Running a Church Office

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Church Administration and Running


* This is not professional advice. These are my personal notes.

* This article focuses mainly on the running of an existing small to mid-size church. 

* This article is just a stub.




* Ministries: Music (Worship Band), Outreach Events, Fund Raising, Future Idea Board, Technical.

* Staff: Board of Elders, Janitorial.

* Construction Contracts.

* Congregation.

* Maintaining Volunteers: Sunday School, Nursery.

* Building: Cleaning, Holiday Decorating, Plumbing, Repairs, Upgrades, Painting. 

* Office Work such as answering phones, accounting, budget, utilities/bills, fliers, promotion team, new member recruiting welcome basket.

* Dividing up the responsibilities: Outsourcing big projects.

* Tech Ministry: Dealing with website, TV projectors, sound system, automation, databases, computer operating systems, security. 

* Tech Ministry Software: Accounting, OpenOffice for Member Database, OpenOffice for Flyers, InkScape for Graphics, Google Callendar (via GoogleApps) for scheduling and invitations. 

* Other Churches: Integration of services/resources with fellow Churches such as NorthSide. Listing of all religious institutions of all denominations in Central California. 

* Membership Class. 

* Sunday Classes. 

* External, Member Hosted Life Groups. 

* Outreach Committee to causes, churches, missions donations. 

* Finances Committee with Banking Information. 

* Event security. 

* Rooms of a Church: Foyer (Entry). Sunday school rooms. Multi purpose rooms. Meeting rooms. Offices. Nursery.