)
* Inkscape. 
* IRFANVIEW (don't need it). Doesn't have many photo editing options.
* Picasa: Annoying Photo Collection Software because it automatically collects photos from the whole hard drive. Not possible to permanently disable this. Do not need.
* PowerDVD: It's the most popular BluRay playing software and does 3D, but it's very bloated. Corel WinDVD Pro 2010 is far superior.
* PhotoScape is sometimes my fast photo manipulation tool, but I rarely use it. 
* Corel Painter11 and ArtRage are great but I rarely use it.
* Windows Sidebar Gadgets such as All CPU Meter by AddGadget.Com (Install CoreTemp software to work with it) and Network Meter. Uninstall all other gadgets. "Google Calendar Agenda" by and iMap Weather. 
* PS3 Media Server. I'm sure it's great but I rarely use the PS3. 
* AIM/YIM/MSN/Digsby optional. All I use is Miranda Chat Messenger to save memory. 
* 4Shared phone app.

Royce's Software

* Not in a SubFolder: Calc. Word/Excel/Access. e-sword. FamilyTreeMaker. Kindle for ebooks. NeoBook. NotePad. VLC. TheMessage Audio Book Playlist. 7zip. Avast! Free Home Antivirus. TomTom2. 
* Web Folder:  uTorrent, EverNote, PeerBlock, Chrome Browser, GoogleDrive, GoogleEarth. IE Browser. 
* Games Folder: GuildWars. Steam. Hawx2 is an UbiSoft Digital Download. Secret Maryo Chronicles. 
* System Tools Folder: Q-Dir (like explorer). TreeSize. Services.MSC. Ccleaner. DiskCleanup. File Hippo Update Checker. CdBurnerXP. Control Panel. Defrag. Win7 Resource Monitor. Windows Update. PDF Password Remover by AnyBizSoft. Router Parental Software (available only on the CD). GPU-Z Graphics Card Monitor. HotKeyz (Optional). Sandboxie. . 
* Programming: NeoBook. PureBasic. 
* Graphics, Audio, Video Editing Folder: VLC VideoLan. WinTV7 without bundled driver. FlipMino. PinnacleStudio. Win7 Live Movie Maker (windows comes with it). FRAPS Screen Recorder. Pinnacle Studio. Splash Light (plays blu-ray video). Virtual VCR and Virtual DUB. Corel WinDVD Pro 2010. Adobe SoundBooth. ReadPlease2003. Win7 Sound Recorder. CoreTemp from . 
* Chat Folder: mIRC. Skype. Miranda chat messenger is best on memory. 
* Graphics Folder: zBrush4 is a Clay Software. Adobe Flash/Illustrator/PhotoshopCS6. CanoScan Driver (Kirk's Scanner). PTGui & PTGuiPro. Sketchup. SnagIt Screenshots. 

* Software pinned to TaskBar: WindowsExplorer, Google Chrome, Notepad, Photoshop, readplease2003, Adobe Flash/Photoshop/Illistrator, uTorrent, Word/Excel/OneNote/Access/Visio. FamilyTreeMaker. GoogleDrive. Evernote. PureBasic. 

* Drivers and System Plug-ins: ASUS Motherboard drivers and ASUS PC Probe II. Any Instant-On ExpressGate updates. Flash for Windows and for IE, Java, QuickTime, SilverLight, Xvid for streaming movies. 

* Windows7 Explorer Libraries: MP3 n MusicVids (includes MP3 Faves Only. Audio Not Music. AudioBooks. ArtistMusicVidHumanUS. Aud Music Vids. MP3 Albumwrap. MP3 Archive).
* Windows7 Explorer Favorites: Tessellations. 2tb drive. 300gb drive. Bio. Control Panel. Desktop Overflow. Desktop. uTorrent Downloads. MyScans. NoteTapes. OS C. 
* Folders on C Drive: REB Access Contacts. REB EverNote.  REB ProfilePhotos. REB QuickerLaunch. REB RecycleBinLaunch. REB Wallpaper. 

