Royce's Autobiography and Mindmaps

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The following is a copy of my Spring 2016 Mindmap. The latest version, is always in my OneNote under "Survey Self". Backups of this mindmap are stored on my PC in Projects>Mindmap>Txt. This article is okay to delete if desired.


JESUS, PASSIONS, CAUSES: Mission of the Church. Recruit disciples for Jesus. Strong Faith during prayer. Read the Bible first hand. Goodwill. X-Prizes. Crowd Funding. Global Solutions. Health via spiritual, mental, emotional, physical. Boy Scouts of America. Listing
causes. AntiBullying. AndroidCoding in Kindergarden. Optimistic analytical optimization to eliminate daily redundany. Education Reform.

LIKES, HOBBIES: Church & Bible Study. Bagels social group. Nature hike. 3D sculpt & Photoshop. 3D Prints. Crafts & DIY. Photography. Treadmill. Soccer. Frisbee. Recycle. Clay Sculpting. Caves. Maker Faires. Garage Sales. CAD 3D Machine Design. Learning Ocarina (flute). C02 Fizz. Articulate punctional polite professionals. Formal attire. Picknicks. Silly friend hangouts. Comedy Anime series. Action movies. High end desktop PC. 

MEMBERSHIPS: Ebay Seller. AAA. Amazon Prime. Costco. Banks. TradeKing. Highspeed Internet. Verizon Phone. Dish TV. YLP Assoc/Utilities/Trsh/Propane/Pool. GoogleDrive/Domains. Drupal8. GoDaddy. Health/Car Insurance. Food. dA. Gas/Repairs. 

GOALS: Advanced Investing with InvestTools. Certify in Drupal 8. MS Office Recertification. Practice AutoCAD. 8yr business degree. American Dream. 5,000 Sq Ft Home. Marriage/Family. 2017 AWD Nissan Juke. Tool shop. City or County job in graphics, webdesign, drones. 1yr in Barcelona. POV Drone. Color 3D Printer. Practice welding, math, grammar, sci, computer sci, CAD. MotorGliding Lessons. Join Ideaworks. No Man's Sky game. Drupal8 hosted on RazPi3. Give major TED Talk on Optimised Society. LG G5 phone. 

CULTURAL TITLES: Christian. Best friend. Man. Son. Uncle. Brother. Artist. Article Author. American Californian Citizen Voter. Employed tax payer. Futurist. Eagle Scout Alumni. Tech support geek.

BIG MATERIAL ITEMS: 1999 Miata. MSI Laptop. HP Elitebook laptop. Pro fz1000 Camera & tripods. LG G4 phone. Pro Router & Dremel. AC Unit. Bar Speaker. Sewing Machine. 3D Printer. Bicycle. Food dryer.

TEMPTATIONS: Fan-service Anime. Diet Soda. TV Dinners. Talking loud. Being a shut-in. Sleeping in.

HEALTH PRACTICE: Anti-sugar. Anti-junkfood. Anti-sitting. Fresh Veggies. Ergonomic Typing. Weekly Hike/Swim. Portion Control. Sunscreen. Vitamins. Continual Water. Safety Gear.

DISLIKES: The Opposer. World Problems Ignored. Unoptimised Society. Political Bias. Enabling Sin. White lies. Snow. Urban legends. Fraud. Exaggerations. Horror movies. Low brow toilet humor. Bullies. Illogical ourbursts. Drugs. Smoking/Vape. Perversion. Smelly houses. Redundant. Outdated paper books. Unpaid PC Repair. Email Spam. Click bait. 

WARDROBE: Clean, proper fit. Modern contemporary. Formal shoes. Business is highly formal with silk tie and collectable wristwatch. Casual is still fairly formal. Workout clothes are neon shiny jersey and proper climate control gadgets.

DIET & FRIDGE: Fish. Salad. Quinoa grain. Oatmeal. Granola Bars. Burrito. Costco deli. Sausage, Chinese, Greek, Indian, Fajita, Pita, Pizza. Lots of water. Mio flavoring. Tofu. Pesto. Hummus. Trail Mix.

PILL PREFRENCE: Lexipro Generic 10mg. Milk of Magnesia. Beano. GasX. Tums. Kirkland antacid. Powder Vitamins. Fish oil. Coconut oil. Ginkgo Baloba. Antacid. Aloe Vera lotion. Aluminum-free deodorant. Sunscreen.

