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* This article will have a profile of every character in the Bible. 
* Character profiles will include: Short biography, and any historical guestimations such as a drawing. 
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* Characters are introduced in the order they occur when reading the Bible. 
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"A" Names

Abishai: Military Officer. Good Person.
* Oldest son of David's sister Zeruiah. Brother of Joab and Asahel (I Chronicles 2:16). 
* Military officer under David; numbered among David's "mighty men" as an important warrior (I Chronicles 11:20-21). The impetuous warrior whom David had to restrain from killing sleeping Saul (I Samuel 26:6-9) and spiteful Shimei (II Samuel 16:9-11).  
* The account of Abishai is entirely one of warfare; he assisted Joab in killing Abner (II Samuel 2:18, 24, 3:30); prevailed over the Ammonites and Edomites (II Samuel 10:9-14, I Chronicles 18:12-13); helped defeat the rebellious Absalom (II Samuel 18:5-8); and killed a giant who thought to extinguish David (II Samuel 21:15-17).

Abraham: Shepherd. Good Person.
* An exalted father. Father of multitudes. 
* Shepherd & Herdsman. 
* The patriarch of ancient Israel and the one to whom and through whom God promised blessing to all nations. Lived in Ur of the Chaldeans; Haran; the land of Canaan; Egypt; Beersheba in the land of the Philistines. 
* Wife Sarah, Son Isaac. Also had son named Ishmael born through Sarai's maid Hagar. 

Adam: First Human. Good Person. 
* More info to be added.

Ahaziah: King of Israel 853BC-852BC. Evil Person.
* Don't confuse with a king of Judah with the same name, who ruled one year in 841 BC. 
* Lived in Samaria. Son of Ahab. 
* Brother of Jehoram who succeeded him to the throne after he died without leaving an heir. 
* King who died as a result of fall through his upper room lattice. 
* Continued his father Ahab's wicked ways, to the point of consulting a Philistine idol after his injuries. For this he was condemned by prophet Elijah. He attempted to nullify this word by taking Elijah captive, but the prophesy was validated when Elijah called down fire from heaven to consume two military units sent to arrest him.

Ahithophel: Unknown Occupation. Good Person.
* Lived at Giloh, near Hebron, in the hill country of Judah (II Samuel 15:12). 
* Advisor to King David and later to his son Absalom (II Samuel 16:23). 
* Father of Eliam, one of David's "mighty men" and numbered among the "thirty" (II Samuel 23:34); possibly the grandfather of Bathsheba (II Samuel 11:3); which might help explain his defection to Absalom. 
* Was David's counselor who sided with Absalom in his ill-fated rebellion, then committed suicide when it became apparent that Absalom had decided to follow another man's bad advice (II Samuel 15:12, 17:23). One piece of Ahithophel's advice that Absalom did take was to lie with David's concubines (II Samuel 16:21), an act which fulfilled Nathan's prophecy (II Samuel 12:11-12) and in effect meant that Absalom was assuming the throne (II Samuel 3:7).

Amos: Prophet. Good Person.
* Lived in Tekoa, a town about 10 miles south of Jerusalem.
* Was a Sheepbreeder, sycamore cultivator, and prophet during the reign of Jeroboam II.
* The prophet who denounced the northern kingdom of Israel for its idolatry, injustice, corruption, and oppression of the poor. Amos' nine warnings of the Lord's judgment came to pass when Assyria overran Israel a generation later.
* Issued nine warnings: 1. Flee from cruelty. 2. Don't forsake God's laws. 3. Don't worship wealth. 4. Heed God's chastisements. 5. Flee false religious practices. 6. Beware of false security. 7. Don't disdain God's spokesmen. 8. Don't revile God's holy days. 9. Don't flee from God. 

Ananias & Sapphira
* Don't confuse with Ananias, the disciple in Damascus who was the first believer to visit Saul after his dramatic conversion. 
* Don't confuse with Ananias the high priest. 
* Lied to Peter about donating money to the church and being struck dead by the Holy Spirit for their deception. 

Asahel: Military Commander . Good Person.
* Youngest son of Zeruiah; brother of Joab and Abishai.
* Commander in David's army.
* Fleet-footed individual who pursued Abner as he fled following his defeat in Gibeon. Unable to dissuade Asahel from pursuing him, Abner slew him; an act which led to the murder of Abner by Asahel's brother Joab.

"B" Names

Balaam: Soothsayer. Evil Person.
* Lived at Pethor, several miles of Carchemish on the Euphrates River.
* Son of Beor.
* Soothsayer who used magical arts in attempts to discover information about the future. 
* When Balaam received cattle and sheep from Balak, king of Moab, the intention may have been to use their livers in the occult practice of divining the future. This art, which is one of its several varieties involved studying the color and configuration of animal livers, was commonly practiced by Babylonian sorcerers. However, Balaam abandoned the ritual when he realized that God was determined to bless Israel. 
* His donkey was enabled by God to speak, leading to Balaam's submission to communicating only the Lord's message to Balak. 