Activate Serial Numbers:
* Reason: Upon reinstalling Windows, your old software may not accept your serial numbers, as you've already activated them in the past.
* Steps:  Unplug your Internet. Open the Serial Number so it's handy. Install the software, pasting in the Serial Number. Some software has the Serial Number entry under Help. Now you must keep the software from dialing home, which is an infringement on your privacy. Go to your Windows Control Panel> System & Security> Windows Firewall> Advanced Settings> Inbound Rules> Action> AddNewRule> AddProgram> (Now You Navigate To The Program's EXE Path, which can be found by going to it's icon's properties)> Next> Select Block Connection> Ensure Domain/Private/Public Are All Checked> Name it anything> Finish. Now open the program for the first time. Now you may plug in your Internet. The software website may have manual updates, in which case unplug internet when updating. 

Routine Backups

* Monthly: Copy your LockBox (aka MyDocuments) folder from the portable drive to a "Delete Old Files" on your C drive.
* Every five months: Copy all the text of your website into a notepad document. Just to be safe. Burn your LockBox (aka MyDocuments) files to a BluRay disk.
* Annually: Take screenshots of your desktop and website, for future memories/keepsake. Photograph yourself, bedroom, house, car, friends. Also, back up all your files to DVD or Blu-Ray. 
* Bi-Annually: Make a Windows Recovery DVD.

Royce's Current Computer Parts (Some mine, some leased for business).

* Water Coolers: First I ever had was Cooler master glacier 240L. I bought May 26, 2014 at NewEgg for $130.00 after mail rebate. Model RL-G24L-24PK-R1. NewEgg Item# N82E16835103196. Copper radiator. 2 Fans. Drain. 2nd edition. older revision had pump burnout, so someone said make sure it's a "BNIB rev 2". Same Thing is swiftech h220. AIO (All In One). Fan: 2400 RPM at 86.15 CFM. Radiator Dimensions: 269mm x 127mm x 29mm. Fan Dimensions. 120mm x 120mm x 25mm. Fan Noise 19 - 40.33 dBa. PVC Tube Dimensions: 5/8" x 3/8" with Length of 420mm. Fan Static Pressure: 0.31 to 4.16 mmH20. Fan Type: Blademaster 120. Pump Speed: 1200 to 3500 RPM. Pump Voltage 12V. Pump Power 13W. Pump Connector 4-Pin PWM SATA Power. Pump Head: 2650 mmH20. Factory filled with coolant, then sealed and pressure tested - requires zero maintenance for years. 3500 rpm pump system. 240mm radiator is designed for handling high wattage overclocked CPUs. Limited Warranty of 2 years on parts and labor. Support Phone 1-888-624-5099. Support Email: Return for refund or replacement within 30 days. RETURNED twice due to bad pumps. Eventually they sent me NEPTON 280L.

* Cooler Master's Liquid Cooler, Nepton 280L. FEP tubing. JetFlo 140 Fans. 280mm radiator (works with 120mm fans). Not modular/expandable. Aluminum radiator. Official Site: 