EVERNOTE APP: All notes. Resume. All transactions. Ebay sales. Contacts. Passwords. Life timeline. List of TV episodes to watch. Addresses.

LOCATIONS FAVORITE: Heaven! My bedroom. Spokane Garden & Riverfront. Circus. Ocean Beach. Waterparks. Disneyland. Aquariums. Oakhurst waterfall. Basslake Stream Trail.

LOCATIONS PLACES STAYED: WA Selah, Yakima, Seattle, Spokane. CA Fresno area, San Francisco, LA, Palm Springs, Anaheim. Avila Beach CA. Kauai Hawaii. WA DC. Baltimore.

CLOSET STORAGE BINS: Clothing. Electric guitar. Ocarina. Casual sports gear, roller blades, rackets. Containers. Straws. Shoes. Backpacks. Jackets. Gadget repair tools. Powertools. Hats. Car Parts. Luggage.

FILE CABINET: Photo album. Crafting paper. Church flyers. Medical records. Car records. Photo album. Optical discs. Mail inbox/outbox. Maps. Taxes.

256GB FLASH DRIVE: All everyday files. Backups. Image collections. Website parts. Biographies. Music. Software installers. 3D models. This chart. Text bin. Photography bin. More.

APPS on ANDROID PHONE: DAB DailyAudioBible. PocketCasts. VLC. Evernote. gEarth. Torrent. Chromecast. TWIT. Txt-2-spch. Police Scanner. White Noise MP3. 123D Catch.

APPS on WINDOWS 10: VLC. Evernote. gEarth. qBitTorrent. Chromecast. Chrome. 3D Coat. Photoshop. Audacity. Skyrim. GW2. Portal2. SketchUp. Autoruns. NaturalReader. 123D Design. oCam. XYZware.

FAVORITE WEBSITES: Facebook. Amazon/Ebay/Crgslist. BensBargains. RetailMeNot. deviantArt. Wikipedia. GoogleDrive. GoogleMusic. GooglePlay. Snopes. TheVerge. Ninite. Okcupid. Thingiverse. TheVerge.

CHROME BROWSER EXTENSIONS: AdBlock. Chromecast. Google QuickScroll. Search Current Site. View Background Image. Web of Trust WOT. Google Translate. YouTube Repeat.

READING & NEWS: Tech at GoogleNews. The Verge. Tech at CNET. TWIT. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Occasional Old English classic novels.

CAREER & PAST JOBS: Laptop sales. Ebay sales. Photo Restoration. GoogleSite Sales. Drupal8 Sales. Home & Warehouse renovation. Newspaper sales. Audio internship. Website/art/3d design. PC Repair. EarthLink Tech support. Vehicle fabric repair. House Painting. Car Bumper Mending. Everything Portfolio. 

PERSONALITY & MENTALITY: Shy. Funny. Sweet. Gentleman. Anxious. Often bored. Extremely Logical. Witty. Inquisitive. Fashionable. Punctual. Articulate. Sappy. Serious about Evangelism. Blunt. Easygoing.

ONTU.ORG aka ROYCEBARBER.COM Website: Bible articles. Portfolio. Education articles. Tech Tips. Comedy. Poetry. Short stories. DIY Crafts Maker Lists. DIY Tutorials. Reviews. Health Recipes. More.

SELLING ON EBAY: 99 Mazda Miata automatic 62k miles. MSI i7 12GB laptop. Gadgets. Flash drives. Fz1000 Lumix camera. 4ft Glass Lantern. Nightvision scope. $200.00 websites. Starwars Ships. HP Elitebooks.

BUYING: 2014 Nissan Juke AWD. Curt Trailer Hitch Receiver for Nissan Juke. Ebay inventory. 7 ft+ Palm tree. 30 square cement pavers. POV FullHD 30min QuadCopter.

TV, MOVIES: MythBusters. Anime. Action Comedy. AmerknDad. StudioGhibli. InvdrZim. Pixar. Stvn Colbert. How it’s Made. MntyPython. YouTube Subs. Doctor Who. Avengers. TwilightZone. Wonka. SpaceBalls. TWiT. iRobot. 

MUSIC: Contemporary Christian. Spa nature sounds. Alternative. Pop (clean). Comedy Spoofs. EuroPop. Weird Al. The Beatles. DubStep. Gorillaz. tobyMac. Carman Licciardello. ApologetiX. DJ Earworm. Experimental.