Belshazzar: King. Evil Person. 
* Also known as Baltasar.
* Lived in Babylon.
* Son of Nabonidus; possibly a grandson of Nebuchadnezzar, though the terms "father" and "son" may indicate royal succession. 
* Ruled Babylon under Nabonidus, who left his son in control while he campaigned for ten years in Arabia. 
* The king who hosted a banquet during which a hand appeared and wrote his doom on the wall.

"C" Names

Cornelius: Centurion. Good Person. 
* Lived/Stationed in Caesarea, Rome's administrative center in Palestine. 
* Centurion. A Roman officer was designated a centurion if he oversaw at least 100 soldiers. As head of the Italian Regiment, he probably had about 600 men under his command.
* God-fearing, prayerful, and generous. Drawn to Jewish monotheism as opposed to the pagan idolatry and immorality common among Romans of the day. 
* Second recorded Gentile convert to Christianity (an Ethiopian treasurer was first). He sent men to fetch Simon Peter, 36 miles away, in response to a vision from God. 

"D" Names

Daniel: Prophet/Advisor. Good Person. 
* Also known as Belteshazzar.
* Probably lived in Jerusalem, until he was deported to Babylon in 605 BC. 
* Prophet & adviser to Babylonian and Median rulers.
* Source of one of the four major (larger) prophetic books in the Old Testament (the other three being Isaiah, Jeremiah, and Ezekiel).

David: Shepherd/King. Good Person. 
*Lived in Bethlehem during youth. Probably lived in Gibeah while he served Saul. Lived in Ziklag during much of the time while Saul pursued him. Lived in Hebron during the first 7 years of his reign. Lived in Jerusalem during the rest of his reign. 
* A son of Jesse. Descendant of Judah. 7 brothers and 2 sisters. Married to numerous wives and concubines, including Saul's daughter Michal, Abigail, and Bathsheba. Father of numerous sons and daughters, including Absalom and David's successor, Solomon; ancestor of Jesus. 
* Was a shepherd, court musician, military commander under King Saul, and king of Israel. 
* The king under whom the Israelite monarchy was firmly established; most significant ancestor was Jesus Christ. 
* Killed Goliath, the Philistine giant of Gath, using a stone from his slingshot.

Deborah: Prophetess/Judge. Good Person. 
* Lived between Bethel and Ramah, in the hill country of Ephraim. 
* Wife of Lapidoth.
* Prophetess and judge.
* Lead the people of Israel to victory over the armies of the Canaanite general Sisera, after which she and her general, Barak, sang a victory song, and the nation experienced 40 years of peace. 

"E" Names

Elisha: Prophet. Good Person. 

Enoch: Prophet. Good Person. 

Esther: Queen. Good Person. 

Eve: Helpmate. Good Person. 

Ezekiel: Prophet. Good Person. 

"F" Names

Gad: Prophet. Good Person. 

Gideon: Farmer/Judge. Good Person. 


Goliath: Warrior. Evil Person. 

Gomer: Harlot. Evil Person. 

"G" Names

God: Creator of existence. Father of Jesus Christ. Part of the Trinity. 

"H" Names

Habakkuk: Musician/Prophet. Good Person. 

Haman: Prince. Evil Person. 

Hannah: Homemaker. Good Person. 

Holy Spirit: Part of the Trinity. 

Hosea: Prophet. Good Person. 

Huldah: Prophetess. Good Person. 

Hushai: Advisor. Good Person. 

"I" Names

Isaiah: Prophet. Good Person. 

"J" Names

Jael: Unknown Ocupation. Good Person. 

James: Unknown Ocupation. Good Person. 

Jeremiah: Prophet. Good Person. 

Jesus Christ: Son of God. Savior of humanity. The only way to God. 

Jezebel: Queen. Evil Person. 

Joab: Military Commander . Good Person. 

Jochebed: Homemaker . Good Person. 

John Mark: Evangelist/Writer. Good Person. 

John the Baptist: Prophet. Good Person. 

Jonah: Prophet. Good Person. 

Jonathan: Military Commander. Good Person. 

Joshua: Military Commander. Good Person. 

Joshua: High Priest. Good Person. 

"L" Names

Luke: Apostle. Good Person. 

"M" Names

Malachi: Prophet. Good Person. 

Mary: Homemaker. Good Person. 

Mary Magdalene: Follower. Good Person. 

Michal: Homemaker. Good Person. 

Miriam: Dancer. Good Person. 

Moses: Shepherd/Prophet. Good Person. 

"N" Names

Nathan: Prophet. Good Person. 

Nebuchadnezzar: King. Evil Person. 

Nehemiah: Cupbearer/Governor. Good Person. 

"O" Names

Othniel: Judge. Good Person. 

"P" Names

Paul: Apostle/Tentmaker. Good Person. 

Peter: Apostle/Prophet. Good Person. 

Pharaoh: King. Evil Person. 

Phil's Daughters: Prophetesses. Good Person. 

"R" Names

Rebekah: Homemaker. Good Person. 

Ruth: Maidservant. Good Person. 

"S" Names

Samson: Judge. Good Person. 

Samuel: Judge. Prophet. Good Person. 

Sapphira: Land Owner. Evil Person. 

Sarah: Unknown Ocupation. Good Person. 

Saul: King. Evil Person. 

Simeon: Good Person. 

"Z" Names

Zephaniah: Prophet. 

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