* Previous CPU Air Cooler (Which I LOVED): RocketFish "RF-UPCUWR" CPU Cooler. Socket LGA 775/1156, and AMD Socket 754/939/940/AM2/AM3. Bought new Amazon on June 1, 2011. Fan is 17dBA at minimum speed. PWM smart fan control adjusts speed. Fan Included, size: 92mm (Fan Dimensions 92mm by 92mm by 25mm). Sometimes called "Cooler Master Hyper TX3 RR-910-HTX3-G1." I custom sanded/polished (aka lapped) the copper base to remove gaps. I spent very little.
* Graphics Card Current (SOLD ON EBAY): EVGA Geforce GTX 970. 4GB. Bought brand new, fall Oct-1-2014 on Amazon $367.19. Superclocked. DirectX12. Order# 108-1675917-3565853. EVGA GTX 970 ACX 1.0 Superclocked 4GB GDDR5 256bit, DVI-I, DVI-D, HDMI, DP SLI Ready Graphics Card (04G-P4-0974-KR). That model discontinued Jan2015 for a more expensive cooling2.0 model. 
* Memory Slot 1 and 3 both have 0gb: Empty. Optionally I may put in two 4GB chips. 
* Memory Slot 2 and 4 both have 4GB, totaling 8gb: G.SKILL Ripjaws Series. Model F3-10666CL7D-8GBRH. 8GB (2 x 4GB). 240-Pin DDR3 SDRAM. DDR3 1333 Speed (PC3 10666). Desktop memory. Timing 7-7-7-21. Cas Latency 7. Voltage 1.5V. Unbuffered Duel Channel. GSkill Rated at 1333MHz Speed. Intel XMP. Storage Capacity 8192 MB. New on Dec 2012. Speccy reports memory as 668MHz which times two is roughly 1333MHz, which forums say is very normal to see 668. XMP must be enabled in BIOS to detect proper timings.
* PREVIOUS Memory (Now in Storage): Two sticks, totaling 4gb. OCZ Part Number OCZ3G1600LV2G (OCZ Website). 2GB DDR3. 1600 MHz Speed. PC3-12800. 1600MHz DDR3. CL Memory Timing 8-8-8-24 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS). Available in 3GB, 6GB, 12GB kits. Gold Layered Z3 XTC Heatspreader. Tripple channel. Lifetime Warranty. 1.65 Volts. 240 Pin DIMM. Lead free. Designed specifically for Intel Core i7 processor and Intel X58 Express Chipset. Bought at TigerDirrect. 
* Display 1 and 2: Samsung SyncMaster 2494hm. 1920x1080. 60Hz. 32 bit colors. 24". Bought early 2010.
* Projection Display: Panasonic HD PT-AE900U Home Theater Projector. 5500; 1 Contrast Ratio. Progessive Cinema Scan With 3/2 Pulldown. Dynamic Iris Optical System With 2x Optical Zoom. 16.9 Native Res 1280x720 Pixels (Maximum Resolution). 13.2 x 10.6 x 3.7 inches ; 7.9 pounds. Was new in October 4, 2005. HD pictures up to 14.5-feet wide. Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Native (4:3 and 2.35:1 Supported). Computer Resolutions Up To U-WXGA 1920x1080. Minimum Image Size: 3.3 feet. Maximum Image Size: 25 feet. Minimum Screen Distance: 4 feet. Maximum Screen Distance: 41 feet. Image Brightness: 1100 ANSI lumens. Lamp: UHM. 
* Drawing Tablet (Pen Mouse): Genius i608 MousePen Pen Tablet. 6" x 8" drawing area. 10.4" x 11.8" size. 1024 levels of pressure. Weight 2 pounds. 3 button wireless mouse (I don't use). Pen. Pen buttons not easily pressed, so I extended them with glue. 29 easily programmable shortcut buttons. 
* TV Card (Internal) (Sold on Ebay): Hauppauge! PCI Express "WinTV-HVR-2250 MC-Kit Model 1213 Duel TV Tuner SL-1213-v3.1-us". For use with WinTV software. Duel hardware mpeg-2 encoders. ATSC TV, NTSC TV, QAM TV. Set up as analogue channel 60. Also I have a usb2 capture stick which doesn't seem to work well. 
* Power Supply (aka PSU): Rosewill 630w Green Series RG630-S12. Single 12v version. 80plus certified. Continuous @40°C. 80 PLUS Certified. Single 12V Rail. Active PFC . Compatible with Core i7,i5. Sli/Crossfire ready. NewEgg Item#: N82E16817182200. Type: ATX12V v2.3 & EPS12V v2.92. NewEgg $50.00 near 11-30-2009. 