TOP ROLE MODELS: Jesus Christ. My family. Billy Graham. C.S. Lewis. Carman Licciardello. Ryan Geiss of Robert Ballecer aka Digital Jesuit. Adam Savage.

COLLECTIONS: Goodwill scarves & leather portfolios. Camera tripods. Fabric paint. Newsboy hats. Tiny containers. Torx bits. Small Repair Tools. Clay Sculpt Tools. My Website Articles. Dremmel Bits.

INVENTION IDEAS: 900-arm Pneumatic Surgery Ball. Air Rotary Switch. Ducting Apartment. Navel-Insert Health PermaScan. Open Warehouse VR School. Horse-on-Treadmill Electricity. 900yr Metal Hinged Sandal. AxtonBot. HumanInternalWasteRecyclePod. Bounce OS. Soda can Multi

ROADTRIP BAG:  Wallet. Sanitizer. Parking Change. Vitamins. Biz cards. Wetnaps. Bandaid. 128gb usb. 5 EmergncyFood Bars. 3 TravelJohn bags. Snglasses. Toothpst. LensCloth. Clippers. Knife. Flashlight. TrashTies.










The following is quite old...


ROYCE'S INFLUENCES SINCE 1983 (In no order):

Various Bibles, my frist being King James old English. Prayer with God. Parents and family. Often living in the serine foothills, dreaming of the big city. Life-long access to a somewhat-working computer, both Apple and PC. Friends. Childhood living in somewhat poverty. Childhood severe depression. Bicycle at an early age. Music album R.I.O.T. by Christian singer Carman. Legos. Potlucks at my grandma Mable LaBontes house in Moses Lake WA. Childhood wandering of neighborhoods. Pop culture. Washington State public schooling. Ubuntu Linux. Highschool creative writing class. Video game culture. Anime Otaku culture and Japanese gadgets. Washington state towns of Selah, Yakima, Naches, Seattle. California towns of Fresno, Oakhurst. Honda Asimo robot. Leo Laporte on ZDTV (1998) and TechTV and TWiT (mainly 2008). Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy BBC TV Show. Monty Python TV shows. Dexters Lab on Cartoon Network. Selah United Methodist Church. Newsboys Christian music. My first truck the 1986 Ford Bronco II. Lincoln Park music. Adobe Pagemill 3.0 was a early website maker. SimCity2000 video game. Early 90's dialup Internet.  Childhood trip to Seattle with my home room teacher. Unique roundabout rules of my parents. Childhood best friend Brian Nelson Skotland. Star Trek captain Pickard. Magic Schoolbus playing in middleschool home room. Selah middleschool teacher allowing me to clean the tech workshop room. Android OS in my early adulthood. One summer with my grandma Vonda Barber, I was about 19. The mad science of Arcosanti Arcology.  Early versions of Photoshop. Teenage years of writing on LiveJournal diary website. InvestTools conference. Christian conference. My various tech employers. Bagels social group in Fresno CA. Moving to Fresno CA in 2004. Getting beat up often in highschool. My little sister practicing drawing and playing saxaphone, and playing Playstation 1 and 2 with her. My older brother and I often clashing. Learning early hand coded HTML websites, possible by my Dad's amazing friend Clint Bridges. 



Financial Mission Statement: I, Royce Barber, am a spiritual family-committed servant of a higher power; I am extraordinarily sound in mind, body, and soul; who brings joy and hope to the world through prodigious acts of motivational inspiration, teaching, financial philanthropy, laughter, and empathetic caring.


Boy Scout Oath (from my youth):
On my honor I will do my best;
To do my duty to God and my country
and to obey the Scout Law;
To help other people at all times;
To keep myself physically strong,
mentally awake, and morally straight.


The Scout Law. A Scout is:
Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful,
Friendly, Courteous, Kind,
Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty,
Brave, Clean, Reverent.


United States Pledge of Allegiance: I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.






Royce Barber is a disciple recruiter for Jesus Christ,
and a tech enthusiast in the Fresno California area. 
Raised in Washington state, enjoying 
nature photography and artistry. 
He renovates and decorates houses for a living, 
and spends much time upgrading friends PC's. 

I grew up in central Washington state, and have lived in the Fresno California area since 2004. 
Working at Single Christian Ministries since I moved here. Mostly renovating old houses. 
I'm the son of Jim Barber and Brenda Barber. 
My grandparents are Vonda and Don Barber, and Dallas and Mable LaBonte. 
I often go on nature hikes with my camera, and I'd like to learn computer programming.