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* This article is: ROUGH DRAFT. Easy introduction to the violin. Your beginners guide to the very basics of studying, owning, and enjoying this beautiful instrument. These are my personal notes, to learn to play.
* This article is not an advertisement, and does not endorse any particular product or company.
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What is a Violin















The Violin Family



* Violin: 
* Scroll: 
* PegBox: 
* Pegs: 
* Neck: 
* Fingerboard: 
* Upper Bout: 
* Bridge:
* F-Holes: 
* Waist/C-Bouts: 
* Lower Bout: 
* Chinrest: 
* Tailpiece: This is where the strings attach near the base of the instrument. 
* Bow:
* Metronome (Accessory): Tick tock device allowing a musician to develop good rhythmic skill. 
* Tuner (Accessory): Little box with LED display, which allows you to tune the violin. Attaches to neck during tuning. Works even in noisy environments. 
* Rosin: Inexpensive sticky cakes rubbed against the bow hair, which allows the instrument to make sound. 
* Shoulder Rest and Neck Rest (Accessory): Allows for comfortable cradling of the instrument. 



Usual Violin Accessories
* Shoulder Rest, Metronome, Tuner, Rosin, Bow, Music Stand, Extra Strings, Case.
* Electric Accessories: 



Assembled Diagram




Playing a Violin




Acoustic VS Electric



Comparison with Other Musical Instruments



Misc Information
* Violins cost $200-$300 or more to start with something of quality. Much cheaper can be found, often requiring replacing parts and being very inventive. Similar idea to buying a bicycle, buy what you need and have it tuned.
* You'll need short finger nails to press the violin strings. Sorry Wolverine. 
* Don't touch the horse hair on your bow because the oils in our fingers will keep the rosin from sticking to the hair. 
* Loosin the bow before putting it away, or it will warp. 
* To apply new rosin, grind at the surface a bit with a key or nail file, then just rub it up and down the bow numerious times. I'm not sure how many times. Beginers (cheap) rosin would mean many more times. 
* Your violin bridge should be perfectly streight upward. 
* A tuner, metronome, tone all in one, is $40.00. A tuner can be found for $20.00. I've seen tuning whistles. 
* Beginers can place tape on their violin fingerboard, to learn where to place your fingers to get different notes.
* Forcing a child to practice longer than enjoyable is not always productive for the well being of the child. 
* New violin strings will stretch continually, so tune it as necessary. 





Culture: History of Violin




Culture: Modern Times and Influences




Culture: Projected Future of Violins




Choosing Your Size
* Children under 12 play on small, fraction sized instruments. It's okay to skip a size. Some kids are big.
3 years old, or less: 1/16.
4-5 years: 1/10.
5-6 years: 1/8.
6-7 years: 1/4.
8-9 years: 1/2.
10-11 years: 3/4.
12 years +: 4/4 (full size violin). This is what I use.





How to Learn Violin
* YouTube Video Tutorials.
* Internet fan websites such as this one.
* New or used instructional workbooks and sheet music. eBay, used book stores, good will, etc. 
* Posters.
* Violin lessons at local music store, and or in home. 
* Students often have band class.




G D A E Strings




Reading the Music Sheet




Pro's and Con's of Learning Violin
* Pro: Elegance. Playing for friends. Playing to emulate songs you like. Creating songs. 
* Con: Investing time and money when you're unsure of your follow-through. Many hours of practice. Larger and heavier than a tiny instrument like a flute. 




Royce Barber's Personal Violin (coming in mail!)
* Product Description: Full Size 4/4 Sojing Electric Silent Violin.
* Product Name on Amazon: "Full Size Electric Violin with Case and Accessories. by ViolinSmart".
* Shipped With: Wooden Bow. Soft Shell Carrying Bag. Rosin. EarPhone. 9V Battery & Amplifier Cable.
* Purchase Information: Bought on Feb 12, 2011 at 9:13 P.M. at Amazon.Com. Item Weight 5 pounds. Amazon ASIN B000BRUW6Y. Amazon Item model number MVEP-BK. Amazon order number: 104-7599137-7356266. Shipped from and sold by Amazon user MARLAND whom has very high ratings. Condition: New. 
* Product Rating: Typically 4 out of 5. (I rate it 5/5).
* Product Link:
* Bought at price: $62.80 plus $11.44 Shipping/Handling, totaling $74.24 USD. I used my Chase Visa debit card.
* Date First Appeared on Market: Appears to be 2006, at least for Amazon. 
* Manufacturer: Seems to be ViolinSmart at and accessories at
* Manufacturer History: Has no Wikipedia page. 
* Manufacturer Setup Instructions:
* Warranty: 
* Pro's: Low cost. Good reviews. Upgradeable parts. High tech look. Subtle brown colors. Good electronics. Came with accessories. 
* Con's: 
* Parts replaced: None thus far. 
* Misc Measurements: Full size 4/4. 
* Amazon User Reviews:
* Amazon User Recommendations Summery: 
* Royce's Paragraph Review: LOVE it! Takes getting used to. Seems slightly heavy weight when playing. 
* Royce's Customizations: Colored the bridge red with a marker. Used steak knife on bridge to make the string slits bigger. Pushed hard on the pegs to make them stick tight in the holes. 
* Photo of my violin;

violin photo













Internet Resources
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