* Scanner: Canon CanoScan LiDE 700F. LiDE700Fus. 9600 dpi. 48bit. Film accessory. USB2. Serial KDSA04545. Item number 3297b002 [AA].
* Misc: Memory card reader, blue tooth, DVD burner, usb wifi, webcam, ReadyBoost SD Card, and blu-ray disk player are all external (makes upgrading easier). Main backup is 300gb external harddrive. Movies backup is 1.5tb WD MyBook external harddrive. 
* Printer: HP Photosmart Premium C309g-m. Inkjet. All-in-One Printer w/Duplex (two sided)/Wireless/BluTooth/SD Reader. B&W Draft PPM 18.5. B&W Normal PPM 10. Color Draft PPM 16.2. Color Normal PPM 5.6. 4x6in Photo seconds 26. A4 Photo minutes 1min 8sec. 33.0 ppm. Maximum Print Speed (Color): 32.0 ppm. Maximum copy resolution (b&w) (DPI): 4800x1200. Snapfish photo service. Playstation3 and Cell Phone printing. Bought in November 2010. Ink Cartridge #?. USB2/Wifi/Blutooth. Costco refills cartridges at low price.
* Webcam: Logitech Webcam c905. 2megapixel resolution. Carl Zeiss optics. AutoFocus. 8mp photos. RightLight2 for dark rooms. RightSound2. USB2. 
* Battery Backup: TrippLite g1010usb. 1,000 va. 500watts. Replaceable battery (3 to 5 year lifespan). 8 Protected Outlets. PC Shutdown Software via USB2.
* Optical DVD (External): USB2 22x DVD LightScribe Writer "Samsung SE-S224 Super WriteMaster. Rev. 01". Bought Dec 2009. 
* Ethernet Switch (like a USB hub, for Internet Cables): AirLink+ 5-port 10/100Mbps. Power 7.5VDC/1A. 
* GamePad: Logitech Duel Action GamePad G-UF13A (infrequently called G-UD8). Two analogue sticks. No rumble/sixaxis. Looks very similar to PS3 controller. Website. Driver is 13mb as of 8-2010. 
* USB 3.0 Card, bought for $19.99 on Oct 17, 2010 at Meritline.Com: I love it! Unitek 2 Port USB3.0 PCI Express Card. NEC UPD720200 chipset. Superspeed 5Gbps, works with usb3.0, usb2.0, usb1.1. Supports Xp/Vista/7 (32bit or 64bit). PCIe 1x bus interface. Complaint with xHCI Specification Revision 0.95. Max 900mA per port. Driver Included is Firmware included is 3025. Driver software calls itself "NEC Electronics USB 3.0 Host Controller". Get latest drivers: and the official site with driver is (very slow site) 
* My Hard Drives (Of All Time, Many Gave Away);
* SSD: Intel SSD 330 Series. 240GB. Firmware Version 300i. Bought at TigerDirect in Nov 2012.
* SSD: Kingston HyperX 3K Series. 90GB. Sata3. 555 MB/s Read. 510MB/s Write. ASIN: B0099PCF3M. Item model number: SH103S3/90G. 3000 program-erase cycle synchronous NAND; second-generation SandForce controller. SATA Rev. 3.0 6Gb/s. 
* Western Digital. Caviar Black. 500GB. SATAIII 6Gbps. 7200RPM. 32MB Cache. Average latency 4.2ms. OEM WD5002AALX. 
* Western Digital. Green Series. 32MB Cache. 5900 RPM. 
* Western Digital. Caviar SE16. Model WD5000KS. 500GB. (From my old 1tb MyBook External Drive). SATA Connector.
* Maxtor MaXLine Pro 500. SATA Connector. 500GB. 7200RPM. 16MB Cache. SATA. 8.5ms average seek time. 4.17ms average latency. 7H500F0. First seen on Amazon in Nov 2007.
* Seagate. Barracuda. 300GB. Model ST3300631A. 16mb cache. 7200rpm. IDE Connector. Taken out of an external hard drive. Very Quiet operation. Date first available at July 7, 2004. 
* SAMSUNG. SpinPoint P Series. Model SP2514N. 250GB. 7200RPM. 8MB Cache. 7200RPM. Average Seek Time 8.9ms.  Average Latency 4.17ms.PETA with IDE Connector. (1 of 2). 
* SAMSUNG. SpinPoint P Series. Model SP2514N. 250GB. 7200RPM. 8MB Cache. 7200RPM. Average Seek Time 8.9ms.  Average Latency 4.17ms. PETA with IDE Connector. (2 of 2).  

