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This is just a stub.

This article will focus on what resources many Americans have, and what services they subscribe to. Including myself. 





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* This article is just a stub and will be improved.
* Why do I list three pages here? Well, expenses are part of my budget. Inventory refers to items I keep in stock, which are expenses. This page lists out what I frequently buy and the quantity. Also listed are what I keep stocked up in my fridge, garage, overnight bag, and retail stores I frequent. I used to have my favorite foods listed here, but this page is already overkill. Also view "Roy's Property" inventory.



What Humans Have to Invest

Social Circle
Emotional Spectrum: Fascination, love, hate, etc.



What Humans Invest In

Local Town/Community
Required Investments (Like taxes and being polite)




Time Subscriptions (In Hours/Minutes)
Brush Teeth
Breakfast: 1080 minutes. (3 minutes x 360 days).
Restroom process #1:
Restroom process #2: 
Talk on Cell Phone
New Clothes



Money Subscriptions (Cost USD per Month and Year)
* Admin Note: My personal Monetary Subscriptions have Migrated to a private article in Evernote called Money>Subscriptions. Migrated May 2012.
* Birthday Cards
* Random Internet Friend Donations
* Video Games
* Cell Phone and Bill with Internet/Texting: 
* Dish Network Satilite TV, DirectTV, or Cable TV.
* Netflix or Hulu.
* Internet: 
* Medical Health Insurance: 
* Dental Supplemental Health Insurance: 
* Food: 
* Domain Names
* Car Oil Schedule: 
* Car Repairs: 
* Computer/Upgrades/Repairs, Software
* Education: College. Self Education. Online. Training courses. 
* Gasoline (
* Clothes.



Expenses. Money, Time, Resources, Thought, and Emotional 

Main Monitary Expenses I Pay:
* Cell.
* Car Insurance. * Car Oil/Fluid Change.
* Ebay Feedback.
* Charities: NorthSide Christian. * Skype $3.00/month * Eating out * Movie Theator. * Buying cheap gadgets online. Monitary Vehicle Expenses:
* Insurance.
* Tabs.
* Repairs.
* Wipers.
* Gas.
* Tires.
* Oil/Fluid Checkups. Main Time Users:
* Sleeping. 
* Organizing. 
* Learning. 
* Cooking. 
* Eating. 
* Showering. 
* Bathroom. 
* Driving.
* Shopping. Time Expenses: IOU's & insurance payment, wash/wax car, software updates n' reinstall vista, eat, shower, sleep, watch tv shows, doctors visits, blank mind, excersizing, schooling, evangelizing the gospel of Jesus Christ. 



Pantry/Fridge Inventory 

cooking spices
vinegar chakas mmm sauce (multipurpose!)
BBQ sauce
eggsnoodlesrice and minute rice
crumbled fetta cheese. (intense taste)
flavored oatmeal.
small Yogurt containers.
ritz crackers.
ramen. (just add water)
liquid multivitamin & sam-e
paper towels.
Soups: chili, tomato soup, chunky beef soup.
brown sugar
cooking spices
red wine vinegar, white cleaning vinegar
ice cream
potato chips n' dip
meat products, fish products
large water bottle
salid crutons
coffee beans
frozen orange juicre
brownie mixCondoments: 
v8, apple juice, diet pepsi for doug, tea, frozen concentrate, mixes, hot coco mix.
keish * Sauces: BBQ, chakas mmm sauce, ranch and blue cheese salad dressing, syrup
* Oils: Cooking Oil.
* Sugar: Sugar, Brown Sugar
* Mixes: Stuffing, brownie, tapioca, Jello
* Liquids: Milk, Apple Juice, V8, Frozen Condensed Juices, Tea, Chocolate Milk, 
* Spices: 
* Crackers and Chips: Soup Crackers, Sun Chips, Mexican Restraunt Style Chips with Dip, Ritz Crackers, 
* Healthy Snacks: 
* Medicines: Costco LiquiMax Liquid Vitamins, 
* Eggs
* Cheeses: Crumbled Feta (Intense Salad Taste), 
* Breakfast Cereals: OatMeal, Cheerios with Fruit, 
* Soups: chili, tomato soup, chunky beef soup, rawmen cups, 
* Fruit: Bananas, grapes, 
* Condiments: pickles, relish, mustard, honey mustard, chopped onions, bacon bits, salad croutons, ketchup, ice cream
meat products, fish products
large water bottle
keish. small Yogurt containers.
Seporate Food into storage locations: Kitchen and Garage Fridge, Pantry, Cubbard. 



Garage/Hardware Inventory 

Restroom Supplies: Razor heads, shaving cream foam, liquid pre/post shaving cream, bandaids, minty mouthwash, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, body soap, tums, spf 50, body wash kitchen products: paper towels, dish soap, liquid hand soap, ziplock gallon bags, garbage bags, cleaning products: windex, laundry soap n' softener sheets, dishwasher tablets office products: yellow note pads, printer ink, giant calendar, clipboard paper tablet, pens work clothing: seasonal matching clothes, no holes in socks, business shirts, church shoes, hardware: AA/AAA batteries, lighbulbs, sunglasses, duct tape and scotch tape giant sponge for cleaning everything electronics connectors and adapters Toiletries & Cleaning Suplies:
Toothbrush, Paper Towels, Toilet Paper, Large Sponges, Nose-Blowing Tissue Paper, Q-Tips, Shaving Razor Heads, Deodorant, Shaving Foam, AfterShave, bandaids, minty mouthwash, neosporin, hydrogen peroxide, body soap, tums, spf 50, body wash, hand soap, liquid hand soap, ziplock gallon bags, 30 gallon trash bags, windex, laundry soap n' softener sheets, dishwasher tablets, White Vinegar. Office Supplies:
* Yellow Note Pads. 
* Printer Paper and Ink. 
* Poster Wall Calendar. 
* Gel Pens. 
* Cork Board. 
* City Map. 
* Staples. 
* Surge Suppressors. 
* DVD/Paper Shredder. 
* Blank DVD & CDR's. 
* Cable Adapters & Extensions. Garage Tools & Supplies:
* Gator Grip wrench adapter. 
* Rechargable/AA/AAA/9Volt Batteries. 
* lighbulbs. 
* saftey/driving glasses. 
* Tapes: Duct, Electrical, Plumbing, Scotch, Shipping. Seasonal, Summer Clothes:
* Thin Silk Shirts. 
* Ankle Socks. Seasonal, Winter Clotes:
* Long Underwear.
* Thick Tall Socks.
* Thick Hiking Boots. * Heating Pads. * Sweater. * Heated Blanket/Room Heater.
Home Gadgets: 
* Instant-On Water Heater
* Home Automation Panel that controls lights & Security Sensors.



Short List of Retail Outlets (Stores/Markets/Malls) I Often Personally Frequent. This list needs relocated to my General Fresno Location Guide. 

General Products: Costco, Whole Foods, Walmart, Target, Office Depot, BestBuy, Home Depo, Ross Restaurants: California Pizza Kitchen, various Chinese takeout places, Tahoe Joe's, Panda Express * Coupons: CheapStingyBargains,, Ben's Bargains.
* Amazon website. (Used Books/Tech)
* Dollar Store/99CentStore (Bins, Misc, Straws)
* Wal-Mart (Shorts, Shoes, Flipflops, Mist Fans)



Food I Like/Dislike:
See what page? Recipes page?



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