Hardware in Royce's MSI GE62 Apache Gaming Laptop

* MSI GE62 Apache-276. Also See manual folder. 5th Gen Intel Broadwell Core i7-5700HQ (2.7GHz - 3.5GHz). 14nm Processor. 15.6" 1920 x 1080. RAM 12GB DDR3 1600MHz. NVIDIA GeForce GTX 960M 2GB GDDR5. Bought Oct 15, 2015 from Cost exactly $1,061.06. 2 Year MSI Manufacturer Warranty on Parts&Labor (Oct2015 becomes Oct2017). Wifi: Intel Wireless AC 3160. 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac. Bluetooth4.0. Webcam 1280x720. SSD slot as typical 2.5 and also M.2 slot. CPU is hard soldered in. 
* Optical: ___.
* USB3. HDMI. Bluetooth. Wifi. 
* My next laptop will likely contain: CPU 5GHZ, RAM 32GB, GPU 4GB, Screen15", 4LB Weight, No Optical. 
* Possibly in question: Subwoofer usefulness. Hinge durability. Screen durability. Speaker loudness. 

Hardware in Royce's First MSI Laptop (SOLD)

* I loved it, but it wasn't fast enough for mid to high graphics in GuildWars2. I sold it on ebay in Oct2015. 
* See manual folder. MSI GE60 2OD-247US. 
* I bought the laptop used on Ebay.
* Designed for Windows 8.
* RAM: 12GB. Came used on ebay with just one 8gb chip, sadly.
* CPU: 64bit Intel Core i7-4700MQ. 2.40 GHz. 4thgen CPU. Duelcore. 
* GPU: Nvidia. GeForce GTX 765M. Motherboard has integrated Intel HD 4600.
* Optical: DVD Burner TSSTcorp CDDVD SN-208DB.
* USB3. HDMI. 
* Previous user Replaced Screen. 

Royce's Curent Travel PC: HP Elitebook 2570p Laptop

* See manual folder.
* Netbook form factor, very compact.
* I bought the laptop used on Ebay in May 2015 for $300.00 from a charity seller.
* Designed for Windows 7, but supports 8.
* RAM: 8GB on 2 chips.
* CPU: 64bit Intel Core i7 3rd gen. 2.9ghz.
* GPU: Only the motherboard integrated Intel HD4000.
* Optical: DVD Burner.
* USB3. HDMI. VGA. eSATA. Dock Port
* Defects: Works perfectly. Mouse joystick nub is missing a rubber topper but works fine.
* Came with legal Windows7 Pro with key sticker, but not the disc.
* Mine has a webcam, most of these models didn't due to being intended for businesses. 

Firefox Extensions (outdated, as I now use Chrome)

* Abduction! (and) ScreenGrab: Save a screenshot of a website.
* MultirowBookmarksToolbar: Allows more than 1 row of bookmarks in Firefox.
* Adblock Plus: Hides ads.
* BugMeNot: Bypass many website logins.
* Google Toolbar: It's a miracle product! Does too much to type. Internet-wide bookmarks, auto-form-fill, site search, universal Google login, "url up", translate, buttons, etc.
* GooglePedia: Inserts a wikipedia article on your Google search results page.
* SearchPreview: Inserts thumbnails of websites on your Google search results page.
* SkipScreen: Skip nag-screens on download sites.
* Tab Scope: Moue over FireFox tabs, a thumbnail image of the tab pops up.
* Undo Closed Tabs Button: Reopen your closed tabs.
* NetVideoHunter downloads vids from many sites.
* Video DownloadHelper: Download video from the web. Has a great video-site guide. I don't currently use this plugin.
* CoolPreviews: Mouse over a link on any page, a thumbnail image of the link's page pops up. I don't currently use this plugin.
* Expand Short URL: Know the real Internet address behind redirecting internet links.
* Google Shortcuts: Displays most of Google's services links as a vertical menu.
* InvisableHand: Automatically checks for better prices when you shop online. (Disabled, as I'm not actively shopping).
* UnPlug: Download video from the web. (Disabled because NetVideoHunter works pretty well.)
* NetVideoHunter: Download SWF video and MP3 music from many video sites like youtube, dailymotion, etc.
* TinyEye Reverse Image Search: Adds a context menu on website Images so you can track them. (Have yet to try this one but it sounds cool!)

Old Chrome Extensions (ok to delete this long list)

* Adblock Plus for Google Chrome (Beta) 1.1.2: Block ads on websites.
* Allow Right Click 1.2.1: Allows the right-click menu on most sites that try to disable it.
* BugMeNot Lite 0.3.9: Allows you to use community logins on many sites via
* Craigslist Preview 1.0.15: Shows thumbnails on Craigslist.
* Download YouTube Videos as MP4/FLV 1.2: Download YouTube videos.
* Drag image does reverse image search 1.0: Drag any image, to view similar images online.
* Google Dictionary (by Google) 2.0.4: View definitions easily as you browse the web.
* Google Mail Checker 3.1: Displays the number of unread messages in your Google Mail inbox. You can also click the button to open your inbox.
* Google Quick Scroll 1.8: Quick Scroll lets you jump directly to the relevant bits of a Google search result.
* InvisibleHand 0.7.9: Automatically get the lowest price on whatever you’re buying
* PriceBlink 2.1: Finds 1) Lower Prices, 2) Coupons and 3) Reviews while you shop. Checks for lower prices when you're shopping or it stays hidden.
* Rapportive 1.2: Tells you about the person who emailed you.
* RSS Subscription Extension (by Google) 2.1.3: Adds one-click subscription to your toolbar.
* Sexy Undo Close Tab 7.0.3: Accidentally closed your last tab? Tired of losing tabs in Incognito? Don't worry, everything is possible with this sexy extension!
* Shopping Buddy (by Google) 2.28: A shopping tool to display the merchant rating, reviews and discounts for the websites you browse.
* Site Search 1.2: Search all pages of any site, even if no search is provided by the site.
* Stop Autoplay for YouTube. Stops YouTube autoplay but allows pre-buffering.
* Stop Backspace 1.0.3: Stops the backspace key from returning you to the previous page.
* The Camelizer 1.4: Price history chart and watch product prices change. For Amazon, BestBuy, Newegg, and other retailers.
* TinEye Reverse Image Search 1.1: This is the official TinEye Chrome extension. Find out where an image came from, how it's used, or find higher resolution versions.
* Up 1.4: Browser action which gives the option to navigate 'up' a level from the current URL
* View Background Image 0.3: Context menu item that allows viewing background image in a new tab
* Webpage Screenshot 5.0: Fast&Simple solution to Save & Share & Print & Edit screenshots of any webpage. Capture to PNG/JPG drawing tools, and sharing features.
* Xmarks Bookmark Sync 1.0.14: Backup and sync your bookmarks, passwords and open tabs across computers and browsers. Xmarks is also available for Firefox, Safari and IE.
* Youtube Thumbs 1.0: mouseover to animate thumbs
* Extensions I would like someone to invent or fix: Universal Video Downloader. Tab Preview Thumb. GooglePedia (Wikipedia results alongside Google Search results). 
Unused Currently...
* View Thru 1.17: Display the full URL behind shortened URLs.
* Tab Menu 7: Shows you your open tabs in a drop down menu. Rearrange them freely.
* SuperdAmn 1.0: Chat features for deviantArt.Com.
* SearchPreview 1.6: Adds preview images (thumbnails) to your Google™ search results.
* MegaSkipper - MegaVideo, VideoBB and VideoZer 19.1: MegaSkipper will allow you to watch unlimited movies from Megavideo,VideoBB and VideoZer
* MegaUpload DownloadHelper 1.2: No More Countdowns - Automatic Downloads.
* Google Voice (by Google) Make calls, send SMS, preview Inbox, and get notified of new messages. (US only)
* dA Message Notifier Notify you of deviantArt.Com mail.
* Deposit Files Download Helper 1.2: No More Countdowns - Automatic Downloads.
* Docs PDF/PowerPoint Viewer (by Google) 3.3: Automatically previews pdfs, powerpoint presentations, and other documents in Google Docs Viewer.
* Auto Refresh Plus Set a website to refresh automatically, and more.
* WOT Web of Trust.

* OLD! Hardware in Royce's Old Black Desktop PC (Built in Dec 2009, upgraded since then, sold Case/CPU/RAM/MOBO/GPU to Anthony's buddy in late 2014).
* Processor (CPU): Intel Core i5-750 (Click here for Intel's website). Quad-Core Desktop Processor. LGA1156 Socket. Supports 2-channel DDR3 memory. Supports up to 16gb RAM. TurboBoost. SmartCache. Freq 2.66 GHz. 4 Threads. 8MB Cache. PCG 09B. Lynnfield 45nm technology with Nehalem micro-architecture. Packaging date 9-19-2009. Stock cooling. $190.00 on TigerDirect near 11-30-2009.
* Motherboard: "ASUS P7P55D Pro". Windows 7 Ready. LGA1156 Socket CPU. Supports Intel Core i5 & i7. Sli/CrossFireX Support. Intel P55 Chipset. Instant-On Asus ExpressGate Linux. Software updates. 4 Ram Slots. $180.00 on TigerDirect near 11-30-2009. BIOS by American Megatrends Inc, version 0209.
* Old Graphics Card (GPU): Bought November 2011. PNY XLR8 GTX 460 1gb Overclocked. Part number VCGGTX4601XPB-OC. ChipSet: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460 (Fermi). Core clock mhz 765. Processor clock mhz 1530. Texture fill rate billion/sec 42.84. 1024mb memory. Memory frequency effective 3700mhz. memory interface 256-bit GDDR5. memory bandwidth gb sec 118.4. onboard outputs dvi/dvi/mini-dvi. bus pcie 2.0. not low profile. directX 11. Nvidia physX, Cuda, Cuda C/C+, PureVideo HD, 3d vision ready, 3d surround ready, Tripple Screen IF you have TWO graphics cards which I don't. Tripple SLI. Duel-link HDCP. OpenGL 4. DirectCompute 5 and OpenCL. This GPU supports up to only TWO displays at a time, yet has three working ports, in case you wish to switch between displays. You CAN'T use three displays at any one time; only two. Connectors: 2 DVI; 1 Mini HDMI. HDCP Capible. Cuda Cores: 336. Graphics Clock: 765 MHz. Processor Clock: 1530 MHz. Memory Data Rate: 3700 MHz. Memory Interface: 256-bit. Memory Bandwidth: 118.40 GB/s. Dedicated Video Memory: 1024 MB GDDR5.
* Another Old Graphics Card (GPU): Traded in my 16GB Google Nexus7 tablet, for Anthony B.'s EVGA 560 Ti. That's the agreement anyway. EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Fermi) SuperClocked. Model 01G-P3-1563-AR. 1GB 256-bit GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16. HDCP Ready. SLI Duel Card Support. 384 CUDA Cores. 1GB 256-bit GDDR5. PCI Express 2.0 x16. Core Clock: 900 Mhz (v.s. 822 Mhz reference). Shader Clock: 1800 Mhz (v.s. 1645 Mhz reference). CUDA Cores: 384. Effective Memory Clock: 4212 Mhz (v.s. 4000 Mhz reference). Memory Size 1GB. Memory Interface 256-Bit. Memory Type GDDR5. DirectX 11. OpenGL 4.1. Ports: 1 x mini HDMI and 2 x DVI. RAMDAC 400 MHz. Max Resolution 2560 x 1600. 3D VISION Game Ready. SLI Support. With Fan. Dual-Link DVI Supported. HDCP Ready. Card Dimensions 9" x 4.38". NVIDIA CUDA technology with CUDA C/C++, DirectCompute 5.0 and OpenCL support. NVIDIA PhysX technology. NVIDIA 3D Vision Support. NVIDIA PureVideo HD technology.  Manufacturer Warranty: Limited Warranty period (parts): Lifetime. Limited Warranty period (labor): Lifetime. Website: Support Phone 1-888-880-3842. 
* PC Case: Rosewill Wind Knight Gaming ATX Mid Tower. Pre-installed 2x 120mm Fan. Supports up to 1x 140mm top fan, 2x 140mm side fan, 1x 140mm front fan, and 1x 120mm rear fan. Up to 6 fans. 11 drive bays, (4 5.25" external bays, 7 3.5" bays. two external and five internal). Tool free. Made of SECC Steel. Case Weight 13.2 lbs. Dimensions 19.10" Long x 8.19" Wide x 18.19" High. Front panel dust filter. PSU mounts on bottom. $54.00. NewEgg. Bought near 11-30-2009. (On NewEgg Here).

OLD! Hardware in Royce's silver desktop Ubuntu Computer (Built in April 2005). Gave case/mobo/cpu to Anthony Booth for free on May 26, 2015. 

* Click here for my Ubuntu setup guide.
* Processor (CPU): AMD Athlon 64 3000+. Single core 1.8ghz.
* Motherboard (mobo): MSI K8N Neo4 Platinum SLI. CPU Socket Type: 939, for Athlon 64 FX / Athlon 64 / Sempron. FSB: 1000MHz Hyper Transport, 2000 MT/s. North Bridge is NVIDIA nForce4 SLI. Memory is DDR 400. Dual Channel. 4GB. Number Slots: 4×184pin. Expansion has 2 PCI Express x16 and 3 PCI. No onboard video. 8 channel 24-bit audio. LAN is Marvell 88E8053. Size is ATX 12.0" x 9.6". Phoenix Bios D686 1998.
* Graphics Card (GPU): ATI Radeon x1800xt. 512mb gddr3. Crossfire supported. DirectX 9.0. PCI-E x16 @ x16. GPU R520. GPU Clock 600MHz default. Pixel Fillrate 9.9 GPixel/s. Texture Fillrate 9.9 GTexel/s. Plays most 2010 games, and CitiesXL 2011 just fine. Drivers for this card were never very stable, and buggy with duel monitor. I think I paid about $300.00 for this used on Craigslist. 
* Memory (RAM) Slot 1: DDR400 512MB. * Memory (RAM) Slot 2: Same model as slot 1. * Memory (RAM) Slot 3 and 4: Nothing. Max 4gb ram.
* Hard Drive 1 of 1: SAMSUNG. SpinPoint P Series. Model SP2514N. 250GB. 7200RPM. 8MB Cache. 7200RPM. Average Seek Time 8.9ms. Average Latency 4.17ms. IDE Connector. 
* Display 1 of 1: Princeton Digital VL1716. 17in screen. 1280x1024 at 60Hz. 5x4 aspect. Stereo Speakers. VGA works but not DVI-D. Consumers 48W power when on, and 5W power when in power save mode. Bought at Costco; 2006?
* DVD Burner: 
* OS: Ubuntu Linux 11.04.
* Case: Kingwin MTX425SW Mutant X Mid-Tower. The front door hinge broke so I removed the case front entirely. 24 lbs. 20" (507mm) D x 7 7/8" (200m) W x 16 1/8" (411mm) H. Case accepts Baby AT, Micro ATX, ATX. Tooless. 
* Power Supply: 420W ATX.
* Fans: 1 front fan, 2 rear fans, 1 side fan: 80 x 80 x 25mm.
* Wireless Router: NetGear WNDR330 Rangemax N.

OLD! Hardware in Royce's Dell XPS M1330 Laptop (Sold to Anthony in late 2014)

* Got laptop in perhaps 2012 from one of Scott's buddies.
* See respective manuals folder, to keep the data there instead of here.
* Location: C\GoogleDrive>Manuals\Dell\e1505
* Location: C\GoogleDrive>Manuals\Dell\XPS1330

End of Article.